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Everyone knows that our story as a nation began at Plymouth Rock, and many have decided that this year will be the year that their vacation story begins in Plymouth! Spend every day exploring the history of our town and the stunning beauty of our countryside and when you need that soft place to land after a day of Cape Cod adventures, our Plymouth sanctuaries at New England Vacation Rentals will be there to catch you as you fall! Offering homes filled with charm and light, even as the home you choose is probably not even a century old, you will still be walking in the footsteps of those brave pilgrims who dared step out onto Plymouth Rock on that December day in 1620. Explore modern conveniences and all the comforts of home in our Plymouth rentals, ensuring that every minute of every day on Cape Cod will be ones you wish could go on for eternity! This guide to what makes our Plymouth homes stand out in a sea of vacation rentals will help make the final decision on where to sleep an easy one.

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Welcome Home

The beauty of a home is important, but the most vital detail for us is that sense of welcoming. We want our guests to step inside and immediately feel comfortable and at home, so kick off your shoes, prop up your feet, and prepare to be wowed! Large living rooms are generally inclined to offer fireplaces, wood burning or gas, ensuring that even on the chilliest of nights you will stay warm and cozy inside. Pour yourself a glass of wine or pop open a cold beer and sink into plush sofas and chairs to watch television, chat, or lose yourself in the words written by your favorite authors. Large windows keep the elements out but offer unobstructed views of green backyards, tree-studded landscapes, or of the ocean that surrounds our island home.

During pilgrim days, meals were often created over open fires or in large fireplaces, but our roomy kitchens are equipped with updated appliances that make meal prep simple and fun. Coffee makers on the counter tops will keep travelers properly caffeinated and although we can’t promise that every Plymouth escape will have one, the ones that offer blenders will make toasting the sunset much more fun as you raise a glass filled with your favorite tropical beverage! Dining rooms often serve as the “playground” of our New England Vacation Rentals sanctuaries, encouraging guests to play their favorite board games, to construct puzzles that have thousands of pieces, working together as a family, and to just sit, talk, and catch up with each other’s lives! Plenty a dad joke has been groaned over in these welcoming rooms, and many big announcements have been made while everyone is seated around large wood tables!

Outside spaces may include firepits and barbecues, places to sit, and places to dine, and for homes that may within sight of the ocean, an outdoor shower is very much considered a necessity! Tell ghost stories while gathered around the fire or simply sit and listen to the peaceful sounds of the sea at night; there is no wrong way to enjoy these outdoor spaces, just many relaxing options!

White walls may serve as the perfect backdrop to colorful art pieces adding cheer and whimsy to classic New England style rooms and the bedrooms of our cozy cottages are destined to be the rooms you love most. Shut the door to the world and retreat into spaces that are serene and tranquil, falling asleep easily and waking each morning feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to face a new day of Cape Cod adventures.

More to Explore

Once you’ve learned your way around your Plymouth escape it will be time to venture outward and discover all that our Cape Cod village has to offer. Of course, the first thing you may be interested in seeing is the famous Plymouth Rock, and although it is just a stone made of granite, it will always be so much more than that! This unassuming rock at one time may have weighed around 20,000 pounds giving the pilgrims something substantial to step onto, but today is far smaller and yet far grander than it looks. This rock represents the foundation of our nation and consequently plays a major part in the freedoms we all enjoy! After seeing the rock that built our country, your day is free to fill as you like, shopping, chilling at the beach, or enjoying a taste of the town at the many restaurants found in and around Plymouth.

Come Home to New England Vacation Rentals

Choose our Plymouth escapes and come away with a new appreciation of all your freedoms and the comforts and luxuries that make our New England Vacation Rentals sanctuaries the most popular ones on the Cape. Reserve your favorite today!

FAQs About Plymouth Vacation Rentals

Q: Does New England Vacation Rentals offer any historic homes for rent in the Plymouth area?

A: The story of our country began right here at our doorstep, and the homes we provide in Plymouth are an accurate reflection of that history. Even ones that are not hundreds of years old will be designed to represent our long, rich, and storied history.

Q: Can we visit the spot where the first Thanksgiving was held?

A: Although Plymouth is largely believed to be the spot where the first American Thanksgiving was held in 1621, some will argue that it happened even sooner somewhere in Florida. In any case, we can only speculate where the actual feast was held, but the Pilgrim Hall Museum, located at 75 Court Street in Plymouth, offers an exhibit about the first Thanksgiving, bringing visitors closer to that impactful event.

Q: Can we visit Plymouth Rock?

A: Like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the actual Plymouth Rock is much smaller than you would expect, but the site where the pilgrims first stepped onto solid ground in the new country is an important landmark that has been preserved for centuries and can be visited today.

Q: We’re thinking of getting married during our Plymouth vacation. Is there any unique wedding venues in town?

A: The 1620 Winery at Cordage Park, located at 55 Loring Boulevard, has long been a popular wedding venue, offering a rustic charm to the most important day of a couple’s life. The venue is housed in a fully renovated brick rope-braiding building built in the 1800s, adding history to the enchantment of your big day.