New England Vacation Rentals was started by my partner, Joanne Logie. During the 18 years that I was the Rental Director at another company in Chatham, Joanne and I had consistently referred business to each other.  We decided to join forces in March of 2013, and I left my previous employment to become an owner at New England Vacation Rentals. On April 1, 2013 we added NEVR CHATHAM to the current company and established this office as our main hub.  In January of 2018 we expanded further with an additional office in Eastham, MA.

My parents relocated to Chatham in the 1980’s where they owned and operated a Bed and Breakfast inn located in Chatham, MA.  During my regular visits and vacationing with them, they suggested that I move here, too.  I expressed a desire to do so, but wondered how I would make a living in “vacation land” when Dad further suggested I obtain my Real Estate license.  The rest is now history as I have been working in the industry for almost 25 of the 29 years that I have resided on Cape Cod!

I am a local resident and Love Cape Cod.  I eat, sleep and enjoy all things in the hospitality market. I was once a vacationer myself and decided to make Cape Cod my true home.  I am dedicated to offering  others the very best Cape Cod vacation experience possible. My knowledge of and enthusiasm for Cape Cod, coupled with my 25 years of experience in the industry, provide me with continually expanding  resources to offer special memory making opportunities to our guests.

I have always desired to help people with my background in sales. I enjoyed many years as a makeup artist/skin care consultant helping women to feel and look their best.  I vacationed regularly on the Cape, and always cherished the special memories of my visits. Upon moving to Cape Cod and obtaining my Real Estate license, I was immediately drawn to the Vacation Rentals aspect of the industry. I knew it would allow me to help others discover their memory making experiences that Cape Cod has waiting to be explored. It is a dream-come-true that I have experienced for 25 years and continues daily for me!

Awards and Endorsements

Received the “Woman of the Year” Award in my field from NAPW – National Association of Professional Women(reference below)

Received “Outstanding Efforts in Volunteerism” from Cape Cod Young Professionals

Many Owner and Peer referrals (references below)

NAPW Woman of the Year award:

The Board of Directors of the National Association of Professional Women recognized Sonnie Hall as a leader in the summer rental industry with the presentation of their VIP award. The NAPW VIP award program recognizes outstanding professional women throughout the country. Each year the NAPW identifies women that they believe have achieved exceptional success in their local community and business category. Sonnie Hall was selected in recognition of the strides she has made in her 20 years in the summer rental industry. Specifically she was recognized for her outstanding ability to match rental customers to properties, creating great vacations; providing excellent service to customers and clients; as well as superb leadership to her peers.


Lori Jurkowski

Cape Cod Real Estate Investments & Vacation Homes

March 29, 2013, Lori worked with Sonnie but at different companies

Sonnie did a fantastic job with so many clients I sent to her over the years. I always knew she would do the best job, and she never let me down. I will continue to recommend her services to anyone looking for a rental agent!

Jeff Talmadge


March 12, 2013, Sonnie was a client of Jeff’s

We have worked with Sonnie for many years. We have always considered her at the very top of her profession for her passionate commitment to providing a top-quality service to her clients: rental homeowners; for her attention to detail; and her general marketing and managerial skills. It’s a pleasure to recommend her!

Bruce Marden

Trustee at Eastern Investment Trust

March 12, 2013, Bruce was a client of Sonnie’s

Sonnie has assisted my family since 1990 in renting our summer home in Chatham. She is the only local broker we have worked with. The tenents she brouight to us were fully researched and never a problem. We look forward to working with her in the future. Bruce Marden

Julie Brooks

Owner at Peaceful Place Home & Office Organizers

March 12, 2013, Julie was a client of Sonnie’s

I can’t imagine someone better suited to find the perfect vacation home for a family than Sonnie Hall. I have known her for years and there is no one she can’t accommodate, no problem she can’t solve, and no customer she leaves less than 100% satisfied. If you’re a vacation home owner, Sonnie is the gold standard for making sure your house gets rented to the right people year after year.

Lori Melia

Owner, Computers Performance & Upgrades

March 12, 2013, Sonnie was a client of Lori’s

Great to be part of Sonnie’s trusted network! It’s always a pleasure to be professionally associated with Sonnie, I highly recommend her to all. She has many years of experience in home rentals and goes above and beyond to exceeding customer expectations.

Matthew Helms

President at P.I. Pest Investigators LLC

March 11, 2013, Matthew worked with Sonnie but at different companies

Sonnie is a people person, she is great at her craft. She is a very caring and has a “whatever it takes” attitude to keep customers happy. In my personal opinion, she is the best in the biz! I highly recommend her!

Barry Neagle

Business Mentor at Brand Launcher

November 19, 2008, Barry was senior to Sonnie but didn’t manage directly

Sonnie is a high-energy real estate professional. If you or your friends want to rent a home on Cape Cod, you would never find amore knowledgeable or hard-working partner. Call her. Use her.