Lighthouses in Cape Cod

Lighthouses in Cape Cod

Cape Cod is known for many things; the seafood is fresh, the scenery is awe-inspiring, and the marine life is abundant. One of the great things about the Cape Cod area that goes underappreciated is the plethora of lighthouses that you are able to view. Since Cape Cod was a very busy harbor and trade route, the United States was forced to install safety measures to ensure arriving ships knew where to go. More importantly, Congress wanted to make sure that these important ships wouldn’t end up in splinters along the rocky shores of Massachusetts. To remedy this problem, many lighthouses were installed to aid in the ships navigation.

Many of these lighthouses were decommissioned due to increased technology and opening of the Cape Cod Canal, but many still are in operation today. If you are a fan of interesting 1800’s American architecture or marine navigation, we definitely recommend some of Cape Cod’s most beautiful lighthouses. Here we have compiled a few of the lighthouses that we recommend you visit. Some of these are still in operation today, and some have been beautifully preserved and restored to their newly built state. We hope you enjoy these critical parts of Cape Cod’s history.

Long Point Light
longpoint-lightLong Point Light in Provincetown, MA was first constructed in 1827 by an act of Congress to make traveling into the Provincetown Harbor safer. Click here to learn more about the Long Point Light!
Monomoy Point Light
lighthouse_at_monomoy_national_wildlife_refuge_cape_codFirst established in 1823, the current Monomoy Pont Light was rebuilt as a cast-iron lighthouse—the first of its kind—in 1849. Follow the link to discover more about the Monomoy Point Light!
Wood End Light
Wood End Light in Cape Cod, MACome visit the first lighthouse in Massachusetts to be powered by solar energy—the Wood End Light! See this beautiful piece of history and more on your trip to Cape Cod.
Nobska Point Lighthouse
Nobska Point Lighthouse is a popular attraction to visit in Cape Cod. Learn about this history of this lighthouse and more when you visit; click here for details!
Nauset Beach Light
The Nauset Beach Light is a historical lighthouse saved from falling off a cliff and into the Atlantic in 1993. The lighthouse is a historical treasure in Nauset and great sight to see. Click here to learn more!
The Highland Lighthighland_light_north_truro_ma-min

The Highland Light, over 2oo years old, is one of the most famous of Cape Cod’s collection of historical lighthouses. The lighthouse doubles as a museum and active lighthouse. Learn more about this lighthouse that was authorized by George Washington in 1797!

Chatham Lighthouse
Get patriotic and pass by the historical Chatham Lighthouse. Click to learn about this well known lighthouse that is still in use today!


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