Highfield Hall & Gardens

If you plan on visiting the Falmouth area, add Highfield Hall & Gardens to your list of places to see. Highfield Hall is located at 56 Highfield Drive in Falmouth and was one of the first Cape Cod mansions in the area. An excellent example of Stick-style Queen Anne architecture, Highfield Hall was built by the fashionable Boston Beebe family in 1878. After falling into disrepair, it was restored as a house museum and opened to the public in 2006. Today this beautiful residence and the surrounding gardens have become a hub for local cultural events.

The beautifully restored mansion is full of history and is home to international art exhibits (including a Stickwork Sculpture exhibit by internationally-renowned Patrick Doughtery), a variety of classes and programs, and has become a wonderful musical venue. There are cooking classes, floral arranging classes, lectures, and of course musical performances of all kinds. And the house and grounds can be rented out for magical weddings and special events, too.

Highfield Hall is surrounded by over 400 acres of public woodlands and gardens. Each of the gardens has a different focus and feel. The Sunken Garden was originally the Beebe family’s herbaceous garden and the West Garden was originally a cutting garden, but over the years has become a garden landscape for both sun- and shade-loving plants with a new central gathering space. Take the Beech Tree Path to find the Music Garden; this interactive garden space includes chimes up to nine feet tall, and kids of all ages will enjoy making their own music. Beebe Woods is town-owned conservation land abutting Highfield Hall, and features a 3.1 mile loop trail (an easy hike for all ages), and the trails and old carriage roads wind past ponds and old stone walls.

The museum is open to the public from February 1 through October 31, and the gardens and grounds are open year-round from dawn to dusk. Visit the Highfield Hall website for their calendar of events – there are over 150 programs and events every year – and for their seasonal hours. If you have questions, just give them a call (508-495-1878) or email them (info@highfieldhall.org).

Take some time to look at their Facebook page for links to their Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages as well as to get a preview of what to expect at this wonderful historic house museum and its gardens. And of course, on their YouTube page you can see past exhibits, watch some of the restoration that took place, and see some of the Fairy Houses.

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