While Christopher Columbus did not land anywhere close to Cape Cod, it is still a place where this type of exploration is engrained in its history. That may not be reason enough to plan your Columbus Day Weekend trip here, but the following reasons will surely pique your interest in spending your upcoming three-day weekend in this beautiful place.

Nice Weather

The temperatures on Cape Cod vary greatly throughout the year, but early October is the best time to go for those who like cool days and chilly nights. You can find average highs in the mid 60s, offering comfortable days for exploring the Cape. During the evenings, the temperature drops into the mid 40s, the perfect temperature for enjoying a fire with loved ones.

The Beaches

It is no secret that Cape Cod is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. What many people do not know is October is the best time to visit them. This is because the water remains warm enough for swimming, but the crowds are nowhere near as massive. Parking is free and you do not have to wait in a line to get on the beach. This is the perfect time for those looking for a peaceful beach trip.

Great Fishing

As the days get shorter, the fish really become active and start biting. As the Cape extends into the Atlantic, you can find some massive fish just a few hundred yards off the shore. So, taking a boat out for some fishing on the Atlantic is an amazing experience here. Among many other fish, you can catch massive bluefin tuna and ocean sunfish. Fishing in October here is as memorable a fishing experience as you will ever have.

Hiking and Biking

The Cape is home to hundreds of trails for walking and riding bicycles along the charming streets of the towns and the immense beauty of the endless coastline. This is the perfect time to take advantage of these areas because there is just a nip in the air, and the colors of fall are incredibly vibrant here. Enjoy picturesque beauty as you trek through the Cape in beautiful weather.

Cranberry Harvest Celebration

This is a fun-filled festival that is completely unique to Cape Cod. Attending is a great way to get a glimpse into the diverse culture here. There are plenty of things to love about this festival, but the coolest part about it is the opportunity to put on a pair of waders and walk through the waist deep corral of berries.

There is enough to see and do on Cape Cod to keep you busy for years. For each item listed here, there are 100 more ways to spend a great day on Cape Cod. Make your Columbus Day weekend trip here and find your favorite ways to take advantage of this amazing place.