The Lighthouse’s History

This classic New England-style lighthouse is situated on southwestern tip of the cape nestled between Buzzard Bay and Vineyard Sound in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. The first lighthouse here was completed in 1826, while the lighthouse that remains was completed in 1876. It was constructed in four buildings, including the tower, the keeper’s house, a radio beacon house, and an oil house. The 40-foot tower consists of brick foundations with an iron exterior.

The Lighthouse Today

This lighthouse is now one of the most popular attractions in New England and serves as a token of the rich history of this area. As this was the first place that the pilgrims landed and established colonies, there is a lot of history to be told. In 2015, the lighthouse was sold to non-profits in Falmouth, who endeavored to renovate it and maintain it as a significant historical site. Today, it is available for the entire world to enjoy and experience the amazing history that came before us. Tours of the lighthouse, the beautiful 4-acre property it sits on, and its gallery are available and offer a one of a kind glimpse into the history of this structure the area surrounding it. You can find these tours in abundance during the summer months for a small fee.

For the lovers of history out there, and those who simply must see all of the amazing tourist attractions in New England, this is a place that you simply must visit. If you do not love history, there is still so much beauty and wonder to behold at the site of this lighthouse. Make sure you make a trip to Nobska Point Lighthouse during your next visit to Cape Cod. Contact us today for more information!

Chatham Harbor, southeast corner of Cape Cod
Coordinates: 41 40 17 N  69 57 01 W

Photo By Giacomo Barbaro – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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