Cape Cod Attractions

Amazing Cape Cod Massachussetts Tourist Attractions

Do you love adventure? When you go on vacation, do you try and find every thing there is to do so you don’t miss out on a thing? Then you’re in the right place. Cape Cod, Massachusetts is one of the most visited areas in the United States, and for good reason too! With a wide variety of incredible attractions that simply can’t be missed, one weekend in Cape Cod may just not be enough! Fortunately, New England Vacation Rentals is here to show you around the top Cape Cod Massachussetts Tourist attractions so you don’t miss out on a thing. Click below to see what Cape Cod has to offer; trust us, you won’t be disappointed in these amazing Cape Cod tourist attractions!

Cape Cod National Seashore
Visit the Cape Cod National Seashore on your trip to beautiful Cape Cod. Click here to learn more about the activities and attractions available at the Cape Cod National Seashore.
Cape Cod Rail Trail
The Cape Cod Rail Trail is your outdoor connection in the Cape Cod area. This expansive trail system is great for hiking and more; learn about it here!
Commercial Street in Cape Cod
Immerse yourself in a true Cape Cod experience on Commercial Street! Commercial Street in Cape Cod is filled with shops, restaurants, and more. Explore this street’s charms right here.
Heritage Museums and Gardens
Heritage Museums and Gardens provides a unique and interesting look into the culture of Cape Cod’s past, as well as stunning gardens. Read on to learn about this cultural attraction in Cape Cod!
Island Queen Ferry
The Island Queen Ferry, also known as the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry, offers a quick and scenic 35 minute trip to the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Learn more about the ferry here!
John F. Kennedy Museum
The Kennedy family has a rich history in Cape Cod, and the John F. Kennedy Museum celebrates the lives of one of the most powerful families in American history. Learn more about this unique Cape Cod museum here!
Cahoon Musem of Art
470px-2010_Provincetown_Public_Library_MA_5121409616View the Premier art Gallery at the Cahoon Museum of Art and get a glimpse into colonial american art. This museum showcases many different genres of American art in it’s 9 galleries with a special focus on the best artwork that has come out of Cape Cod over the past few centuries! Learn more by following the link above.
Pilgrim Monument Provincetown Museum
Discover the historical past of Cape Cod with a visit to Provincetown! A visit to the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum are great ways to get in touch with Cape Cod’s past; learn more here!
Provincetown Library
One of Provincetown’s most interesting attractions is the Provincetown Library. The library, first established in the 1800s, offers a unique glimpse into the history of Cape Cod. Discover mroe about the library here!
Race Point Beach
A trip to Cape Cod isn’t complete without spending a day at the beach, and Race Point Beach is one of the best spots to check out! Learn more about Race Point Beach right here.
Salt Pond Visitor Center
The Salt Pond Visitor Center is the main hub for the Cape Cod National Seashore. Salt Pond Visitor Center offers guided tours, a theatre, and much more; learn all about Salt Pond Visitor Center here!
Shining Sea Bikeway
The beautiful weather in Cape Cod is perfect for a bike ride, and the Shining Sea Bikeway offers a scenic ride for any cycling enthusiast. Click here to learn more about the Shining Sea Bikeway in Cape Cod!
Coast Guard Heritage Museum
hu-16e_from_cgas_cape_cod_in_flightThe Coast Guard Heritage Museum in Cape Cod is a unique attraction devoted to the men and women of the United States Coast Guard. Visit this museum to see interesting and education exhibits about the heroes who safeguard our shores!
Edward Gorey House
edward_gorey_house_3The Edward Gorey House was the home of the multi-talented Edward Gorey, who dedicated much of his time to animal welfare and the preservation of Cape Cod’s natural beauty. Visit the Edward Gorey House in Cape Cod to get a glimpse into the life of this important local figure.
Highfield Hall
470px-2010_Provincetown_Public_Library_MA_5121409616 Highfield Hall was once the property of the elite Beebe family of Boston. Today, this expansive mansion and its grounds have been restored and opened to the public as a museum, featuring art exhibits and beautifully manicured gardens. Learn more about Highfield Hall right here!
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge
lighthouse_at_monomoy_national_wildlife_refuge_cape_codMonomoy National Wildlife Refuge is home to a diverse population of local animals, including many species of birds. Visit the Monomoy Wildlife Refuge on your next trip to Cape Cod and revel in the beauty and charm of the natural splendor of the area!
Cape Cod Museum of Art
7109519035_ea7dc54406_zThe Cape Cod Museum of Art houses a beautiful collection of artwork from a myriad of local artists that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the area. If you want to get in touch with the cultural side of Cape Cod, a visit to this local institution is a must!
Nickerson State Park
Nickerson State Park is a naturally compelling place to visit. This expansive park has activities and exploration opportunities like no other, Click the link to learn what else this park has to offer!
Wellfleet Drive-In Theater
film stripCatch a flick at the historical Wellfleet Drive-In theater in Cape Cod. This drive-in theater also hosts numerous events and festivals each year and is a well-known entertainment plaza for the locals. Learn more here.
Shawme Crowell State Forest
light filters through forest Find yourself among the nature in the Shawme Crowell State Forest. This nearby forest is a beautiful place to explore nature and find solace. Find peace or adventure in this beautiful landscape, a nature escape for friends and family! Learn more by following the link above!
Cape Cod Lighthouses
lighhouseCape Cod is home to many historical lighthouses. Click here to learn more about the beautifully preserved lighthouses that have become such an integral part of the history of the area!
Seal and Seabird Watch
Catch a glimpse of seals in their natural habitat on your next visit to Cape Cod! Winter find many seals visiting Cape Cod, and you can spot them yourself when you take part in the Seal and Seabird Watch; details are right here!
Sandwich Glass Museum
Once the home of a bustling glass factory, Sandwich, MA has converted the abandoned factory into a full-fledged museum. Read on to see why you should visit this incredible part of Cape Cod’s history!
Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Nature is quite the spectacle, and the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History aims to celebrate everything special about it! Follow the link and learn more about this educational museum in Cape Cod now.
Cape Cod Children’s Museum
Many museums can be boring for younger kids, but not the Cape Cod Children’s Museum! Designed with the younger generation in mind, a visit to the Children’s Museum is sure to be a highlight of your trip.
Woods Hole Science Aquarium
Woods Hole Science Aquarium is one of the top destinations for families on the Cape. Adults and children alike will love seeing the animals of the aquarium; see what’s in store for you after the link!
Cape Cod Canal
The Cape Cod Canal is an important part of the area’s history, but even more than that, it is a beautiful and fun place to spend an afternoon, with nearby trails and adventuring opportunities. Discover everything you need to know about the Cape Cod Canal here!
Bank Street Beach 

cape-cod-beach Looking fun a fun beach in Harwich? Check out Bank Street Beach on Cape Cod’s shoreline! Bank Street Beach in Harwich, MA is fun for the whole family; learn more here!

Hawksnest State Park
Hawks Nest State Park on Cape Cod is a a beautiful environment with many opportunities for excitement. Read on to see more about Hawksnest State Park in Harwich, MA!
Red River Beach


Red River Beach in Harwich, MA is a fun location along the shore to visit during your vacation. Learn more about Red River Beach on Cape Cod right here!

Brooks Academy Museum
a lighthouse in NantucketThe Brooks Academy Museum on Cape Cod houses a unique collection of historical artifacts. Discover more about Cape Cod’s history with a visit to this enjoyable museum!Canal here!
 Maps of Antiquity

antique-map-minMaps of Antiquity in Chatham offers a unique Cape Cod shopping experience. Find antique maps, prints, and more when you visit Maps of Antiquity on your Cape Cod vacation!

Chatham Orpheum Theater
The Chatham Orpheum Theater hosts a wide variety of entertainment that you won’t want to miss. Learn all about the Orpheum Theater in Chatham, MA right here!
 Chatham Marconi Maritime Center
maritime-center-minThe Chatham Marconi Maritime Center offers a unique look at the maritime history of Cape Cod. Visit the Marconi Center on your trip to Cape Cod for an education experience!
Hardings Beach
Hardings Beach in Chatham, MA is another of the lovely spots along the shore on Cape Cod. Enjoy all manner of beach fun at Hardings Beach; learn more right here!
 Atwood House and Museum
<>The Chatham Marconi Maritime Center offers a unique look at the maritime history of Cape Cod. Visit the Marconi Center on your trip to Cape Cod for an education experience!
Chatham Shark Center
Ever wanted to learn about sharks? You can do just that at the Chatham Shark Center! Read on for more information about the Chatham Shark Center on Cape Cod!
 Chatham Railroad Museum
Do you enjoy learning about trains? Check out the Chatham, MA Railroad Museum for a unique look at the history of the railroad on Cape Cod!
Chatham Village Market
One of the most unique shopping experience on Cape Cod can be found at the Chatham Village Market. Learn all about this Chatham marketplace right here!
 Oyster Pond Chatham
Oyster Pond is one of the best beaches on Cape Cod for families. This protected beach lets even the little ones enjoy the water! Learn about Oyster Pond in Chatham here!
Caleb Nickerson House
When visiting Cape Cod attractions, one of the more overlooked spots to visit is the Caleb Nickerson House. See why you should visit this Cape Cod, MA attraction right here!
 Dolphin & Whale Watch
There’s something special about seeing sea life in their natural habitat. If you agree, why not try dolphin and whale watching Chatham, MA tours? Learn where to go right here!
Monomoy Island

Monomoy Island coastA momomoy seal cruise might be just what you need yto turn your vacation up from satisfactory to awesome. Click to learn all about Monomoy Island Excursions today!

Cape Cod Guild of Harwich Art Gallery


The Guild of Harwich Gallery is a great place to check out a varierty of Cape Cod art by local artists. If you’re in the area, this place is definitely a must-see. Click today!

Harwich Historical Society

historic-revolutionary-cape-minThe Harwich Historical Society is the perfect play to learn all about the history of Harwich. If that sounds like the type of vacationing you’d be in to, click today to learn more!

Ridgevale Beach

Looking for some of the best beaches in Chatham, MA? Then, you’re looking for Ridegvale Beach. This Chatham sandbox has just what you need to get some true vacation relaxation. Click today!

Lavender Farm Cape Cod

lavender-field-minThe Cape Cod Lavendar Farm is one of our all-time favorite Cape Cod farms, and a great place to bring the family for some well-needed fun. Click to learn more today!

Forest Beach

Forest Beach is a Chatham MA favorite, just ask the locals. If you’re still looking for the best beaches in Chatham, MA you can call off the search. Click today!

Cranberry Bog Tours

cranberry-bog-minThe Cape Cod Lavendar Farm is one of our all-time favorite Cape Cod farms, and a great place to bring the family for some well-needed fun. Click to learn more today!

Pirate Adventure Hyannis

Looking for Cape Cod boat tours? Pirate Adventures in Hyannis has you covered. Click to learn all about it today!

Jonathan Young Windmill

windmill-cape-minJonathan Young Windmill is a great place to bring the kids on an informative adventure, or see an amazing spectacle for yourself. Click for more information today!

Sea Horse Farm 

Ever been horseback riding in Cape Cod? Maybe today’s the day. Click to learn all about the Seahorse Farm in Harwich, MA today!

Chatham Pier Fish Market

fish-market-minThere’s really no place to find fresher fish than the Chatham Fish & Pier Market. If this is something you’d be interested in, click today to learn more!


Simply relaxing on the shores in Cape Cod is enough to keep you satisfied throughout your vacation, but there is so much more to do here that will keep you coming back every year. Visit some of these great Cape Cod Tourist Attractions during your next visit, and don’t forget New England Vacation Rentals. For all your Cape Cod attractions needs (and for your vacation rentals too, of course) we are here to help. Contact us today for more information about this slice of heaven on the East Coast!