Due to the marine nature of business around early Cape Cod, the countryside is dotted with various lighthouses. Many of these lighthouses have been decommissioned over the years due to structural issues of lack of a need for them, but a few remain in operation. One of these such lighthouses is the Wood End Light located on the southwest end of Massachusetts. The Wood End lighthouse in Provincetown is still in operation and helps as a navigational aide to vessels on their approach to Provincetown.


The Wood End lighthouse was first put into use in 1872. The light was constructed by an act of Congress and built on the southwest end of Long Point in Provincetown, MA. It is near the southernmost extent of the Provincetown split and is still in use today. The lighthouse was built as a standalone building with a small lighthouse keeper’s home built adjacent to the light. The Wood End Light was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

Current Use

One of the highlights of the Wood End Light is how the light is powered. The Wood End lighthouse in Provincetown was the first lighthouse in Massachusetts to be powered by solar energy. The light is currently automated and run by the United States Coast Guard to aid in navigation around Provincetown. Due to the lighthouse being in operation, the lighthouse is off limits to the public, but the grounds are still open if you wish to view the light and see the beautiful scenery around it.


The lighthouse is a white tower with a black lantern top. The lantern was originally painted brown, but over the year the light was preserved and painted to keep it up to standards for the United States Coast Guard. The building is constructed out of brick, so the tower looks incredible up close. Unlike many Cape Cod lighthouses, the Wood End Light is square, rather than the traditional cylindrical design. The top of the tower is about 40 feet off the ground, but lies 45 feet above sea level.

If you are interested in lighthouses and their history, we definitely recommend seeing the Wood End Light in Provincetown, MA. This amazing lighthouse is still in operation and helps aid passing ships. This light will inspire awe and it lies in some of the most beautiful country around.

Entrance to Provincetown Harbor, Cape Cod
Coordinates: 42 01 16 N  70 11 37 W

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