There must be something in the ocean air of Cape Cod that attracts talent in droves. Our artists, no matter what their mediums, are amongst the best in the world, and nowhere is this truer than with the actors and actresses that strut their stuff on the stage of the Cape Rep Theater in Brewster, MA. Located at 3299 Main Street in Brewster, the theater is housed in a series of structures that seems to bring out the best in all its performers. Started by a group of actors struggling to find a place to perform in 1986, today, “The Rep” serves as a starting point for serious actors and actresses, many of whom leave to go on to bigger things in New York and LA.

Year-Round Talent

While many New England theaters close down for the winter, the Cape Rep Theater in Brewster, MA is open all year long, showcasing writer-driven plays in their indoor theater during the winter that range from edgy to hilarious, and professional plays for children in the outdoor theater over the summer. Providing education to stars of the future, high school students lucky enough to live on Cape Cod vie for a chance to show their talents on the big stage.

In addition to performing on the stages that make up this communal theater, they also bring their shows on the road, performing at nursing homes, senior centers, and libraries on Cape Cod; when you purchase a ticket, you are enabling the theater troupe to continue their good deeds.

Some of the shows that have been showcased at the Cape Rep Theater over the years include well-known favorites such as Macbeth, The Sunshine Boys, and Billy Elliot, the Musical, as well as some soon to be popular performances, such as Regular Singing and A New Brain. The children’s plays, performed in the outdoor theater during the warm months of the summer, feature the creativity of staff writers; The Epic Adventures of Lulu Leominster has been made into a book and can be purchased at the show.

General Admission Only

Tickets average $28 per person and are for general admission only, but the memories made while spending time with your family are priceless during your stay in one of our Chatham villa rentals. Many a future star has been born sitting in seats such as these. Who in your family has what it takes? Only time will tell!

After the Curtain Falls

You may find yourself too excited to end the evening yet, so why not pop some popcorn and pop in a movie for a late-night tinsel town marathon in your NEVR cozy cottage? Reserve yours today!

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