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Everyone loves a weekend getaway to someplace special. We plan on leisurely breakfasts enjoyed after a much-needed sleep in, we only turn our phones on to take pictures of beautiful scenery, and if we spend a little too much money exploring the shops and boutiques of the area we are visiting, it’s ok; NEXT weekend we will stay home and save! If your journey has you turned in the direction of Cape Cod and our New England Vacation Rentals – Cape Cod weekend rentals, this guide to everything that is wonderful about Cape Cod will give you a weekend filled with wow and whimsy!

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Your Arrival at Our Cape Cod Weekend Rentals

Depending on where you are traveling from, chances are it will be closer to the evening when you arrive on our island paradise and after a long day spent in travel, you will definitely be ready to rest and relax. This first night on Cape Cod is one you will spend getting to know your vacation escape as you choose your room, give the bed an experimental bounce, open all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, and peruse the cable guide, in case you feel like watching a little television later. Perhaps you stopped at Ring Brothers Marketplace, 485 MA-134 in South Dennis, to pick up some gourmet foods to stock your pantry with on your way in and are now filling the refrigerator with your favorite wine and cheeses, in preparation for a snack. The wine looks really good and the views from the windows that line the back walls of your Cape Cod escape call for you to pop the cork, pull a wine glass from that cabinet over the stove, and head out to the chairs that are awaiting you. Cape breezes may tousle your hair and the scent of the sea may speak to your heart and as you take your first sip, you can feel your work week troubles slip from your shoulders. Tomorrow may be spent trying to cram everything Cape Cod has to offer in all too short daylight hours, but tonight will be spent enjoying these quiet moments, watching the worry lines fade from your forehead, and listening to your children’s laughter. Check out the board games that line the shelves of many of our weekend vacation rentals on Cape Cod and gather around dining room tables living life unplugged and when the moon rises high in the sky, bathing the Cape Cod landscape in an ethereal glow, even the youngest travelers in your group won’t complain about heading off to tranquil bedrooms for a refreshing night’s sleep!

The First Day

This is the day where you will probably get most of your vacation activities completed as you hit the beaches of Cape Cod, discover where all the cutest stores are, and find out how amazing seafood tastes when it comes straight from the sea. If you don’t feel like puttering around in our fully equipped kitchens (you are only here for a couple of days, who would blame you if this was the case?) start out your day at the Red Cottage Restaurant, 36 Old Bass River Road in Dennis is a perfectly acceptable substitution for a home-cooked meal! The retro 50s-style diner vibe and massive plates of homecooked foods will ensure that your Cape Cod adventures start out in the finest of styles! From breakfast, you have the options of hitting the shops of Cape Cod or heading to the beaches for a day of fun, sun, and photography! As you might guess, most visitors choose the beach day, building sandcastles at the shore’s edge, checking out the creatures in the tide pools, and taking family photos at the base of the lighthouses we are known for! This activity could take up much of your first day, but don’t feel bad; you still have 1 more day to go! Ending day one with a special meal at the Ocean House Restaurant (425 Old Wharf Road in Dennis Port) can be the highlight of your trip, but only if you remembered to make reservations beforehand. Ocean House is one of Cape Cod’s finest restaurants and it isn’t always easy to get a table!

That Went by Fast

This is your last day in town and you want to make it memorable, so starting out with a sunrise walk on the beach will ensure this weekend is one you will never forget. Our beachfront weekend vacation rentals on Cape Cod allow guests to slip from their beds to the beaches with little effort, walking along the shore’s edge with a coffee mug in hand and witnessing the sky cycle through a kaleidoscope of colors promises to be a vision you hold close to your heart. Today is a great day to explore the shops of Cape Cod, La Belle’s General Store in Dennis Port is a great place for souvenirs. Or maybe, if you are feeling tired, today would be the perfect day to stay home and enjoy the many amenities that come with your New England Vacation Rentals weekend escape. Contact us to reserve your favorite today and start planning for a longer visit another day!