Cape Cod is an area full of immense history and interesting Cape Cod attractions. This is evident by just looking around the different little sleepy towns. The buildings are obviously from a different era, everything moves a little slower, and the small town atmosphere is apparent. One such building fits all three and is a unique piece of Americana: The Wellfleet Drive-In Theater. The Wellfleet Drive-In Theater is the last drive in theater on Cape Cod and is still in operation today. Visit this historic piece of the past on your next trip to the Cape Cod area!

History of the Drive-in

The drive-in theater is a form of cinema that consisted of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, and a concession stand that allowed for guests to drive their vehicle into the parking lot and view the movie from their cars. The movie would be projected onto the screen, and the sound would be provided through a speaker that would be hung in the car and wired to a podium outside. Newer theaters could even let you tune into a station on your radio and play the sound through your car’s speaker system.

The Wellfleet opened in 1957 and featured a 100 x 44 foot screen. This drive-in featured both FM sound and the attached speaker option. Along with the drive in portion of the theater, the Wellfleet built a full indoor cinema in the 1980s that hosts newer films and first runs, along with different special events.

Cape Cod’s Drive-In

The Wellfleet drive in offers double features regularly during the summer and spring, as well as different attractions throughout the year. Along with the Wellfleet showing movies on their giant outdoor screen, newer movies play in the indoor cinema year-round. The Wellfleet also features a flea market, a miniature golf course, and a restaurant to complete their entertainment plaza making it an awesome tourist attractions on Cape Cod. Besides the normal events, the Wellfleet dive in also hosts the Provincetown International Film Festival. This film festival is a town favorite and features numerous films from across the globe for your viewing pleasure.

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