Best Tourist Attractions in New England, Cape Cod

Cape Cod is famous for its beauty as well as for its historical value. There is perhaps no place that fits this bill better than the small village of Provincetown. It is located in the northern tip of the Cape and offers plenty of attractions for visitors and locals to marvel at. Here are some of the most significant things that you should see in Provincetown during your next Cape Cod adventure, including some of the best Tourist attractions in New England!

Pilgrim Monument

The monument is 252-foot tall granite tower; this makes it the largest structure in the United States that is solely made from granite. This monument was completed in 1910 as a celebration of the first pilgrims to land in the Americas in 1620. While many people believe it was Plymouth that was home to the first pilgrims, it was actually this beautiful piece of land that is now Provincetown. Just being here instills a strong sense of history and pride of where we came from as a nation.

Provincetown Museum

The museum is found very close to the monument and it is where the celebration of the history of this amazing place really comes to life. There are many sections of the museum that remain true to the old-fashioned nature of this history. Exhibits here include highlights of landing of the Mayflower Pilgrims and early life as a pilgrim here. It also explores the amazing maritime history of this region as well as early American theatre and the construction of the monument. You can also learn a lot about the Native Americans of the region as well as the wildlife.

This is an amazing place that every history buff should visit, but it also is a place of unparalleled beauty that everyone will enjoy. You can enjoy the amazing sights of the monument for free, while there is a $10 admission for adults and a $4 admission for children. Other discounts apply to senior citizens. Make sure you catch one or both of the best tourist attractions in New England on your next Cape Cod trip!

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