New England Vacation Rentals offers a complete set up/staging/refresh program for our Cape Cod Homeowners!

The goal of our staging program is to set up a home– so that it is  “attractive” to prospective guests and that they book your home.  NEVR has a vested interest for your home to look great so it gets fully rented at the best rate.  We love to assist our homeowners create an appealing vacation rental home with that popular Cape Cod coastal beach style décor. The end result is for homeowners who use our property management in New England to reach their maximum rental revenue goals and for our guests to have the best home experience.

What is “Rental Ready”?

It is important to note that—You are now in the business of “Vacation Rentals” and must understand that your property will become someone’s home for the duration of their stay. When the guest walks in your door we want the “Wow” response and to be so happy they chose your home for their Cape Cod vacation. Staging is all about creating a lifestyle, an ambience, and one that guests cannot wait to enjoy! After all, they may have been planning their vacation for a long time–they want to do it in style and “get their best bang for their buck”!

Your home should present an inviting and comfortable environment and feel like a Cape Cod vacation home– with lots of whites, blues and summer colors. New England Vacation Rentals and Property Management has a vested interest for your home to look its best– so it gets fully rented and generates the maximum rental income for you.

NEVR Is Here to Help:

Give you the desired “product” to the prospective guest.

 Set the home up with new indoor and outdoor furnishings and decor to reflect this Cape Cod coastal image.

We have a “decor team” dedicated to our home setups. Our only goal is to help create an appealing vacation rental home with that popular Cape Cod coastal beach style decor, using our many years of experience in property management in New England.

We have set up and refreshed many homes for our owners from simple cosmetic changes to a complete rehab and set up of a home. A “Staged” home has a better chance of getting rented and should you decide to sell your home– it is “turn-key” ready for sale.

Why do I need this Analysis?

Because our homes are too personal to us–we don’t always see all of its challenges. If you can’t view something objectively then you are unable to market and prepare it effectively. Most homeowners don’t “stage” homes every day for a living. We have staged and refreshed many homes for our homeowners from simple cosmetic changes to a complete rehab of a home. We work to make your home set up affordable and financially prosperous. Take a look at some of New England vacation rentals and property management projects. We work with all budgets and timelines. A refreshed home has a better chance of getting rented and should you decide to sell your home it is “turn-key” ready for sale.




Let New England Vacation Rentals take away the worry and stress of managing a project from a distance. We can be a helping hand in getting the home set up for rental and it can be overwhelming buying and doing the set-up from afar.  We can be your “helping hands” to accept deliveries, shop, and set up and fill in with extra items.

Helping to stage the home with decor that is casual and coastal and meets the market expectations of what a Cape Cod Vacation Rental Home should look like will benefit both the homeowner and New England Vacation Rentals for years to come and help to maximize the rental income potential.





“Love Our Updated Home”
We have been renting our house through NEVR for many years and recently decided to do a major update. We engaged NEVR to plan, coordinate and oversee our renovation and love the results that Joanne and her team produced. She worked hard for us, secured good pricing and was quite apt with her decorating touch. Already she has produced a couple of new guests and we look forward to many more.
Owner of 37 Norcross Circle Chatham

“Refresh Doubled My Rental Income”
I am sending you this note with the greatest amount of admiration for NEVR who run a most incredible business renting vacation homes in Chatham, Cape Cod and the surrounding area. NEW ENGLAND VACATION RENTALS is now held up locally as the new model for how to service both owners and guests of rental homes.

As you know, I have owned and rented a beautiful 4-bedroom home in Chatham overlooking both Nantucket Sound and beautiful marshes. When I decided two years ago to change rental companies and work with both of you, I was certainly hoping we’d do better than I had in the past. But I had no idea how much better you would do in renting the house.

You advised me that your research showed that while my home was beautifully decorated for a year round home (warm and friendly), guests were more and more looking for a rental get away that felt as if they were at the beach, (i.e., light and airy with a real beach feel). I worked with you and your decorating team who did an amazing job at a reasonable price AND THE RESULTS SURE SHOW.

Last year, the first year I rented through you, the high season weekly rate was increased from $5000 to $6000 and the TOTAL GROSS SEASON INCOME was doubled to $77,000. This is compared to the four years prior to my joining your company, when my gross annual income ranged between $39,000 and $44,000.

It’s clear that the reason your company is doing so well is that you listen to and meet the needs of both your owners and the rental guests. Also, your years of experience in the business and your desire to stay on top of all vacation renter trends add to these results.

I am pleased to know the NEVR team and thank you for all you have done to make my vacation home a success for both wonderful visitors and me who share it. Priscilla Smith–Chatham, MA