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Cape Cod Events

Cape Cod Events

There is always something happening on Cape Cod. From holiday celebrations to unique festivals and celebrations, Cape Cod is full of excitement. Of course, the beautiful sights and surroundings on the Cape only enhance the experience of Cape Cod events. The beautiful shoreline looks even more incredible when taking in a fireworks display, and it makes the perfect backdrop for almost every kind of event in Cape Cod. Why not join the friendly locals in celebrating holidays and events in Cape Cod? Below, you will find events on Cape Cod that are sure to be a thrill for you and your family on vacation.

March 10th, 2018

Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Many places around the country celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The holiday resonates in some small way with all of us. However, In the Cape Cod area, St. Patrick’s Day is a full-blown spectacle. There are celebrations all over the Cape, bars transform and turn green, and the whole city comes to a stop for the Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade is something that everyone who visits Cape Cod should experience at least once. If you are going to be in Cape Cod for St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you stop by and see the wonder of the Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The Parade

The parade route is about two miles long. The parade starts in South Yarmouth at Long Pond Drive and Route 28. The parade then travels the two miles down route 28, over Park’s River Bridge, and ends in West Yarmouth at the Town N Country Motel. During the parade, the town shuts down and everyone comes out to watch the festivities. The parade this year is on March 4th and starts at 11 am.

This Cape Cod, MA event features a wide variety of different St. Patrick’s Day spectacles, including a full green band, parade floats that show the various aspects of the holiday, and plenty of food and beverages to enjoy. Local restaurants along the parade route will have specials that are available all day. If you are hungry make sure to grab some of these great food options. This parade is a must see in the Cape Cod area and you will not want to miss it. Cape Cod, MA events are fun for all ages; visit Cape Cod and see for yourself!


June 21, 2018

Cape Cod Quahog Day


You can say a lot of things about the typical New Englander, but you can’t say that the residents of Cape Cod don’t have a sense of humor, and our 10th annual Cape Cod Quahog Day on June 21st, 2018 is proof of that! Every year for the past 9 years, Cape Cod residents have celebrated the first day of summer with the Island’s most famous quahog (clam) Doug. Yes – you read it right – Doug is a clam who hopes to one day be as famous as his Pennsylvania counterpart, Punxsutawney Phil, and if things continue the way they have, we think his wish will probably come true! This internet savvy mollusk appears on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on Vine; he might be more technologically knowledgeable than us. Hmmm…that doesn’t seem fair at all!

80 Beach Days in 2015?

Each year, Doug and his human, Captain Johnny Quahog, come sailing into the Cape with the announcement that winter is FINALLY over and bringing predictions regarding the number of beach days Cape Codders can expect that summer. Last year’s prediction of 80 days came really close to the mark; the summer of 2015 offered 84 beach worthy days. But no one complained about the inaccuracy. More beach days are ALWAYS a good thing!

In 2015, Doug sailed in a Patriot Party Boat and made his announcement on the red carpeted Mattakeese Wharf dock, but the only ones who might know this summer’s plans are his black-suited escorts and his pirate-attired friend Captain Johnny! Follow the adventures of Doug on any of the above mentioned websites all year round and make plans to witness this year’s Cape Cod Quahog Day by booking your vacation rental at!  This unique island event has to be seen to be believed!

July 6-8th, 2018

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Pow Wow Cape Cod

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Pow Wow in Cape Cod is a traditional celebration of Mashpee Wampanoag culture featuring Native American dancing, drumming, games, food, art, jewelry, wampum, gifts, crafts and clothing. This amazing event in Cape Cod will teach you about the Mashpee Wampanoag culture and give you a small insight into the goings on of the tribe. If you are going to be in Cape Cod during July, make sure that you check out this amazing event.

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe was one of the first tribes to make contact with European settlers in the early 1600s. Since this contact, the Tribe has maintained ground in Cape Cod. The classic story of Thanksgiving where a native American teaches a European to grow corn was based off the Mashpee Wampanoag man Tisquantum, or Squanto.

The Pow Wow

The Pow Wow allows visitors to explore the intricacies of Mashpee Wampanoag life and their culture. Guests of the Pow Wow are able to see traditional ceremonies, games and dances to get a better understanding of the tribe. These ceremonies and dances are all done with traditional clothing and ceremonial costumes that represent the tribe.


The Pow Wow is held the first three days of July this year and will be located at the Cape Cod Fair Grounds. If you would like to see one of the most unique cultural events Cape Cod has, make sure to book your trip during this time. We recommend checking the event for more details as the date gets closer and the tribe releases more info.

July 17th – August 18th, 2018

The National 2018 Fine Art Exhibit at Cape Cod Art Association

Cape Cod is a naturally beautiful location that has inspired Cape Cod artists for years. The fresh landscapes vary throughout the year and provide natural beauty that is captured through canvas or film. This historic past of famous art has made Cape Cod a thriving art community. One such example of this is the National Fine Art Exhibit that runs every year. This year’s fine art exhibit is no slouch either and will allow guests to view some of the best fine art from around the country.

The Cape Cod Art Association proudly puts on the Fine Art Exhibit every year. The open juried exhibit embraces talent from across the United States and is always the biggest event that the Cape Cod Art Association puts on throughout the year. This prestigious and large event will run from July 17th to August 18th and allows guests to see the finalists whose pieces made it into the 2018 Fine art exhibit.

The Cape Code Art Association puts on this exhibit for free and guests are free to come and look at all of the national art pieces. The Association does accept donations, so if you like what you saw during the exhibit please donate to help this tradition stay alive. The event runs Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and on Sunday from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This event is one of the premiere Cape Cod events of the summer and is definitely a must-see event. Come celebrate the arts in Cape Cod with us!

August 19th, 2018

The New Balance Falmouth Road Race 2018

This year, the New Balance 2018 Falmouth Road Race is celebrating its 45th running and the spirit that made the first Falmouth so special is still present today. More than 11,000 runners will gather in Woods Hole for the Falmouth Road Race 2018. This amazing event combines charity with long distance running to create a wonderful event in Cape Cod. The amazing spirit of all the workers and the sheer number of runners makes this event a sight to see.

About the Race

This year marks the 45th running of this 7-mile race. The race was built after founder Tommy Leonard mapped the route from Captain Kidd to his workplace in Woods Hole. Ever since its creation, the race has grown every year and has now expanded to five days of race based activities and charitable and health related events. The entire five days culminates with the running of the race on Sunday morning.

Course Route

The 2018 Falmouth Road Race begins in the front of Woods Hole Community Center near the drawbridge on Water Street. The first three miles are narrow, winding, and tree shaded roads, while the last four miles are open and on the flat right next to Martha’s Vineyard Sound. A small, steep hill lets you know that you are beginning the last half mile of the race; it’s all downhill from there. Even if you are not interested in running, the race and all of the runners is a sight to see.

December 31, 2018

28th Annual First Night Chatham


Come out and enjoy the fun at the 28th Annual First Night Chatham festivities. This event is a family friendly, alcohol free event that encompasses the entire town, featuring more than 70 different performances and events.

On December 31, join the New Year’s Eve celebration, a daylong event full of fun and entertainment. It starts with the town photo at the Chatham Lighthouse and finishes with fireworks at Oyster Pond taking you into the new year!

One of the favorites of this event is the many local musical performances. This year, long-time favorites will be making an appearance, including the Cape Cod Fiddlers, Crab Grass Bluegrass Band, Greg Johnson and the James Taylor Tribute Band, and many more. New to the celebration this year will be James O’Neil, Baron Fenwick, and others.

Joining the Celebration

A First Night button is required for many indoor entertainment and activities, while most outdoor activities are free. Buttons can be purchased at many locations in Chatham. They will also be on sale at the First Night Headquarters. Buttons cost:

Adult buttons (age 12 and up) are $20*
Children’s buttons (ages 3-11) are $5*
Children 2 and under: Free

Button sales have sold out in prior years, so you should get your buttons as early as possible so you won’t miss out on any of the great events and activities. For more information, visit or ask one of the friendly staff members at New England Vacation Rentals!

All Year

The Museum of Natural History in Cape Cod Presents Tuesday Tweets

Cape Cod is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors. They have numerous trails and historic walks through sleepy towns that will be sure to entertain any outdoor and nature lover. One location that strives to provide the best nature and outdoor excursions is the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. This museum holds a plethora of different events, but one of the more popular ones is Tuesday Tweets.

Tuesday Tweets

This event allows guests to join the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History for an hour walk along trails to discover the wonderful world of Cape Cod birding. Birding is when a person or group of people venture out into the outdoors to observe birds in their habitat. With Tuesday Tweets from the Natural History Museum in Cape Cod, guests are able to enjoy an expert led birding adventure.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Tuesday Tweets is built for you. Bring your binoculars, wear appropriate trail footwear, and come prepared to watch, study, and enjoy our feathered friends that call Cape Cod their home.


Tuesday Tweets runs Tuesdays from 9:30 to 10:30 and costs only $4 to attend. The group meets at the Museum of Natural History Cape Cod and leaves for the various trails on time. If you wish to attend, make sure that you check weather conditions prior to your trip. Tuesday Tweets only runs in the absence of rain, so make sure you do your research. Enjoy Cape Cod’s feathered friends on this amazing trip offered by the Cape Cod Natural History Museum.



Plymouth Farmer’s Market


The Plymouth Farmers’ Market is a wonderful place to get all sorts of fresh, local, and seasonal products all year-round. The Market offers produce, cheese, meats, and even some prepared foods—all of which are locally sourced. The Market’s goal is to draw attention to the area’s agricultural diversity, as well as to sustain the local food economy. Additionally, it promotes food literacy by educating the public about the seasonal availability of produce and how to prepare health, locally grown meals.

The Culinary Insights program, which is an important part of the Market, spotlights local chefs, food educators, vendors, and health and wellness professionals who demonstrate their talents in the kitchen. In addition to all the educational efforts, the Market is also a wonderful social experience that builds the community through the celebration of the local and seasonal foods found in historic Plymouth. The Plymouth Farmers’ Market also features local musicians during its outdoor seasons. These performances are a wonderful way to browse produce and more, while listening to some of the best local musicians.

Visit This Seasonal Event

There are two seasons of the Farmers Market: The indoor season and the outdoor season. The outdoor season is held each Thursday from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. June through October. The Indoor Season is held the second Thursday of each month, 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. November through May. The Market is located at the Plimoth Plantation, 137 Warren Avenue in Plymouth. If you want more information, ask one of us at New England Vacation Rentals!


Critter Capers at Green Briar Nature Center and Jam Kitchen

7644676386_0ce92bc787_oThe Green Briar Nature Center is located in a quiet space in Cape Cod and offers calm, peace, and beauty. You can come out an enjoy the many interpreted nature trails and a gorgeous wild flower garden. There are programs for both adults and children, along with many workshops, including jam making.

Check out the Green Briar Nature Center for an educational half-hour visit with a naturalist and one of the residents. Discover the life cycles, habitats, and natural habits of these animals. It’s a great activity for kids 2 ½ and older!

About Green Briar Nature Center

Where: Green Briar Nature Center
When: Fridays, 10:30 a.m.
Admission: Members: Free, Non-members: $2/person

Get Jammin’ at the Jam Kitchen

Join in the fun at the historic 1903 Green Briar Jam Kitchen and make your own batch of something sweet, either for yourself or to give as a gift. All materials are provided during the workshops and participants will be able take home four to six (6 oz.) jars.

Family Jam Workshops (Children 6 and older)
Workshops are held on Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Members: $35
Non-Members: $45
Fee includes one adult and one child.

Adult Jam Workshops
Adult jam workshops are held on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Members: $35
Non-Members: $45

Advanced, paid registration is required for all workshops. Please call 508-888-6870 for registration and more information.


Warbler Day in Cape Cod

In early May, Cape Cod experiences something of a natural wonder. Warblers begin to arrive in waves at the Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA. These beautiful and ecologically important birds of Cape Cod travel hundreds of miles to reach the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. This land is extremely important to them due to the importance of their yearly ritual. Mt. Auburn Cemetery serves as the mating ground for the warblers. As they pass through the northeast, these Cape Cod birds will feed on emerging insects, especially caterpillars, that are otherwise harmful and invasive to many tree species.

The bird watching Cape Cod program of Warbler Day is led by expert birder Chris Walz and will focus on warbler species that include the Yellow Rumped Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Yellow Warbler, American Redstarts, Magnolia Warblers, Blue Bearded Vireo, Nashville Warblers, Norther Water Thrushes, and the Oven Bird. Participants of the program will meet at the Mt. Auburn Cemetery for the program and will enjoy a wonderful opportunity to learn about the warbler. This includes identification, behavior, and breeding patterns in one of the best locations in all of Massachusetts.

The cost of the event is $60 to MA Audubon Members and $75 for non-members. The program will run from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Mr. Auburn Cemetery. Pre-registration is required for the event, so make sure you purchase your tickets well in advance. This is not a program you will not want to miss and is a true miracle of nature. Experience birding in Cape Cod as never before when you attend this unique event!


 Cape Cod Scottish Festival

Have you found yourself fascinated with Scottish culture? Do you love accents from foreign lands? Do you think Sean Connery is the best James Bond? If you answered yes to any of the questions or you are in Cape Cod in August, make sure that you check out the Cape Cod Scottish Festival. This open-air festival in Cape Cod will open your eyes to everything Scottish; from haggis to Loch Ness, you will be an expert on everything Scottish.

Event Details

The Cape Cod Scottish Festival is full of different Cape Cod events and competitions that will blow your mind. The most notable is the Highland Dance Competition. This competition will show displays of traditional Scottish highland dance and music. The Heavy Games are another local favorite and are games involving feats of strength. These strong men will show you traditional Scottish games that have been played for hundreds of years. Along with the competitions are the clans research center, the massed bands featuring bag pipes and Scottish drums, and a history of Scotland.

Considered one of the most fun festivals Cape Cod hosts throughout the year, the excitement runs during August and will be hosted at the John Simpkins field of the Laurence Mac Arthur Elementary School on Route 28. Cost of this Cape Cod event is $10 for adults, $5 for children 6 to 12, and children under 5 are free. This event is made possible by the Highland Light Scottish Society of Cape Cod. Make sure to bring your sense of adventure for this Cape Cod delight.



The Orleans Surf Film Festival

What do you get when you cross die hard surfers with surf movies and surf paraphernalia? The Orleans Surf Film Festival, of course! A two-day long celebration of the culture of surf featuring movies that perpetuate the surf lifestyle and beer, it’s held at the Jailhouse Tavern in Orleans in October, so the beer part is a no brainer, but everyone from ages 2 to 92 are invited to attend and are promised a choka time! A raffle offers items to bid on, with the proceeds going to scholarships for high school seniors in need. It’s a good cause, so don’t be afraid to crack your wallet wide open – the kids will thank you!

History of the Boards

It’s always interesting to see the evolution of surf boards throughout the years and the pop up museum featured in this super cool jubilee offers you the opportunity to witness the changes for yourself. Exhibiting different types of boards, from the bulky and heavy carved “sticks” of back in the day to the ultra-light and colorful ones the kids use today; we wouldn’t blame you for having to fight the urge to hang 10 yourself! Especially after experiencing the joys of surf movies like The Search for Freedom and The SUP Movie – nothing explains the surf culture better!

Dude, We’re Totally Stoked

Summer and surf go hand and hand on the waters surrounding Cape Cod and we can’t wait to introduce you to this lifestyle and all the other things that are so wonderful about a summer on the Cape! Check out our website at and start planning your bodacious summer trip today!

The Cape Cod Scallop Festival

The Cape Cod Scallop Festival is a long-time tradition that was first started in the town of Bourne in 1969. Local fishermen got together and decided to have a scallop festival that would attract tourists to the town and provide a family oriented event for the residents. Since its creation, the Bourne Scallop Festival has grown more and more every year. The festival has held a title as one of the Top 100 Events in North America for five years in a row.

About the Festival

This Scallop Fest Cape Cod event brings all the best seafood from around Cape Cod together in one giant location. Running for three days, you can take advantage of the great food, arts and crafts show, children’s rides and activities, and a car show to boot. The festival is all about creating a fun time for anyone who wants to come and bring a little business to Cape Cod.


The Cape Cod Scallop Fest is open rain or shine for three straight days. Friday and Saturday have hours from 11 am to 9 pm and Sunday hours are 11 am to 6 pm. The festival boasts an inexpensive ticket at $7 for general admission and has discounts for children. All of the live entertainment and attractions are all included in the general admission price. There are also meal ticket prices that you can lump together with your entry for an even better deal on admission. Make sure you come hungry and enjoy the Bourne Scallop Festival!



Polar Express Ride

polar express round ticket BLUE 1up

There is nothing more festive than taking a ride on the Polar Express. The Cape Cod Central Railroad Polar Express is the perfect activity and a great way to enjoy the scenery! Running from mid-November through late-December, the Cape Code Polar Express offers many on-board activities for the whole family.

Onboard the Polar Express

You’ll ride on a cozy train that has been decked out in holiday decorations; it’s an awesome backdrop for a family holiday photo! Imagine enjoying hot chocolate and cookies delivered by dancing chefs, all while the Polar Express movie is playing on your way to the North Pole. Passengers in first and diamond class will even receive a special Polar Express mug.

The train will arrive at Santa’s North Pole village, where you’ll be greeted by Santa and his elves. They will board the train and ride with you during the return trip. Santa will greet each child and even give out gifts! Join in the rounds of festive carols led by the chef and conductor to really get into the holiday spirit.

Ticket Info

Tickets start at $39 each for Standard Class, or $74 for Diamond Class. Trips start at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. Reservations go quickly, so make your arrangements soon. This is a wonderful group activity, and you can even make special arrangements for a larger group.

At New England Vacation Rentals, we are happy to assist you in making reservations for this wonderful holiday activity! Just let us know when you book your accommodations.


Seaside Christmas in Orleans

8535286810_f869361afa_zKick off the entire holiday season with Seaside Christmas in Orleans, a marvelous community celebration. During these wonderful festivities, you can enjoy special events and savings at galleries, restaurants, shops, theaters, salons, shows, spas, and more. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the season—and even some time and money—by shopping for your holiday gifts at these stores!

About the Event

This wonderful season kicks off with a pancake breakfast at the Hole-In-One Restaurant with Santa and Mrs. Claus, who will arrive by boat! Then enjoy the Winter Wonderland Lighting at Village Green, complete with carolers, and refreshments.

While there is a full calendar of events, one of the favorites is the Santa Stampede 5K and Family Fun Run. Join runners dressed in Santa suits, antlers, elf costumes, and lights; there’s even a holiday costume contest!

There are plenty of other great events, including wine and cheese tastings, children’s events, donation opportunities, exhibits, gallery strolls, and more. Churches throughout the city will also be offering special events. And of course, the New Year’s celebration is sure to be spectacular as Orleans rings in the New Year!

Celebrate Christmas in Cape Cod

The Seaside Christmas in Orleans is a wonderful way to take in the holiday spirit in so many ways. No matter your age, you are sure to soak in the warmth and celebratory spirit of this wonderful season. For more information, visit or talk to one of our friendly staff members at New England Vacation Rentals; we would be happy to help!


Annual Brewster for the Holidays


The Annual Brewster for the Holidays will be a three-day magical community festival that will provide entertaining events and fun for all. You won’t want to miss some of the great events, including the Illumination Ceremony and the Brewster Band Concert.


Gallery Stroll — Tour the many Brewster arts and antique galleries.
Illumination Ceremony — Enjoy a carol sing-a-long, tours of Windmill Village, treats, and a visit from Santa.
Holiday Concert — Soak in the festive sounds at this annual Brewster Band Concert, featuring a fun sing-a-long.


Where’s the Snowman Contest — Let the kids 12 and under “Find the Snowman” and enter to win kid-friendly gift certificates.
Holiday Arts & Crafts Show — Discover 50 arts and crafts vendors at the Eddy Elementary School.
Gallery Stroll


Gallery Stroll
Gala Family Part at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History — Music, crafts, homemade sweets will be highlighted at this delightful event.

Take home souvenir of this great festival by purchasing a 2016 Brewster for the Holidays ornament, available at several places, including Woodworks Gallery in Lemon Tree Village and By the Bay Designs.

About the Festival

When: December TBD
Where: Throughout Brewster
Admission: Free
More information:

This is one of our favorite holiday events, so if you want to know more, please just ask one of our friendly staff members at New England Vacation Rentals!



The ClamBQ! Orleans Food and Music Festival

Cape Cod is known for its amazing seafood. From lobsters to deep sea tuna, Cape Cod has a great selection of fresh seafood all times of the year. The best time to enjoy a special part of this seafood is during the ClamBQ! Orleans Food and Music Festival in October. This amazing Cape Cod music festival combines the fresh seafood of Cape Cod, the soulful flavors of New Orleans, and live music to create one of the must-see events on Cape Cod.

The Details

Rain or shine the ClamBQ! Orleans Food and Music Festival will occur during the first week in October. During this time the clams are harvested from the waters outside of Cape Cod and haul in the best clams you can ask for. Local chefs cook up amazing clam meals for you to enjoy and ensure that you taste the soul of Orleans cooking. The local restaurants all bid for your love in the food court while you sit down and enjoy some live music, craft beer and a good time.

Tickets are available depending on your preferences ahead of the festival. There is admission plus clambake option for $37, admission and BBQ for $27, admission only for $10, and kids 12 and under are always free. We recommend you try all the clam preparations while you are at the festival because they all bring something different to the table. Come hungry and make sure that you don’t miss this or any other unique festivals in Cape Cod.

Wellfleet OysterFest


For almost two decades, Wellfleet on Cape Cod in Massachusetts has held The Wellfleet OysterFest in honor of the towns oyster and shell fishing traditions. Sponsored by SPAT (Wellfleet’s Shellfish Promotion and Tasting, Inc.), a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about shell fishing traditions while working towards creating new technology to preserve a healthy environment, this festival is a fun celebration of nature’s slimy – yet delicious – sea creature known for tasting amazing with hot sauce and its reputed aphrodisiac properties!

What’s On the Schedule?

Held in October each year, you can expect to find booths featuring traditional New England cuisine and the beers that go so well with each dish. For those of you who prefer wine, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you; these booths will also offer wine and champagne! Vacationers will have an amazing time wandering our Main Street area, examining stunning arts and crafts created by local artists and watching (or participating) in the various activities that demonstrate what life in Wellfleet is all about, including an oyster shuck-off featuring the top shuckers of our town and surrounding villages. Other competitive activities you can participate in include a 5K and a spelling bee. Kids will get the chance to take part in a special round geared to their spelling abilities and have a blast in our children’s activity areas that feature a bouncy house, arts & crafts activities, and tons of fun!

It’s a Good Cause Too!

Proceeds from this entertaining weekend of merrymaking help ensure that this hometown festival continues to be a rousing success for years to come, but also goes towards scholarships and educational programs dedicated to today’s teens that plan on starting a career in shell fishing! Tons of fun and you get to help people as well? What are you waiting for? Your fun filled Cape Cod vacation – with a trip to the OysterFest in October – is just a few keystrokes away at!