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Like many other locations on Cape Cod, Hyannis is known for its one of a kind scenic beauty and the amazing history of the area. Nothing celebrates this rich history quite like the John F. Kennedy museum found here. This sleepy beach town is located on the southern edge of the cape a few miles from where it meets the greater Massachusetts area. Below you will learn of some of the things that make this one of the top Cape Cod New England Tourist Attractions!

The Museum

Here you can gain unparalleled insight into the life of John F. Kennedy in both his formative years and his time as The President of the United States. One of the locals’ favorite exhibits is the one detailing the relationship of John F. Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy. There are also exhibits highlighting the Kennedys’ home and childhood and the local events following the assassination of John F. Kennedy. There is so much rich history that is explored here better than anywhere else.

Things to Do at the John F. Kennedy Museum

Throughout the year, though there are many New England Tourist attractions in the area, there are countless events that cause people to flock the John F. Kennedy Museum in Hyannis specifically. Camp Kennedy: Presidential Communications Program is an amazing event that introduces children to news reporting in general and how it relates to the office of the presidency. There are so many more opportunities like this one.

Of course, you always have the option of taking a tour and experiencing the history of the museum in more detail than you can by just strolling through the museum. You can also find ample opportunity to be a part of the exciting things going on here by helping preserve this amazing history and teaching other about it.

Adults can gain entry to the museum and all of the amazing exhibits for only $10, while children can get in for only $5. This museum offers an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in an amazing chapter of our country’s history for a reasonable price. Make sure you check it out during your next vacation, and don’t forget New England Vacation Rentals! With our quality vacation rentals nearby, you won’t find better accommodations if you want to experience the best of New England’s Tourist Attractions. Contact us today to learn more about our rentals, including our Hyannis vacation rentals!

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