Avid anglers know that Cape Cod is a great place to while away the hours, and you’ve been counting down the minutes to your next trip! This year’s annual vacation is going to be better than any before as you prepare your poles, gather up your gear, and plan on spending every spare minute with rod in hand. And as your dreams come nearer to reality, this guide to the top fishing spots on Cape Cod will ensure that by the end of your stay, your family will probably be really tired of eating fish!

Bass River in Yarmouth

Shh! This is one of the few fishing spots on Cape Cod that is a secret, but one we’re willing to share with our treasured guests, so when you’re ready to reel in your day’s allotment of striped bass, wander to this spot under the overpass on Route 6 near Exit 9. Stake your claim on your favorite rock, pull out your pole, and let the good times commence. Quiet, cool, and scenic, this spot isn’t just great for fishing; the beauty and tranquility will allow for quiet contemplation as well!

Morris Island in Chatham

There aren’t enough words to describe this Cape Cod hot spot, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. The fish love this area and so will you! Popular with fishing boats, you can pick a spot on the shore to cast your reel or charter a boat and fish from the waters. Either way, plan on catching more than your fair share of delicious dinner options!

Anywhere in Chatham

 Although Morris Island offers the most scenic views, Chatham is a popular fishing town, so finding a hot spot is easy and earning more than a couple of nights of dinner is even easier. Pack a cooler and your favorite ties and cast off from the first or the seventh spot you find. And remember, even though the quiet moments are the best part of any fishing journey, you’ll find very few such moments here. The fish are always jumping in Chatham!

Old Silver Beach in Falmouth

Old Silver Beach is a popular spot for sandcastles and swimming, so picking the right time to fish is the key to success during your Falmouth expedition. As the sun sets and the parking spots open, the large and small mouth bass will practically jump onto your lines!

In Your NEVR Backyard

Planning ahead was always your strong point, and if you chose one of our waterfront cottages or homes, you won’t even need to get out of your pajamas; simply walk out in your backyard and cast your line in the best fishing spots on Cape Cod! All our Chatham villa rentals are designed to comfort and coddle, but the fishermen and women in your family are guaranteed to find these homes top notch! Reserve your New England getaway today!