When you live on an island, you’d think that maybe the beaches would stop being as wondrous as they are to our visitors, but on Cape Cod, that is never an issue. All of our beaches, from Coast Guard Beach to Sandy Neck, are examples of the pristine beauty that can still exist when you care enough to protect them. The Sandy Neck Gate House is the entrance to the wonder that is Sandy Neck Beach and the Sandy Neck Trails that traverse the area. It offers detailed information, trail maps, off-roading permits, and inspection services to ensure that your off-road vehicle is safe and has all the accoutrements necessary for a fun day of off-roading adventures at Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable.

Your Adventure Begins

Located in the villages of Sandwich and Barnstable, Sandy Neck Beach is six miles of pure New England beauty. Lifeguards in the summer allow you to swim safely, but the dazzling views will have you wanting to visit no matter what time of year you are here. Fenced off areas are designed to protect the fragile eco-system, so please stay away, but feel free to enjoy all other zones. Pamphlets available at the Sandy Neck Gate House will explain in further detail what is allowed where, so be sure and stop by before you begin your beach adventures.

Trails through the salt marshes offer amazing photo opportunities, so even if you are visiting during the summer, be sure and bring a camera and take some time away from your water activities to enjoy the views. This protected beach is home to plenty of land, air, and water wildlife, so don’t be surprised if some of them photo bomb your beach pictures!

Restrooms, a snack bar, and a wheelchair accessible ramp makes Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod a popular spot for all Cape Cod visitors, and bonfires at night allow you to have the beach experience of your dreams. The fires can only be built after 7 PM and depend on weather conditions, so this is yet another reason to visit the Sandy Neck Gate House; they have all the information on rules and restriction for your Sandy Neck Beach Barnstable bonfire. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes and an extra blanket or two, as even with a fire, the beaches can get really cold after the sun sets!

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