Cape Cod includes a set of cities that are distinctly reflective of classical American culture. Most of these cities are comprised of colonial style buildings and homes, classical American architecture, and have colonial feel to them easily making them classic Massachusetts tourist attractions. Visitors frequently feel as if they have stepped into a painting that depicts colonial life in the New England Area. This style of painting that encompasses the Cape Cod feel is on display at Cahoon Museum of American Art. This large collection is a must see for art lovers on vacation in the Cape Cod area or visitors looking to engage in some of the more refined Massachusetts tourist attractions.

Museum and Galleries

The Cahoon Museum of American Art has eight galleries within its museum. The permanent collection of the Cahoon Museum of American Art includes works of Cape Cod artists Ralph Cahoon and Martha Cahoon, along with other prominent 19th century American artwork by Ralph Blakelock, William Bradford, James Buttersworth, John J. Enneking, Alvan Fisher, Levi Wells Prentice, and William Matthew Prior. Along with this permanent collection, The Cahoon Museum of American Art also features special exhibitions that cover the entire range of American art. Along with the museum, The Cahoon Museum of American Art has a gift shop and is located in the historic home built in the 18th century.

Historic Building

Along with the art inside of The Cahoon Museum of American Art, the building itself is a work of art. The Cahoon Museum of American Art lies inside a colonial homestead built by Ebenezer Crocker in 1775. The building was designed in the Georgia style and features the distinct symmetry of the placement of the windows from the center of the home that is a key feature of most colonial designs. The house was originally a tavern that became an overnight stop for colonial stagecoach lines. Martha and Ralph Cahoon purchased the home to turn it into an art studio and have strived to keep the history of the building preserved making it a Cape Cod tourist attraction.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday but is closed January through March. Admission to the museum is $10 for general admission and $8 for seniors and students. If you would like more info on The Cahoon Museum of American Art or any other tourist attractions in Cape Cod or surrounding areas, please call our office for more info. We would love to help plan your next Cape Cod trip!

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