Whenever you book a stay at one of our New England vacation rentals you will be happy to know that many other towns are just a short distance away. This includes Nantucket, a charming, isolated island found just off the coast of Cape Cod. Getting there is extremely easy and can be done in a day trip from your Cape Cod or similarly close by vacation rental. Make sure to add these fantastic activities to your itinerary on your day trip to Nantucket!

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Taking a Ferry

Getting to Nantucket has never been easier as the island has many different boat charters that will take you across the bay with one of their ferries. You can trust local ferries including Steamship Authority, Hy-Line Cruises, and SeaStreak to take you to Nantucket. The marinas on Nantucket also offer private ferries so you can skip the wait and be on Nantucket in no time.

Grab a Coffee

Don’t miss out on your morning ritual and grab a cup of coffee at Nantucket Coffee Roasters. They are the premier coffee shop here on Nantucket and have been in business for over 25 years. They serve up small batch coffees roasted on Nantucket for a variety of beverages. Grab some beans to takeback with you so you can have a little Nantucket back at home with you.

Dine at the Nantucket Historic District

Head over to the Nantucket Historic District where you will find cobblestone streets and the wharf with several high-end restaurants waiting for you. This historic neighborhood features homes and buildings that predate the Civil War with many of them being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Stop by Straight Wharf Restaurant where you can enjoy luxury seafood dishes that are expertly paired with cocktails and wine. The rustic chic ambience is a joy to take in especially when you have a table on the waterfront porch. Lola 41 Nantucket is the island’s hot spot for all things sushi. Lola 41 Nantucket is a highly rated fine dining establishment that is also known for mouthwatering gourmet burgers and handcrafted cocktails. Make sure to continue exploring the island after your meal to find the three historic lighthouses or try your hand at fishing!

Rest Back at Your Vacation Rental

You will find that a day trip to Nantucket is exactly what you needed. Your vacation rental will be easily accessible to Nantucket along with many other historic communities. Book your favorite rental with us here in New England.