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Nestled between the sparkling waters of the Cape and the Atlantic Ocean’s blue-green depths, the quiet and quaint beach towns of Cape Cod allow visitors to relax and enjoy its beautiful, natural backdrop. What better way to experience this quintessential area than in the company of friends and family, creating memories together that will last a lifetime? Our six-plus-bedroom Cape Cod Luxury Vacation Rentals provide the most spacious accommodations.

From Mid June to until Labor Day–7 Night Friday Arrival is Required.
If you need help planning a shorter off-season stay, please contact our reservation team.

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Ocean View
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The Little Things

When you vacation with a lot of people, chances are some little, but important things are going to be forgotten for some of you. Contact solution, deodorant, late night snacks for the ones who don’t sleep as well at night, or even formula for the tiniest travelers. The more people, the more opportunities for forgetfulness. Fortunately, a vacation in Chatham, the village where most, if not all of our New England Vacation Rentals 6-bedroom homes are located, offers a wide selection of pharmacies and grocery stores. CVS tends to be the drug store of choice on Cape Cod, and can be found at every town. When it’s time to stock the pantry shelves with tasty treats, or to fill the refrigerator with foods for meal preparation, the Chatham Village Market at 20 Queen Anne Road offers organic produce and a taste of the flavor of the Cape. And don’t forget the big chain stores like BJ’s, and large grocery stores such as Stop and Shop and Shaw’s during your stay in one of our Cape Cod vacation rentals large families.

Dining Out with Your Large Party

Eating may just be our favorite vacation activity, and even large parties of people have a lot of choices in Chatham. Long Shore Restaurant at 1077 Main St is known for its large patio area; grab a few tables and make dinner a party! Offering takeout as well, this is a good option for those evenings you just want to head home and sit around in your pajamas. Lunch at the Lazy Lobster, located at 247 Orleans Road, is always a good choice, and the huge helpings served here mean the lighter eaters can share a meal, while the hungrier ones will always be satisfied! Larry’s PX at 1591 Main Street is THE place to visit for the best breakfast in town. You probably will want to just fend for most of your breakfasts, but try to make time for a visit to Larry’s and a taste of their Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

There’s Always Something to Do, Even When It Rains

Gather your people close and head over to newly renovated Chatham Orpheum Theater and spend a few hours munching on popcorn and watching the latest summer blockbusters. Weather the storm and visit the Chatham Lighthouse at 37 Main Street; tours are conducted on Wednesdays during the summer. Or, if the thought of venturing out into the damp chills you to the bone, why not stay home and play in your New England Vacation Rentals 6-bedroom home? Play pool with your nieces and nephews, construct a million-piece puzzle with your grandmother, or just grab a book and a comfy spot and be transported to places almost as magical as the Cape.

Lots of Amenities and Features in Our Cape Cod Luxury Vacation Rentals

Designed for upwards of twelve to sixteen guests, our six-bedroom homes for rent on Cape Cod, MA have open, airy floor plans that emphasize living and entertaining space. Comfy beds, couches, loveseats, and chairs can be found throughout each of these larger homes, ensuring that whether your party is gathered together or lounging in a nook of their own, everyone will have a comfortable place to relax.

Cozy details such as custom wainscoting, finely-crafted wooden furnishings, and woven rugs keep these large homes from feeling cold or stuffy, while elements such as vast arrays of windows, shaded patios, resort-style pools, landscaped backyards, and pristine hardwood floors maintain an elaborate sense of quality.

Each of these homes comes with two to six and a half spacious bathrooms with elite features like walk-in steam showers and jetted tubs, in addition to an expansive and fully-stocked kitchen. These gourmet kitchens showcase stainless steel appliances, custom wooden cabinetry, granite countertops, and high-quality cookware and utensils for your use.

Finally, the charm of these New England vacation homes isn’t limited to the houses themselves; their beachfront views and convenient, centralized location in Chatham make them an ideally serene setting for shared moments that you can all cherish for years to come.

A Vacation Experience

The best part about our New England Vacation Rentals homes, no matter the size, is the way they insinuate themselves into your vacation, becoming an integral part of the experience and taking center stage on your vacation memory reel of highlights! When you look back over your adventures on Cape Cod, you may not remember the stylish décor of our homes, but you will remember having the best nap of your life on the sofa in our comfortable living rooms. You may forget the details of every meal you ate at the tables that anchor our dining rooms, but you will remember playing Monopoly with the family until 2 am one rainy night, becoming punchy the later the hour gets and laughing uncontrollably at your dad’s never-ending supply of dad jokes! Cushioned chairs and bright lighting add to the experience made you more reluctant to end the marathon game experience, even as you knew that our premium beds were awaiting in our bedroom retreats. Gourmet kitchens are a joy to look at, but your memories will be filled with more personal moments such as enjoying late night snacks by the light of the stove, waiting for the coffee to brew in the early morning hours, anxious to get outside and watch the sun rise on another beautiful day on Cape Cod, and maybe taking a couple of hours to bake a batch or two of cookies that were devoured before they had even finished cooling!

Remember long nights filled with deep sleep, late mornings lying in cloud soft beds, not quite ready to get up and start your day as you watch the sunlight streaming in the windows, illuminating the cozy design of your bedroom retreat. Enjoying the cool rush of water that rinses the beach sand off your body in our outdoor showers, grilling the catch of the day on provided barbecues and devouring the meal on outdoor tables as the sun sets the sky on fire, sitting in front of a roaring fire sipping hot cocoa on a chilly and rainy night with your family gathered around you, perhaps involved in video games, books, or the big game on the television, but staying close to you nevertheless. You may only spend a week of your life on our stunning Cape, but the memories you make during your stay are destined to hold a piece of your heart forever!

New England Vacation Rentals – See the Best of Cape Cod

To learn more about finding a large home for rent on Cape Cod through New England Vacation Rentals and to learn about our raving Cape Cod luxury vacation rentals reviews, contact our office today!

Or visit Wikipedia’s travel page if you’d like to learn more about the area! (https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Cape_Cod)

FAQs About Six+ Bedroom Cape Cod Luxury Vacation Rentals

What Kind of Cultural Scene is There on Cape Cod?

Although Cape Cod is known for its casual lifestyle, there is quite a sophisticated cultural scene as well, including live theater, art galleries, and high-end restaurants. The Cape Playhouse, located at 820 Main Street in Dennis is a perfect example, offering quality performances every summer since opening in 1927.

We Are Celebrating a Special Occasion and Want to go Out for a Really Nice Meal. Any Suggestions?

Cape Cod is a foodie paradise, whether you are looking for a lobster roll served at a roadside stand or are seeking a world class meal at a fine dining restaurant. The Glass Onion, 37 N Main Street in Falmouth, proves that you don’t need white tablecloths to experience a meal you won’t forget. Offering American seafood-centric meals in a classic Cape Cod cottage, an extensive wine menu and innovative cocktail list ensures the meal you enjoy at the Glass Onion will be memorable.

We Love a Good Art Gallery and we Have Heard That Cape Cod Offers Quite a Few. Can You Recommend One?

Beautiful places often attract the best artists and our Cape Cod home is no exception and your choices for art galleries will be plentiful. Gallery 31 Fine Art is one of our favorites, located in the town of Orleans and offering a beautiful showing of some of the cape’s finest artists.

Does New England Vacation Rentals Offer Any Historical Homes for Rent?

Cape Cod is located just steps away from where the history of our country began and many homes have stood the test of time and our line up of homes including some of our 6-bedroom homes. Designed to maintain their historical integrity while offering the modern conveniences that make travel fun, these homes reflect New England Vacation Rentals’ dedication to giving guests the most comfortable and luxurious vacation experiences.