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How can you Avoid Scams when Booking a Vacation Rental?

Check out Joanne’s Latest TV Spot to Find Out!


Though the majority of vacation rental owners are safe and sound, there are many people out there looking to part the unaware from their cash! Want to be safe when booking and avoid vacation rental ...

Save Money and Book NEVR Direct!


Vacations can be a big drain on our bank accounts, so it’s always nice when we can find ways to save a little. We at New England Vacation Rentals like to do what we can ...

Easter 2020 on Cape Cod


Sometimes the most difficult part about celebrating Easter is knowing what day it falls upon, so this year we’re giving you a head’s up! Easter is on Sunday, April 12th, which is just a few ...

Fun Family Games to Enjoy in Your New England Rental


The annual family vacation is more than just an opportunity to visit places you have never seen before; it’s about spending time with your spouse, your children, and tightening up bonds that can loosen during ...

3 Tips for Traveling Light on Cape Cod


As much as we love to travel, for us, the worst part about every vacation is packing. Trying to plan ahead for every happenstance and packing accordingly means we cross our fingers and toes when ...

Massachusetts Saint Patrick’s Day 2020 in Cape Cod


No matter your nationality, there is one day of the year where everyone in the world shares the same ancestry. March 17, 2020 is the day the world becomes Irish as we celebrate Massachusetts Saint ...

Cranberry Bog Tours on Cape Cod


Most of our guests have seen the commercials where the two men are wearing hip waders and standing in a pool of water and bright red cranberries and probably thought it was unique, but did ...

The Hyannis Marathon, Half Marathon, and Team Relay


After the holidays, there is always that one moment when we pull on our favorite outfit and come to the realization that said outfit has apparently shrunk in the wash! Buttons won’t button, extra lumps ...

Cape Cod Activities for a Solo Traveler


In a world that seems to be made for couples only, it’s refreshing to head off on a solo adventure every so often. Your schedule is your own, you can sleep as long or as ...

3 Easy New England Recipes to Cook in Your Vacation Rental


It’s no secret that some vacations can be a bit costly, but there are ways to save money while still having a great time, especially when you choose New England Vacation Rentals for your vacation ...