While there are endless opportunities to bike and drive through the beauty of Cape Cod, it is best experienced through a pleasant stroll in the amazing weather. This is especially true of Provincetown and the famous Commercial Street. This street has been a favorite of locals and visitors alike because of its unparalleled energy and charming small-town feel. Here is what you should know about Commercial Street on Cape Cod.

All About Commercial Street

Commercial Street is one of the top Cape Cod MA attractions you’ll find, and is a colorful place that is as clean and friendly as you will find anywhere. It features charming buildings closely placed together that offer a wide range of opportunities for food, shopping, and leisure. The location is another thing that makes it so special and exciting, as it is located only a few moments from the water at the tip of Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Massachusetts Attractions in and Around Commercial Street

As this street is a very historic place that is reminiscent of the first European settlers in the New England area, there are some amazing tours that will give you insight into the early days of this country unlike any other. There are also countless shops and restaurants where you can find anything from Native American art and artifacts to delicious seafood and everything in between. Here, you are also only moments from so many things to do on Cape Cod like take a ferry to another beautiful spot, go whale watching, sailing and so much more.

This is one of the best Cape Cod Massachusetts attractions – and a fantastic way to spend your time – because it is totally free. Obviously if you choose to do some shopping or go for a drink or meal, it will cost what it costs. But strolling through the streets, especially this one provides enjoyment that you need not buy. Make sure you check out this historic street during your next trip to Cape Cod.

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