As the warm days of summer slowly slide into the cool beauty of autumn, the residents of Cape Cod aren’t sad that summer is ending; we are happy that our favorite time of year is just beginning! The sun shines brightly in the sky during the day, with temperatures just barely breaking 80, while nights are chilly enough to warrant wearing that new sweater you just bought—and you may still need a jacket on top of that! It can get down to the 40s and 50s at night in the fall.

Clear and crisp, with the occasional storm to ensure the greenery stays green for a while longer, Cape Cod in the fall will make you fall in love, especially once the leaves began to change. Trees that are green and full throughout the long days of summer turn to fiery shades of red, gold, and orange as the cooler temperatures arrive. Vacationing on Cape Cod during this season means days filled with warm beverages, beautiful scenery, and temperatures that are just right! Book your luxury New England Vacation Rentals home today and explore the softer side of Cape Cod. It’s even more beautiful than you’ve imagined it to be!