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Canoeing at Lake Pleasant NH

Awesome Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Pleasant Lake NH

You might be thinking that a rainy day on vacation is just about the worst thing that can happen, but we New Englanders know better; a rainy day on Cape Cod can be a magical one spent making memories that will last a lifetime, and when you’re visiting Pleasant Lake NH, it gets even better! […]

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5 Best Healthy Restaurants in Chatham

The best part of any vacation, in our humble opinion, is being able to eat the foods that make that region great: Mexican food in Arizona, barbecue in Texas, comfort foods in the south, and when on Cape Cod, ANYTHING seafood related! We’re surrounded by water; why would we want to try anything else? Fortunately, […]

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5 Secrets to a Perfect Fall Trip to Dennis, Cape Cod

As you sit there contemplating a fall visit to Cape Cod (and more specifically, Dennis) there may be questions in your mind about undertaking such a venture. Is it a good time of the year? Will the stores and restaurants be open? Will there be anything to do during your stay? You know Massachusetts is […]

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Harwich Activities

5 Harwich Activities to Celebrate Labor Day

Even though Labor Day weekend is at the tail end of our summer season, it is still the perfect time to visit Harwich, Massachusetts and see what Cape Cod is all about. With so much to do in Harwich, you might need a little help narrowing down your vacation itinerary. Here are five incredible Harwich […]

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Brewster

The best way to enjoy a Cape Cod vacation is by dividing your stay into segments. Spend two days in Chatham, taking family photos at the Chatham lighthouse, and then head to Harwich for another couple of days, making time to ride along the Cape Cod Rail Trail, and for a grand finale, take at […]

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Best Local Quick Eats on Cape Cod

Here on Cape Cod, we are fortunate for two things: fresh ingredients and establishments with history and tradition. When you combine these two things, something magical truly happens, and it means there are a number of wonderful local restaurants ready to serve you up some delicious quick bites to eat! The next time you’re visiting […]

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Best Activities for Keeping Cool on Cape Cod

Ok, we have a secret to confess: It never really gets unbearably hot on the Cape, but every once in a while, the temperatures DO rise up over 80, and if you’re not used to the heat wave, you’ll be looking for ways to keep cool like everyone else! Summer vacations spent on Cape Cod […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Harwich, MA

If you have visited Cape Cod before, you may think you know everything there is to know about our slice of paradise, but we’re betting we will manage to surprise you with this list, and we promise not to take the fun out of your exploration of Harwich as we do it! Whether you’ve dreamed […]

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Fireworks above Cape Cod 4th of July festivities

Where to Watch Cape Cod 4th Of July Fireworks

We can’t think of anywhere we would rather spend our nation’s birthday than right here on Cape Cod, not far from our humble beginnings as a country, and if you’re reading this right now, chances are you feel the same way! Celebrating Cape Cod 4th of July is about as patriotic as you can get, […]

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Best Farmers’ Markets on Cape Cod

As we move deeper into this wild new millennium, we find ourselves realizing that the old ways we have scorned for so long have new merit. Family meals held around the dinner table without cell phones, morning walks that are good for your constitution, and eating more fresh and organic foods and less processed ones […]

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