In order to be successful in the field of vacation rentals, it’s essential to be passionate about what you do every day. For me, this comes naturally as I live, breathe and sleep Cape Cod, vacation rentals and all things tourism. My commitment to providing amazing experiences for guests to Cape Cod started nearly the moment I purchased my first vacation rental home. It was a charming 2-bedroom cottage on the Cape. I was enthusiastic about beginning to rent it out but as I started contacting local vacation rental property management companies I kept coming up against the same disheartening obstacles. Either I never heard back from those I reached out to, or if I did, the process lacked personality and it felt like a basic transaction rather than an exciting moment of entrepreneurship.

My background in marketing and sales with a focus on tourism gave me the boost I needed to begin taking matters into my own hands. Instead of waiting around for answers or assistance, I began researching the specifics involved in starting and maintain a vacation rental service in this area. As I researched, I began to see Cape Cod was, in fact, the perfect place for a vacation rental company and would be a wonderful transition within the scope of my professional experience. I had worked in New York in international advertising, contributed to publishing in the cruise industry, and helped launch a Canadian real estate company in the U.S. Now I would get to put my expertise to work providing top-notch customer service to those looking to make the most of Cape Cod through vacation rental services.

While the process of developing this company began in 2001, the name New England Vacation Rentals came about in 2006 and that’s when business really took off. From the start, we knew that we wanted to be an integral part of the Cape Cod community, and in May 2011 we were thrilled to receive the local Community Service Award issued by the Harwich Chamber of Commerce for our part in launching the Harwich 5K Road Race. With a dedicated team of passionate professionals working hard to make the vacation rental experience one of a kind, we were equally honored to receive the Build a Better Mousetrap Award in March of 2012. The award was issued by Cape Cod Score to recognize a company that has survived its first five years in the business and looks to be headed for long-term success.

While these awards are exciting on a personal level, they are also a sign of meaningful progress for the entire team at New England Vacation Rentals. Since opening, we have grown to a company that manages over 150 vacation rentals and properties across Cape Cod. While I always have my eyes on the horizon in hopes of continuing to grow this incredible company, it’s just as important for me to look back and remember where it all began. To this very day, I still own the little 2-bedroom cottage that started this journey and means so much to me.