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Each of the towns and villages that make up the landscape of Cape Cod offer their own vibes and each provides interesting details that make them stand out against the other towns. Bourne, for example, is pretty much known as the Gateway to Cape Cod, and in the 1600s was the center of most trading activities. Today, it is home to Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the Bourne Stone, (which we will discuss a little further down the page) and some of our charming New England Vacation Rentals Cape Cod escapes! Our Bourne Cape Cod rentals are designed to reflect the beauty of their environment and provide guests with a warm and comfortable place to relax after long days filled with exciting adventures. If your vacation journey is bringing you to Cape Cod, we know you have a lot of homes to choose from, but we think these charming escapes will provide the sanctuary you need. This sneak preview will give you a clearer look at what to expect when you choose Bourne for your soft place to land!

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The Beauty of Bourne Reflected

There’s a lot to love in Bourne, and our homes located here reflect the beauty of the town in which they reside. Step into spaces filled with light and feel your shoulders loosen, your travel headache dissipate, and the smile on your face beginning to stretch wide. Every attention is paid to every detail and as you move deeper inside the home you have chosen to make your own during this fantastic Cape Cod getaway, you will begin to feel even more at home yourself! Picture yourself relaxing in that comfy wingchair by the fireplace, (nearly all our Cape Cod homes will offer fireplaces!) reading a book, watching a little television, or simply marveling in the fact that after all your years of dreaming about this, you are actually experiencing an incredible vacation on the Cape. An open concept floor plan may let you stay connected with your traveling companions as you do your own thing or, as happens very often in classic New England cottages, your sanctuary may offer very defined rooms, each very obviously declaring its purpose!

A formal dining room loses some of its formality when enjoying a breakfast of donuts and juice, and the living room becomes a family room when you and your kiddos are residing within. A few of our Bourne homes may be located on the beach, offering walls of windows in the back so the sea will never be far from view. Featuring a sea themed décor, your days on Cape Cod may be measured in the moments you spend lounging in Adirondack chairs on back decks that face the water, and even as we at New England Vacation Rentals live here year round, we know there will never be enough moments in a lifetime to fully appreciate the magnificence of the sea! Inside the homes, fully equipped kitchens offer the opportunity to spend more time at home, perhaps enjoying a homemade dinner, or maybe just ordering takeout from the local restaurants, including the Lobster Shack which will give you an authentic taste of Cape Cod!

Evenings spent gathered around large tables, devouring lobster rolls, and playing the board games you loved as a youth will give you memories you will cherish and the stories you tell about your idyllic experiences in Bourne will be the envy of everyone you meet! The walls of our Bourne cottages have witnessed many years of family laughter and many years of sweet dreams, something you may have forgotten can exist until after you spend your first night, sleeping deeply and smiling sweetly in your sleep. These spaces offer a tranquility (maybe from their proximity to the sea, maybe from the design choices of the homeowner) that will be much appreciated after your miles of travel and the craziness of getting ready for this trip of a lifetime!

The History of a Nation

The history of our nation had its beginnings very near the spot you will be sleeping, and as you explore the Aptucxet Trading Post Museum, where the Pilgrims traded goods with the Native Americans and the Dutch, or take a moment to mull over the mystery of the Bourne Stone, (a 300 pound of granite with two lines of words carved into it and suspected to have been the doorstep of a Native American Meeting house in the 1680s) you may find yourself in awe of all the Cape has experienced in its centuries of existence!

Be Comfortable in Bourne

Whether you spend every day on the sandy beaches of Bourne or you take these precious hours to explore the history of our nation, coming home to the comforts found in our Bourne rentals will definitely be the most cherished part of your stay. Reserve your favorite today!

FAQs About Bourne Vacation Rentals

My Family is Going to Spend a Lot of Time at the Beach During Our Vacation in Bourne, but I Would Like to Sneak Away and Get in Some Fishing. Are There Any Good Spots for Fishing in the Area?

The Cape Cod Canal runs through Bourne, perfect for all kinds of water activities, including sport fishing. Monument Beach and Monk Park are also great spots to enjoy a few hours of shore fishing during your stay in Bourne.

I Love Old Houses. Are There Any Special Ones in Bourne?

The oldest house in Bourne, the Keene House, was built between the years 1690 and 1694 and is located at 9 Sandwich Road. Privately owned, it can’t be toured, but you can still drive by and admire its beauty from a distance. The Briggs-McDermott built in 1802, however, is home to the Bourne Society for Historical Preservation, and can be toured during summer visits as well as offering special events over the holidays in the winter.

What’s the Best Family-Friendly Restaurant in Bourne?

You can’t go wrong with a visit to the Lobster Trap, a riverfront restaurant offering a casual vibe and patio seating. A local favorite since 1969, the Lobster Trap provides a classic New England experience and some of the best lobster rolls on the cape.

Does New England Vacation Rentals Offer Any Waterfront Properties in Bourne?

Offering homes on Buzzard Bay and homes with views of the Cape Cod Canal, the views may be different but the laidback vibe and casual elegance of our Bourne homes are shared by all our Bourne properties and will never fail to please.