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From Mid June to until Labor Day–7 Night Friday Arrival is Required.
If you need help planning a shorter off-season stay, please contact our reservation team.

The dream of a Cape Cod vacation is a universal one, shared by travelers from all over the world, and when it is time to make your vacation dreams come true, choosing Sandwich for your Cape Cod destination and New England Vacation Rentals for your sanctuary will ensure that this dream will shine bright. The oldest town on Cape Cod offers a peek into history around every corner, including a glassware museum that was once an active factory and today is home to some of the best glass artists in the state, as well as the Green Briar Nature Center and Jam Kitchen, where the old ways of making jams, jellies, relishes, and pickles are honored. Our Sandwich vacation rentals blend the old with the new; classic clapboard cottages, wood floors, and oversized windows that may overlook the sea coexist naturally with state-of-the-art television, chef-quality appliances, and game rooms with pool tables. This guide to the beauty of Sandwich and the comfortable style of our New England Vacation Rentals will encourage you to stop dreaming and start living out loud!

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Our Vacation Rentals in Sandwich are Unique

Cookie-cutter homes are not what you can expect during your escape to the Cape and your stay in our Sandwich vacation rentals. Even as many properties are classic cottages sided with weather-beaten clapboards, there will be deep-seated differences that please and awe. Colorful flowers may grace the landscape, and front porches may be covered and furnished with seating options to enjoy as the sun sets over the horizon. Inside, although wood floors are often the flooring of choice—some will offer tile entryways or carpeted hallways—all create paths that lead guests to warm and welcoming public spaces. Living rooms with high ceilings may also offer walls of windows that keep from obstructing the views of lakes, beaches, or large meadowlike backyards. The sofas will be nappable, the fireplaces will add romance and warmth to the space, and televisions may not be watched very often, but will be modern, new, and a nice added touch sure to be enjoyed on lazy days at home. Cape Cod loves families and friends, and our Cape Cod havens are designed to make every guest feel at home.

Gather around large dining tables to build puzzles on a rainy day, play board games on a quiet night, or enjoy a family meal every evening of your stay. Fully equipped kitchens may resemble a farmhouse space, offering marble countertops, painted cabinets, and all the small appliances that will give your vacation more joy; the coffee can always be brewing, your wine may always be chilling, and a good cuppa tea may be what helps you ease the transition from wide awake to deep asleep and coffee makers, wine chillers, and tea kettles may be found in these spaces. Some of our Sandwich sanctuaries will come with pool tables and/or game rooms, others will provide second living rooms and multiple master suites. Clawfoot tubs in some bathrooms offer a peek into the past while transporting soakers to Nirvana and king beds in tranquil bedrooms will encourage long nights of deep sleep and happy dreams!

The Backyard Oasis

New Englanders aren’t fancy folk but we also don’t believe that less is more, something that will become extremely apparent when you step out into the oasis that is the backyard of these Sandwich special sanctuaries. Large decks are open to the sky, furnished with multiple seating options and dining tables that will come in handy on days when the barbecue (also in most backyards) is put to use. Enjoy a deep sea fishing expedition during the daylight hours and bring back the catch of the day to grill on a warm summer night. Hot tubs can be found under the stars, providing the ultimate vacation experiences, and fire pits located just beyond the reach of concrete or wood deck patios are where some of your best Sandwich vacation memories will be made. Perhaps you will choose a home on a pond and begin every day with a fishing pole in hand, finding serenity in the simple moments. Saunas are another option for entertainment and on those nights when peace and quiet is what you seek, grab a seat on the deck, grab a throw blanket from the sofa, and let that night sky remind you of how beautiful life can be!

Discovering Sandwich

The towns and villages of Cape Cod each contain their own vibe and ambiance with Sandwich bringing history. The oldest town on the Cape, Sandwich was settled over 100 years before our nation fought for its independence. In 1637, the pilgrims settled here, reveling in its resemblance to their own hometown of Sandwich in England. Today, while history is important, more modern adventures including pizza at the Brown Jug and a visit to Beach Plum Spa will help guests feel spoiled and pampered! Town Neck Beach is probably one of the most beautiful beaches on Cape Cod, offering idyllic views of Sandwich and a long stretch of soft golden sand even though there are no lifeguards on this beach, the calm waters make it a favorite of visitors and residents.

For those who enjoy a trip back in time, the oldest home in town, the Hoxie House, offers a beautiful example of what life was like back in the early days of settlement. Built in the mid-1600s, Hoxie House was lived in continuously until the 1950s without electricity, if you can imagine that! Today, you can explore its interiors in the summer months and the lush and verdant grounds are open year-round. Dining out on Cape Cod is sure to be a highlight of your adventures, and while the pizza served at Brown Jug deserves to be added to your dining menu, our seafood restaurants are famous worldwide and the Fisherman’s View is absolutely a must-try! Offering sea views from its patio, a great sushi selection, and of course, the Cape favorite, fresh and delicious lobster rolls, its casual vibe makes everyone feel comfortable and at home! In the summer, its outdoor bar is practically the most popular spot in town, but we can assure you that the Fisherman’s View is still popular even when the outdoor bar is closed.

Life on Cape Cod

Life on Cape Cod moves at a slower pace, and it doesn’t take long to pick up that island vibe. You may even find yourself slowing your pace as you walk down the historic streets of Sandwich, taking time to breathe in the salt air and marvel over the charm and workmanship of the homes, businesses, and restaurants that dot the landscape. Spending an entire day at home with New England Vacation Rentals may even turn out to be your favorite adventure of all, as your sleep late, nap more, and let the serenity of the sea soothe your soul. Our homes are built to be an integral part of your vacation experience and our vacation rentals in Sandwich will pamper and spoil. Reserve your favorite Sandwich sanctuary today!

FAQs About Sandwich Vacation Rentals

Q: Our dream has always been to stay in a cozy cottage on one of the beaches of Cape Cod. We don’t need more than one bedroom, but we do request that the cottage be of typical New England style. Can we get that in Sandwich?

A: We are happy to tell our guests that we love to make vacation dreams come true, even the more specific ones such as the one you have just mentioned, and yes, we absolutely do offer that classic New England cottage on the beach, complete with weathervane-topped cupola for an extra dose of Cape Cod charm.

Q: Are there any unique festivals in Sandwich that we should plan a vacation around?

A: If you are willing to move your summer vacation to the fall, one of our favorite festivals is SandwichFest, taking place the first Saturday in October! We can’t imagine how they came up with that original name (insert tongue in cheek here) but this charming event features a sandwich contest, live entertainment, and vendors selling all manner of Cape Cod items.

Q: Does Sandwich have a Farmers Market?

A: Open on Tuesday mornings in the warmer months, the Sandwich Farmers Market is famous throughout the Cape for its quality local produce, delicious baked goods, and for being a wonderful spot to purchase gifts for people you really love!

Q: We’re a little nervous about being too close to the beach as we are traveling with toddlers. Do you have any Sandwich properties that may offer views of the water without actually being on the sand?

A: Water views are what we specialize in on Cape Cod, and yes, we offer a large selection of Sandwich vacation rentals that offer views but are far enough away from water’s edge that you don’t have to worry about any wandering toddlers getting too close.