Cape Cod is a ruggedly beautiful place, with sandy beaches and rocky bluffs surrounding the area; its natural beauty makes it a popular spot for nature lovers. It is famous for its stores, homes and restaurants, yes, but none of those things would be popular if not for the breathtaking surroundings and the Cape wildlife that make its home on this island. When you’re ready for a break from the hustle and bustle of sightseeing, why not slow down your pace and explore the natural wonders that can be found in the spots listed below?

Callery-Darling Conservation Area in Yarmouth

Perhaps one of the best areas to become one with Cape Cod nature, this conservation area is a prime spot for viewing our native creatures, including, deer, fox, and some reptiles if you search closely enough! It’s also a great place to observe some ecological attractions, such as cranberry bogs and salt marshes, with the Bass Hole Boardwalk being among the most popular spots.  Located just north of Rt.6-A in Yarmouth Port, there are several parking areas along the way.

Monomoy Wildlife Refuge in Chatham

We’ll let you in on a little secret, want to bring your furry friend along to one of our Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals? Do you wish your furry friend could spend a day frolicking at the beach? No problem! The Monomoy Wildlife Refuge in Chatham is the perfect spot to get back in touch with nature and allow dogs on the beach year-round. A great spot for bird watching and gazing out to the Atlantic Ocean while you stroll along.  This pristine shoreline is sure to give you a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty.

Crowe’s Pasture in Dennis

Offering marshlands, beach access and forest areas, this spot is where you are most likely to spot wild turkeys and other Cape Cod fowl popular with bird watchers, you can find this wonderful area off Rt. 6-A in Dennis.

Punkhorn Parklands, Brewster

It’s not going take you too long to figure out that part of our charm involves the names we give everything on the Cape, but once you get past that, you will find that Punkhorn Parklands in Brewster is most likely going to be one of your favorite places to view our indigenous wildlife. This parkland area is among the most breathtaking of all our Cape nature areas and is another great birdwatching spot. If you get here at the right times you may be able to catch sight of coyotes, foxes, and deer.

New England Vacation Rentals Enjoy Showing You the Wild Side of Life!

Our island home is our favorite place to be and we love sharing it with others so they can learn the joys of Cape Cod! Book your vacation rental today from New England Vacation Rentals and spend your summer vacation exploring the wild side on Cape Cod nature trails!

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