Concierge Services You Ask? When reserving a New England Vacation Rental  home –we are happy to assist you with of all of your vacation requests. Our NEVR Team here for anything you may need prior to and during your trip.

Eat, play, and explore all the Cape has to offer. We can help!

Allow Us to Assist

To guarantee you’re ready for a relaxing vacation prior to getting over the Bridge, we can assist with Pre-Arrival services. Want the house stocked when you get there?  Planning any outdoor activities? We can have bikes, kayaks, or SUPs delivered right to your home.

Don’t Bring It. Rent It.

Is your car overflowing with stuff? Or maybe you’re flying in? Don’t lug all your stuff to your vacation.  Call us and we can arrange for rental of all kinds of items.


Dining Accommodations & Recommendations.

We’re also delighted to suggest and help secure reservations to any of Cape Cod’s finest restaurants.

Relax & Indulge 

Care to indulge yourself in seaside relaxation?  Our team can recommend exceptional spas, massage parlors and other calming activities. Need to work off that Fisherman’s Platter? We have access to personal trainers and yoga instructors. Just ask us!


Use our Happy Stays App:

NEVR has curated the best beaches, kids activities, coastal dining, and unique experiences via the Happy Stays app.

Shipping Items to Cape Cod: If you are traveling from afar and need to have items shipped ahead…We suggest you contact the local UPS stores here on the Cape.  We know of 2 locations 1 in Harwich and 1 in Hyannis.  They can easily be found in a Google Search.

Equipment Rentals:
Cape Cod Guests can order bikes, kayaks, baby items and lots of other essential items through our preferred partners and service providers.

Jeep Rentals: We love Cape Cod Jeep Rentals. They make it very easy and convenient for you to enjoy Cape life Jeep-style!

Cable TV and Complimentary WIFI: All homes have at least basic cable TV or a Dish network. All homes have Wifi.  Most homes no longer have landline telephones but be sure to ask about your specific home and check your cell phone coverage for that area. All homes have either a charcoal grill or gas grill.

NEVR Vacation Home Cleaning Preparation:
New England Vacation Rentals has robust guidelines for the cleaning and sanitizing of our rental homes. These guidelines have been developed under the direction of The Vacation Rental Housekeeping Professionals (VRHP), a subsidiary of the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) and the CDC.  The VRMA/VRHP “SafeHome”  initiative is working to take all precautions to keep our guests safe and healthy. Special attention will be given to the disinfection and sanitization of “high touch surfaces” such as tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, all knobs and handles, desks, toilets, faucets, TV remotes etc. Cleaners will be using products that have been approved under the EPA guidelines. The dishware has been cleaned–however, if you still feel uneasy about cleanliness we recommend you rewash before use.

Each home has its own independent cleaner that is employed by the owner of this home. The Cleaner contact information will be provided at the home along with a Departure Check Out list for your handling.

All of our homes are equipped for normal housekeeping.

Fully Equipped Kitchens for Cooking: Each home has a fully equipped kitchen with all cookware, pots, pans, cooking utensils and dishwater and silverware-enough for your home occupancy.

It is best to check the property description on our New England Vacation Rentals website that would have exact details for all items included in your rental home.

Outside BBQ:  All homes have either a charcoal or gas grill. Please check your individual 

All beds will have waterproof mattress covers, coverlets, blankets and pillows (enough for home occupancy).  As Cape Cod is a drive to destination, most guests prefer to bring their own bed sheets and towels. Linens (Bed Sheets, Kitchen, Bath and Beach towels are NOT included at our NEVR Cape Cod Vacation Rental Homes unless stated for the individual property.

We do offer optional linen service for a fee for our Cape Cod homes. We are delighted to be partnering with to bring convenient, reliable, resort quality linens to your luxury vacation rentals in Cape Cod.  In an effort to make your stay as easy as possible, we have included linen pricing for each home directly on our booking page.  Simply choose your ideal vacation home and at the time of booking add the optional “Home Linen Fee” in step 2 of our booking process.  If you forgot to order linens just contact us at or call us at 508-432-0900 and we are happy to order them for you.

Be sure to check your home information on our website for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding the services of

Q: Where will we find the bath and beach towels?
A:  If you ordered linens from New England Vacation Rentals website at the time you rented your vacation home, bath towels and beach towels will be included in your linen rental fee.  They will be delivered along with the other items for your home (sheets, bath mats, etc) by 3:00 PM on your day of arrival.
If you order linens directly through LinenDrops, you will need to choose the items and quantity of each you would like to have delivered when placing your order.
All Linendrops items are packaged and clearly labeled for your convenience!
Q: What if I don’t need all of the linens provided in the package offered on NEVR website?
A:  New England Vacation Rentals offers linen rental packages based on the number of beds and occupancy of each home.  If you need more or less than what is included in our package, you may simply go to and place an order for the quantity of each item you will need. Payment will be accepted directly on their website if ordering on your own.
Q: Help!  I forgot to order linens for my vacation rental!
A:  No problem – last minute rentals will gladly be accomodated, based on availability.  If within 1 week of your stay, please contact a LinenDrops representative to check on availabilty by emailing or call/text to 844-954-6367.  If your arrival is more than a week away simply got their website and order what you need.
Q:  I am only staying for a few days.  Do I need to rent linens for the whole week?
A:  Yes, all linen rentals are based on a one week stay during the peak rental season.
Q:  I am staying longer than 1 week – do you provide discounts?
A:  Yes, a multi-week 20% discount has already been calculated for linens rented through the NEVR website.  For those ordering from Linendrops directly, a 20% multi-week discount will automatically be calculated when you enter your arrival and departure dates.
Q:  We have decided to leave earlier than planned.  Where should we leave the linens?
A:   Please follow normal day of departure guidelines by laving all linens OUTSIDE of rental property.  Let us know of your change in plans by call/text to 844-954-6367 or by emailing  LinenDrops will arrange to have them picked up earlier than scheduled.
Q: Where will my linens be when I arrive?
A:  Most linen bags (Blue w/ LinenDrops Logo) are left on the front porch or in a location that is visible to you when arrive.  In the event of severe weather, they may be moved to the back of the house in a covered area.  A LinenDrops representative will email or text you their location if not in a visible location.
Q: What do I do with the linens when we are leaving?
A: On day of departure, simply take all rented linens (bed sheets and pillowcases, bath, hand and wash cloths, bath mats, beach towels, kitchen towels and crib sheets) and return them to the blue LinenDrops laundry bags they arrived in.  Linens do not need to be laundered or folded prior to returning.  When leavingplace all linen bags OUTSIDE the front of property by 9:00 AM for a LinenDrops representative to pick them up.  
Please return only items that were rented from LinenDrops – We cannot guarantee return of personal items or items that belong to the homeowners.
Q: What if something is missing from my order?
A:  Although it doesn’t happen often, there may be an occasion where something you ordered is missing or is not to your satisfaction.  Please check your order for accuracy as soon as you arrive.  Any questions or concerns about your linens should be directed to LinenDrops directly.  Please call or text 844-954-6367 or email at  They will be happy to help you and guarantee replacement items within 24 hours.
Q: Will the beds be made UP? 
A:  LinenDrops will leave all linens outside of the property by 3:00 PM on the day of your arrival.  For an additional fee of  $60 + $5 per bed they will arrange for bed making service.  You may contact LinenDrops directly by emailing  One week advance notice is REQUIRED for this service.  LinenDrops will invoice you separately for this service.
Q: Do I have to wash the linens before returning to you?
A:  No! That’s the best part of renting vacation linens…we do all the hard work!  We ask that you use care when using our linens as we strive to provide all of our customers with resort quality linens at all times.  If you choose to wash anything during your stay, please use only Non-Chlorine Bleach, keep separate from personal belongings and do not wash with dark colors.
Q: What if something is lost or damaged while I am renting it?
A:  Normal wear and tear is expected and will not incur additional charges.  Loss or excessive wear & tear may result in reasonable replacement charge being incurred.

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