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One of our many favorite things about Cape Cod is the rich and long history that it offers, one that actually dates back to the late 1600s in the case of Harwich. Today there may be cars, electricity, and all the modern conveniences that make life easier, but if you listen carefully you can hear the echoes of the past with every step you take. Take a day or two out of your busy life and spend it in Harwich, in one of our New England Vacation Rentals Cape Cod sanctuaries, and fall in love with everything that makes Harwich and its 7 villages a special place. This guide to our Harwich, MA, homes will provide the comfort you need for a weekend away and because your time here is limited, it also gives visitors some ideas on how to fill their minutes in paradise!

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Bringing Joy to all that Enter

The beauty of Cape Cod is reflected in the interiors of our homes in Harwich all of which offer that classic New England style punctuated with comfort and modern conveniences! Large living areas are where guests can binge-watch their favorite shows on chilly summer nights; the fireplaces that are in almost every home will do their part in keeping you warm while adding a touch of romance to your time on Cape Cod. The dining rooms, often located in spaces that are separate from the rest of the house, provide the perfect place to play games, build puzzles, or devour a meal prepared in nearby kitchens or grilled out on the deck in the backyards. Our backyards are friendly zones, offering a lush verdancy that people from warmer, dryer climates marvel over, especially the flowering bushes that bloom large in all corners of the yard!

Although your time in Harwich is short, spending at least some of your time outside, watching the sunset over the horizon, or gathering around firepits available in many of our properties promises to bring you the joy you were unaware you were seeking. Some homes in Harwich may offer distant views of the sea, others may provide a fenced-in space where dogs can freely explore (in our pet-friendly rentals only!) Our fully equipped kitchens offer everything (minus the food) you need to create a family meal and because we understand how a day just can’t be begun properly without a hot cup of coffee, coffee makers and Keurig’s will be found on the countertops. Large homes with many beds and baths give larger families plenty of space to spread out and relax without having to worry about stepping all over everyone while smaller groups may gravitate to our small cottages that still offer all the comforts of home, just with fewer floor plan space and lower costs. The homes we feature in Harwich range in size from 1 bedroom cottages filled with charm to stunning 7 bedroom escapes with multiple living rooms that allow multiple families to travel together and still have spaces to call their own at the end of the day! Speaking of the end of the day, the two or three nights you spend in our Harwich sanctuaries will bring you even more joy, as you sleep peacefully and dream happily in comfortable and tranquil bedrooms. Kids’ bunk rooms will harbor secrets and uncontrollable giggles while master suites with ensuite baths will help adults find the sleep zone they often can not find at home. Sink into a deep soaking tub with a book and a glass of wine and feel all your troubles float away like bubbles from a bath; these simple moments will become treasured memories you never want to forget!

Harwich Explorations

Did you know that cranberry bogs are real, not just a figment of a tv commercial producer? And furthermore, did you also know that Harwich is home to Cranberry Bogs that you can tour during your stay? Cranberry Bog Tours, 1601 Factory Road in Harwich offers 1.5-hour-long tours that expose the Massachusetts lobster is world-renowned and if you have come all this way for a visit, you really should sample some in one way or the other, making a visit to Brax Landing Restaurant a must do! Offering breathtaking views of the harbor and the best lobster rolls on Cape Cod the food served here will soon become your newest obsession.

Brief and Sweet Stay at our Harwich MA Homes

Would you like to stay on Cape Cod for longer than just a couple of days? Of course you would and we would love to have you, but since that is not the case at the moment, we hope this guide will help you fill the moments of your brief and sweet Massachusetts escape! Contact us to reserve your favorite Harwich sanctuary today and start making plans for a longer visit that will speak to your soul!