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The history of Cape Cod is never more apparent than when experienced in East Sandwich, the oldest town on the Cape. Settled in 1637, over 100 years before we fought for independence, today reminders of our long story can be seen throughout the town. Our East Sandwich rentals, however, will be thoroughly modern and offer a vacation experience that represents the hospitality of the town! Offering homes in town close to shops and restaurants, homes on the beach where life slows down and the little moments will shine bright, and charming cottages in charming family neighborhoods where you and your own family will feel comfortable and at ease, our East Sandwich rentals will welcome and charm. This guide to the homes you will want to temporarily make yours will help you find the one home that could have come straight from your dreams!

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Can Dreams Come True?

Vacation dreams can definitely come true, something you will soon discover for yourself when your sojourn brings you to the historic town of East Sandwich and a stay in any of our cottages that reside there. Every property is different, but most will feature the classic New England clapboard siding that takes starring roles in any movies made in our New England states and will often display gardens of colorful hydrangeas adding drama and beauty to the exteriors. Some may have covered porches with rocking chairs on them, designed to give guests a place to sit, sip Cape Codders, and watch the world go by, and all will offer a small patio off the back of the house, perhaps with its own outdoor shower to help keep sand outside where it belongs. The quiet moments spent in either spot will bring peace as they help quiet the noises in your brain, perhaps with a family barbecue! (Many properties feature a grill that will give guests another option to enjoy a meal “at home.”)

Inside these beautiful homes, the luxuries you discover will be simple ones; a fire burning merrily on a chilly Cape Cod night, a comfortable couch to relax on, even televisions in the bedrooms that help ease the transition from wide awake to sound asleep. Fully equipped kitchens can be used to create at home meals and save a little money, or may be used to store boxes of donuts, brew endless pots of coffee, and keep your beverages chilled to perfection. Cape Cod is known for its multitude of restaurants that serve the most delicious foods you have ever tasted, and your tour of paradise should definitely include visiting as many as you can, so no one will judge you for not cooking while on vacation! Just as in your own homes, the dining rooms of our East Sandwich rentals are probably going to be the center of family activities. Starting your day out with a cup of coffee while staring out into the backyard may be a tradition you carry over into real life but if you have beach views, you may not want to ever leave! Playing Monopoly or Candyland with the family after the views have disappeared into the night, enjoying planning sessions on what adventures you should enjoy the next day, and, of course, devouring meals while everyone talks at once! (it will get quiet for a brief period of time while the first bites are being enjoyed!)

In an East Sandwich beach cottage, perhaps you will sleep with the windows open, enjoying the briny scent of the sea as its tranquility and rhythmic roar of waves crashing against the sandy shores lull you into a sleep that is deep and filled with happy dreams. Some bedrooms may offer private entrances to the patios just beyond, others may feature ensuite baths with clawfoot tubs that entice you to sink into the warm water and soak until your skin becomes pruny and wrinkled! Grab a book, a glass of wine, and turn the music to soft, enjoying this respite as much as you enjoyed frolicking in the surf earlier in the day. Our East Sandwich homes are built to envelope you in warmth, comfort, and welcoming and years later, when you look back on the moments you spent here, the smile that washes over your face will still be as bright as it was today!

Playing in Sandwich

Although you may be tempted to stay in everyday and explore and enjoy all the amenities found in our East Sandwich sanctuaries, you have come all this way. Wouldn’t it be wasteful not to enjoy the area? Visit the historic Glass Museum and watch art in motion, explore history and beauty at the Heritage Museum and Gardens, and find a new book to read at Titcomb’s Bookshop. These are just a few examples of what you can do in Sandwich when you choose one of our East Sandwich rentals. Reserve your favorite today!

FAQs About Sandwich Vacation Rentals

Q: Our dream has always been to stay in a cozy cottage on one of the beaches of Cape Cod. We don’t need more than one bedroom, but we do request that the cottage be of typical New England style. Can we get that in Sandwich?

A: We are happy to tell our guests that we love to make vacation dreams come true, even the more specific ones such as the one you have just mentioned, and yes, we absolutely do offer that classic New England cottage on the beach, complete with weathervane-topped cupola for an extra dose of Cape Cod charm.

Q: Are there any unique festivals in Sandwich that we should plan a vacation around?

A: If you are willing to move your summer vacation to the fall, one of our favorite festivals is SandwichFest, taking place the first Saturday in October! We can’t imagine how they came up with that original name (insert tongue in cheek here) but this charming event features a sandwich contest, live entertainment, and vendors selling all manner of Cape Cod items.

Q: Does Sandwich have a Farmers Market?

A: Open on Tuesday mornings in the warmer months, the Sandwich Farmers Market is famous throughout the Cape for its quality local produce, delicious baked goods, and for being a wonderful spot to purchase gifts for people you really love!

Q: We’re a little nervous about being too close to the beach as we are traveling with toddlers. Do you have any Sandwich properties that may offer views of the water without actually being on the sand?

A: Water views are what we specialize in on Cape Cod, and yes, we offer a large selection of Sandwich vacation rentals that offer views but are far enough away from water’s edge that you don’t have to worry about any wandering toddlers getting too close.