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Cape Cod is the perfect place to enjoy a hike or a bike ride. This is because of the beautiful weather and picturesque landscapes of the Cape. You can enjoy heavily wooded areas, endless tracts of white sandy beaches, and charming towns exuding a laid-back beach energy. While there are so many things to do in Cape Cod, simply taking a stroll immersed in all of its beauty is one of the best ways to spend your time here. Read on for more information about one of the top attractions Cape Cod has to offer!

About the Cape Cod Rail Trail

The Rail Trail consists of 22 miles of paved trail that runs along a former railroad that used to pass through the Cape. Along the way you can hit the beautiful towns of Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham, and Wellfleet. The trail has been a favorite of locals and visitors alike since it’s opening in the 70s. Besides the scenic value of the ride, you can also jump off the trail at any time to explore many of the opportunities that await you in Cape Cod.

Attractions on Cape Cod Around the Trail

The trail runs through stretches of untouched wilderness as well as small, charming towns. There are ample opportunities to jump off the trail and experience some of the excitement that Cape Cod offers. Throughout the towns, there are endless opportunities to eat delicious Massachusetts cuisine and enjoy some of the locals’ favorite bars. Live music and dancing can be found throughout all of the towns that you will pass through on the trail. There are also plenty of smaller trails shooting off of the main Rail Trail, so you can experience the Cape in a different way no matter how many times you take to the trail.

The best part of the trail is that it is absolutely free for a nice long walk or bike ride. When you pair this fiscal sense with all of the other great qualities of the trail, you have yourself an amazing way to spend a day in Cape Cod. Contact us to learn more about the amazing attractions on Cape Cod and our vacation rentals, including our pet-friendly properties!

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