Eastham, Massachusetts is one of the coastal cities that sits in the Cape Cod area. In this small town lies an iconic lighthouse that almost everyone has seen: The Nauset Beach light. This iconic building is a lighthouse and lightkeeper’s house that lies on the eastern side of the cape on Nauset Beach. The lighthouse itself is a concrete lighthouse that bears striking resemblance to a cigarette and has been featured in many different films and pictures. The Cape Cod Nauset Beach light is a must see if you are looking for interesting pieces of American architecture or to explore the best of Cape Cod tourist attractions.

History of The Nauset Beach Light

The Nauset Beach light MA is an inactive lighthouse on the Cape Cod National Seashore, specifically on Nauset Beach. The Nauset Beach Light was built in 1877 and was originally one of two lights in Chatham. In 1923, The Nauset Beach Light was moved to Eastham to replace the decommissioned Three Sisters of Nauset lights that were too small and old to salvage their use. The light was automated in 1955 and the lightkeeper’s house was sold, but the lighthouse remained in use until the mid 1990s. The lighthouse is also the current logo for Cape Cod Potato Chips.


Due to coastal erosion, the lighthouse was measured less than 50 feet from the edge of the cliff at which is stood. In 1993, the Coast Guard proposed to decommission the light, but due to public outcry, the coast guard decided to lease the building to the non profit organization Nauset Light Preservation Society. The organization arranged for its relocation 336 feet west of the original location to ensure the lighthouse didn’t fall into the sea.


In 1998 the lightkeeper’s house was moved from the edge of the cliff to the new location of the Nauset Lighthouse. At this same time, the Coast Guard donated the house to the National Park Service, and the Nauset Preservation Society agreed to maintain it as a private aid to navigation. Visitors can tour this iconic lighthouse during the summer months and see the tour and house in its entirety.

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Nauset Light Beach, east coast of Cape Cod
Coordinates: 41 51 36 N   69 57 12 W

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