Cape Cod is a wonderful place if you love visiting lighthouses. The area was a busy marine stop for many years which led to Congress enacting legislation that created tons of lighthouses. One of the best light houses in the Cape Cod area is the Monomoy Point Light. This Monomoy lighthouse was built in 1823 and is one of the oldest in the area. If you are looking for a unique example of classic light houses, make sure that you visit Monomoy Point Light.


The Monomoy Point lighthouse was established in 1823 and the first light was a wood tower and brick lantern room on top of the keeper’s house. The current tower was constructed in 1849 and is made out of cast iron. This cast iron version of the light was one of the first to be constructed using this method. After the opening of the Cape Cod Canal in 1914, most vessels bound from south of the Cape to the Boston area took the shorter and safer route through the canal, so there was much less traffic past the light. The light was therefore deactivated in 1923 due to lack of need.

The Monomoy Cape Cod lighthouse was added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 1, 1979. The keeper’s house is preserved and serves today as a guest house. The Light House Preservation Society, the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and the Friends of Monomoy support this lighthouse’s preservation.

Current Visitors

The Monomoy Point lighthouse is open to the public and is a great lighthouse to visit. Due to the support of the The Light House Preservation Society, the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and the Friends of Monomoy, the lighthouse is in great shape and is a great place to visit. If you are looking for a great lighthouse to visit during your stay in Cape Cod, we highly recommend this lighthouse due to its stunning aesthetics and support by the community. Visiting this lighthouse will be memorable trip that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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South end of South Monomoy Island
Coordinates: 41 33 33 N   69 59 38 W

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