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Best Cape Cod Activities for Keeping Cool


Ok, we have a secret to confess: It never really gets unbearably hot on the Cape, but every once in a while, the temperatures DO rise up over 80, and if you’re not used to ...

5 Reasons to Visit Cape Cod on Columbus Day Weekend


  While Christopher Columbus did not land anywhere close to Cape Cod, it is still a place where this type of exploration is engrained in its history. That may not be reason enough to plan ...

Beach Guide to Cape Cod


Cape Cod is a wildly popular place to visit not only for its amazing history and one of a kind culture, but also for the countless beaches along the Cape. These beaches are some of ...

Plan a Beach Day at the Top Beaches on Cape Cod!


With so much accessible coastline, Cape Cod is a popular destination for beach-lovers. But, it can be hard to choose which beach to visit – especially if you’re here for only a limited time!  Fortunately, ...