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Get Your Rental Home in Front of More Potential Guests with NEVR Property Management


Vacation rental properties are definitely one of our hottest commodities on Cape Cod, but not everyone who tries is successful—unless of course they choose New England Vacation Rentals for their property management needs! Our staff ...

Let New England Vacation Rentals Care for Your Cape Cod Home


A vacation to Cape Cod has become a worldwide tradition as people flock from all corners of the earth to our pristine landscape, and if you are one of the fortunate ones who own property ...

Historic Attractions on Cape Cod


As you start planning your next getaway, you may be thinking about doing something different this year. Instead of picking a spot and trying to do everything that spot has to offer, you may choose ...

Natural Attractions on Cape Cod


In a time of uncertainty, it is always nice to know that some things remain unchanged. The sun rises and sets every day, the ocean’s tide does its ebb and flow thing, and the natural ...

Cape Cod Businesses Survive the Summer


This year has been difficult for everyone, as we adjust to a new way of doing things in order to protect our fellow Americans. Restrictions on travel, dining and more have pushed people to their ...

How can you Avoid Scams when Booking a Vacation Rental?

Check out Joanne’s Latest TV Spot to Find Out!


Though the majority of vacation rental owners are safe and sound, there are many people out there looking to part the unaware from their cash! Want to be safe when booking and avoid vacation rental ...

Save Money and Book NEVR Direct!


Vacations can be a big drain on our bank accounts, so it’s always nice when we can find ways to save a little. We at New England Vacation Rentals like to do what we can ...

Easter 2020 on Cape Cod


Sometimes the most difficult part about celebrating Easter is knowing what day it falls upon, so this year we’re giving you a head’s up! Easter is on Sunday, April 12th, which is just a few ...

Fun Family Games to Enjoy in Your New England Rental


The annual family vacation is more than just an opportunity to visit places you have never seen before; it’s about spending time with your spouse, your children, and tightening up bonds that can loosen during ...

3 Tips for Traveling Light on Cape Cod


As much as we love to travel, for us, the worst part about every vacation is packing. Trying to plan ahead for every happenstance and packing accordingly means we cross our fingers and toes when ...