Although Cape Cod is known for its sleepy towns and its coastal sand dunes, one aspect of the area that goes unappreciated is the lush forests that accompany the area, the best example of which is seen at Nickerson State Park. This state park is perfect for a variety of different activities, but it will cater to anyone loving the outdoors. If you love the outdoors as much as we do, make sure you check out Nickerson State Park on your next Cape Cod vacation.

About Nickerson State Park

Nickerson State Park has 1900 acres of forest land that takes visitors to a completely different place. The iconic sand dunes and ocean breezes of Cape Cod are nowhere to be found, instead replaced by a rich green sea of woods. Dotted throughout the sea of trees are crystal clear water ponds. Although you see many different ponds, you will not find any streams or rivers that feed them. This natural phenomenon is called a kettle pond, and they are scattered through Nickerson State Park. These ponds formed as glaciers retreated from the cape over ten thousand years ago. These kettle ponds are completely dependent on groundwater and precipitation; therefore, the water level of these ponds fluctuates from season to season and even on a yearly basis.

Visiting Nickerson State Park

In this lush forest lie more than four hundred different campsites that visitors can take advantage of. These campsites are accompanied by an amphitheater, eight miles of roads, hiking trails, bike paths, and the 22 mile Cape Cod Rail Trail. Along with Nickerson State Park Camping, they also keep their ponds stocked year-round with trout. If you want to camp and hike to the bay, it’s only a few miles away and is within walking or biking distance. Some of the bigger ponds, like Flax Pond, offer the ability to swim and canoe. Along with these activities, the park also offers different events that are put on by park staff making it a popular Massachusetts tourist attraction.

If you are looking to visit Nickerson State Park MA, there is a daily parking fee of eight dollars for a MA vehicle or 10 dollars for a non-MA vehicle. If you would like more information on Nickerson State Park or its events, please contact our office or browse website for more details. We would love to help plan your Nickerson State Park MA trip.

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