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Sagamore Beach is a village in Bourne and is another location where you will find the New England Vacation Rentals home of your dreams. Most of our escapes in Sagamore Beach will be on the beach adding romance, serenity, and a place to frolic during your Cape Cod adventures, and although it is mostly a village where families come to live, it is located close to many Cape Cod tourist attractions, ensuring that you will always have something to do—if you can force yourself to leave the comforts of your home sweet vacation home! This guide to the beauty of our homes in Sagamore Beach and all the fun you can have on Cape Cod offers just another example of why New England Vacation Rentals is the company travelers turn to most when seeking an escape and will help you narrow down your choices to just one perfect home.

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The Most Beautiful Walk

When you really want to experience the joys of a beach vacation, choosing one of our Sagamore Beach sanctuaries will be the best decision you have made this year! Unlock the door of your home away from home and step into a world where comfort rules and beauty reigns supreme, offering living rooms with comfy couches and fireplaces that add romance as they dispel the chill of a cool summer’s night on Cape Cod. Televisions provide entertainment on a lazy day or night but when you are staying this close to the beach, chances are you will spend more time watching the waves crash against sandy beaches and feeling sea breezes kiss your cheeks than you will watching your favorite shows.

Dining rooms with large tables and enough seats for every seat in your traveling party are destined to be the center of many fun family events as you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or just being away from home with no responsibilities and at least a week’s worth of fun awaiting you. Spend an evening at home creating a homemade family meal in our fully equipped kitchens or head out to the patio where incredible views and a barbecue grill is waiting! Fresh grilled fish always tastes better when you catch it yourself and there are plenty of places in Sagamore Beach where the fish are always biting!

Some properties may offer a separate sitting area, furnished with the perfect chairs for reading and offering lighting that will make it easy to read the words on the pages. Others may have multiple master suites, soaking tubs in the bathrooms, and bedrooms so large, they also have the room for a sitting area where you can enjoy your morning coffee as the sun rises setting the sky on fire. Laundry rooms equipped with full size washers or dryers or laundry closets in which smaller stackable units are tucked, will ensure that you can pack light, saving precious room for treasures picked up in your explorations of Cape Cod.

But it’s the backyard areas that may convince you that Sagamore Beach and our beautiful homes are the only place you want to stay. Step out onto a deck furnished with, of course, colorfully painted Adirondack chairs, and sit for a while, watching the sea and its ever changing moods. And when you can’t wait another minute, follow the wooden walkway to the sandy beaches, trailing carts filled with beach gear that includes umbrellas, chairs, and a cooler filled with your favorite sacks and beverages. This walk across weathered planks will cause you to pause in amazement as your first glimpse of the water spreads out before you, making it the most beautiful walk of your life. Drop whatever you have in hand, lean against the railings, and let sand, sea grass, and clear waters sink into your soul. Years from now when your children are grown and your youth is just a memory, this scene will still replay in your mind as clear as it does when viewing it for the first time! And even as you are staying for a week, possibly longer, we suggest you return to this spot at least once per day, because the sights you see are ever changing!

Cape Cod Adventures

There is so much to see and do on our beautiful Cape, enough that you may want to make it a family tradition, coming back to the Cape every year, renting the same New England Vacation Rentals Sagamore Beach sanctuary, and systematically making your way to all the beaches that make us proud and all the sightseeing sites that entertain, wow, and teach; Cape Cod was where our history as a nation began, after all! Visit Plymouth Rock and walk in the footsteps of the pilgrims or visit the Sandwich glass factory and be amazed at the colorful art being created right in front of you. Eat lobster rolls for the first time, take moonlit walks along water’s edge, and most important of all, come home every evening to the comforts offered in our unique vacation escapes! Reserve your favorite Sagamore Beach escape today!

FAQs About Sagamore Beach Vacation Rentals

Q: My spouse is notorious for losing keys and key cards. Do any of your New England Vacation Rentals in Sagamore Beach offer keyless entry?

A: We believe that whoever invented the keyless entry system should be nominated for an award; it truly has been revolutionary in simplifying the vacation rental business, and many, if not most, of our Sagamore Beach vacation rentals will offer this perk.

Q: We have visited Cape Cod in the past and the beaches are often quite crowded in the summertime. Are there any towns offering less crowded beaches?

A: Cape Cod truly is America’s favorite summer playground, so it may be difficult to find beaches that aren’t crowded, but Sagamore Beach is often considered a hidden gem of a town and its 6-mile stretch along Cape Cod Bay is rarely crowded.

Q: That sounds perfect! Do you offer any properties for rent on Cape Cod Bay?

A: New England Vacation Rentals is proud to offer some of our most popular properties, located right on the bay, ensuring that guests can spend their entire vacation enjoying seclusion, privacy, and the serenity of the sea without feeling hemmed in.

Q: What is Sagamore Beach known for?

A: Aside from its pristine beaches and stunning vacation homes, Sagamore Beach is known as being an ideal hometown, encouraging people from all over Cape Cod (from all over the world actually.) to make it their own. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to pick up stakes and plant them firmly in the landscape of Sagamore Beach!