Cape Cod is home to many light houses, but one that shines above the rest is the Long Point Light. This historic lighthouse lies on the northeast tip of Long Point Beach in Provincetown, MA and is still used as a navigational aid to this day. The light marks the edge of the entrance to Provincetown and is a simple white square tower. This delightfully simple lighthouse is a model for what Cope Cod lights used to be. If you enjoy a bit of history and wonderful architecture, make sure to stop by Long Point Lighthouse.


Long House Light was constructed in 1827 by an act of Congress to establish a lighthouse to guide mariners into the busy fishing port of Provincetown Harbor. The original structure was actually not a tower as it is today, but instead an octagonal lantern centered on the peak of the roof of the wooden keeper’s house. Access to the lantern was provided by a spiral staircase from the top floor of the home. The architecture of the home was common to most of early Cape Cod—what came to be known as Cape Cod Style.

The house began to show erosion and so they were forced to rebuild the light house as a separate building. Long Point Lighthouse in Provincetown was made fully automatic in 1952 and updated with modern lenses. The Long Point Provincetown lighthouse became the second lighthouse in Massachusetts to be equipped with solar panels to power the light and fog signal equipment.

Current Status

Currently the Long Point Light is owned and operated by the United States Coast Guard, along with the Wood End Light and the Race Point Light. It is leased to the Cape Cod Chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation and is open to the public. The grounds are open for the public to explore, but the lighthouse itself cannot be toured. Plans are also in the works to transform this amazing lighthouse into a bed and breakfast, so if you have aspirations of staying in a historic lighthouse during your vacation stay tuned.

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Provincetown Harbor, Cape Cod Bay

Coordinates: 42 01 59 N   70 10 07 W

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