A vacation on Cape Cod is already destined to be the healthiest one you have ever planned, as you spend as much time as possible hiking, swimming, and letting the serenity of the sea cure whatever real life issues may be hanging out in your brain, but when you really want to make the most out of a Cape Cod health and wellness journey, relaxing and taking care of yourself is easier with visits to local yoga studios, wellness centers, day spas, and holistic retreats. If healing your soul, your mind and body while relaxing in the comfort of our New England Vacation Rentals peaceful sanctuaries sounds like a great idea, this guide to the ultimate Cape Cod wellness retreat will ensure that this will be the vacation you hold up as an example of perfection against all others. We’ve divided the establishments according to the towns each are in to make the guide easier to follow and although some of the towns and villages may not offer what you are looking for, remember Cape Cod is not all that large, so chances are you won’t have to drive far to find what you need.

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Barnstable is the largest town on Cape Cod, consisting of seven villages, in many of which you will find our comfortable Cape Cod vacation sanctuaries, ensuring that peace and relaxation will always be close at hand. Here are some of our favorite Cape Cod spas and yoga centers in Barnstable and the villages where we offer Barnstable vacation rentals.

Salon 6a & Spa, 3180 Main Street in Barnstable

Looking good makes you automatically feel good and Salon 6a has been visitors look and feel good since 2007. Offering a large variety of salon services including hair and skin care, they also offer Reiki and Harmonyum, helping to ease the noises in your brain and making clients feel balanced and healed.

A woman receiving spa treatment like you can find at Cape Cod spas.


Evoke Power LLC, 64 Enterprise Road in Hyannis

There are many benefits in the practice of yoga, more than just flexibility and strength, and when you explore the classes offered at Evoke Power LLC, you may find that your stress is reduced, your breathing is better, and sleep will be deeper and come easier when you return home to your Cape Cod vacation sanctuary every night of your stay. Evoke offers group and private lessons.

Just Breathe Salt Spa, 39 North Street in Hyannis

Considering that ingesting too much salt is not considered healthy, we were intrigued to hear that salt actually has some fantastic benefits, including improving skin, slowing skin aging, and relieving stress and fatigue and Just Breathe Salt Spa offers the perfect spot to figure out if this is what your body needs! Offering Halotherapy, which is a natural, holistic, and drug free treatment that is healthy for people of all ages, guests will recline in antigravity chairs, listening to frequency-infused music that is streaming through headphones, and simply breathe; the salt does all the rest!


Bourne is known for being a quiet town even as everyone must pass through it to get over the Cape Cod Canal. The region was a center for trading activities by the pilgrims in the 1600s and was originally considered a part of the town of Sandwich, Cape Cod’s oldest town, before being incorporated as the town of Bourne in the 1800s.

Underground Fitness & Indoor Cycling Studio, 938 Main Street in Bourne

Underground Fitness is definitely one of our favorite full body Cape Cod fitness centers, offering personal training, cycling, Barre classes, Bootcamp, and of course, yoga classes. Their Restorative Flow Yoga classes is known for allowing a deeper mind body connection while bringing calm and peace to participants.


Brewster is where many local sea captains made their homes and today there is still a large selection 18th and 19th century homes that once belonged to those captains, dotting the landscape. Today visitors love to explore the Brewster Flats, tidal pools, clam beds and sandbars that are revealed by the ebb and flow of the tides, but these yoga studios and day spas listed below are another thing that draws in visitors.

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The Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge, 2740 Main Street in Brewster

Sometimes the simplest actions offer the largest impact, and before you even begin any of the Cape Cod wellness services offered by the Beach House Spa at Ocean Edge, they ask you to take a moment to make a wish for yourself. That wish will be placed into a bottle with sand from their beach and will serve as a reminder to love yourself. This small action always gives us a few moments of wonder and we think it will for you as well. Ocean’s Edge is renowned for their spa services, services that include a variety of massage, facial, and Zen rituals that will have you walking out the door feeling like a new person.

The Sanctuary Healing Therapies and Gifts, 1069 Main Street in Brewster, Open Daily

There are many different ways to heal and find sanctuary, and Rumi, a 13th century poet would remind you that the door to that sanctuary can be found inside you. The Sanctuary Healing Therapies and Gifts, however, offers another door to open providing services that include spiritual readings, Reiki treatments with crystal & sound therapy, and even private mentoring.  Also offering Halotherapy in their Salt Cabin, this one stop shop for soul healing may end up being your favorite part of your Cape Cod vacation.

A women enjoy a Reiki treatment.


Chatham is known for its “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” a morbid fact due to the 3000 documented shipwrecks that took place between Chatham and Truro, but we are happy to tell you that it is also known for being a peaceful spot overlooked by the iconic Chatham Lighthouse and many family portraits are taken right here in town.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga, 70 Main Street in Chatham

Offering a variety of yoga classes, including private ones for the shyer yogi’s, the most popular class they offer requires no registration. Just show up at Chatham Beach with a beach towel, sunglasses, $20 cash (the cost of the class for everyone 16 and over) and a happy heart, prepared to enjoy an hour and 15-minute-long class on the beach in the shadow of Chatham Lighthouse. The classes only take place during the high season, June 15 through September 8 and they are held every sunny day from 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM. On rainy days, maybe you can practice your poses in the comfort of your Chatham sanctuary!

Sol Spa, 212c Orleans Road in Chatham

Sol Spa doesn’t list their hours on their website, but you can give them a call and ask them at (508) 945-8772. The services provided by this beautiful spa cover the gamut from facials to Reiki work and everything in between, working with area physicians and holistic practitioners to ensure that you feel spoiled, pampered, and comfortable.


Dennis is home to some of our most popular Cape Cod sanctuaries, ranging in size from cozy 1-bedroom cottages to spacious 6-bedroom homes offering ocean views that will be just as healing to your soul as visits to the following spas, studios, or wellness centers may be.

blu bodhi | sauna bar, 665 Main Street in Dennis Port

Providing soul work for those seeking more, the owner started her yoga journey as a way of dealing with the stresses and pressures she dealt with in the hospitality industry and when COVID struck, she took the opportunity to train as a yoga teacher. The use of an infrared sauna helps her stand out in a sea of wellness professionals and she too offers halotherapy, which as you can tell from this page, is becoming a very popular therapy.

Very Wendy Yoga, 209 Sea Street in East Dennis

We first tried this yoga class simply because we loved the whimsical charm of the name; Very Wendy sounds like something out of a Peter Pan book, but then we kept coming back for the joy we found when moving with the instructors. Offering group yoga, art, and meditation classes on Sea Street Beach, they also will make the trip to your NEVR escape for private lessons.

Include yoga class in your Cape Cod wellness journey to center yourself.


The beaches of Eastham are extremely popular, and if you think you recognize the red, white, and black lighthouse that stands guard at the sea’s edge, you are probably right. The iconic structure has graced the bags of Cape Cod Potato Chips for more years than we can count.

Wise Body & Mind – Mercedez Calleros LMT & Lifestyle Coaching, 180 Brackett Road Unit 5 in Eastham

Helping questioning people speak the truths that are from their soul, Mercedez Calleros has been performing body and energy work for over 20 years and she offers fascinating courses, including a program called the “Spiritualistic Woman” leads women on a journey into their own self-awareness. Also offering massage work, Ms. Calleros doesn’t leave mind, body, or soul untouched.

Tula Studio Cape Cod, 3 Main Street #18B in Eastham

Tula Studio is a new entry to the yoga world of Eastham and we at New England Vacation Rentals are very excited about what we see already. Offering Vinyasa classes, Flow & Restore Classes, and an introduction to Yoga that will be perfect for our novice yogis, we recommend you check out what this studio brings to the table. Speaking of bringing things to the table, they are now serving fresh, cold-pressed juices that come straight from Viv’s kitchen!


Harwich has ranked as America’s second happiest seaside town by Coastal Living magazine, which brings one question to our minds; how could you not be happy living on the coast of Harwich? Many of our Harwich sanctuaries offer stunning views of the sea, ensuring that when you are not taking yoga classes or aligning your chakras, you will still feel well-balanced and at ease with your soul.

Harwich Health Center, 11 Pleasant Lake in Harwich

Harwich Health Center adds a new wellness option to our list, featuring chiropractic services as well as skin care and massage therapy, the chiropractor has been in the business for almost 30 years and their massage therapists offer pre-natal massage as well as deep tissue and Swedish. Reiki and Reflexology is also one of their specialties.

Spa A La Mer, 11 Pleasant Lake Avenue in Harwich

The clinical treatments offered by Spa A La Mer (spa of the sea) will have you returning from your Cape Cod vacation looking years younger. Including collagen 90+ treatment, hydrolift facial, and a Botinal facial that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving your skin back its glow of youth. Micro needling helps your skin generate collagen, evening out its skin tone and helping guests also look younger. Also providing massage, this spa is really a one stop shop for youth and renewal.

The Joy of Healing

Your healing journey through the towns and villages of Cape Cod is sure to be a memorable one, and because all roads lead back to New England Vacation Rentals, it will be a comfortable and relaxing one as well. There’s no better feeling than showering off the sweat of a yoga class in our outdoor showers and when your body is feeling tired but you aren’t quite ready to go to bed yet, our homes provide a plethora of ways to wind down for the night. Reading a good book in front of a roaring fire, playing foosball with the kids, and wowing them with your skills, or simply sitting out on a patio that overlooks the sea while the sun sets on another perfect day on Cape Cod are just a few of the at home activities that will make you fall in love with your home sweet vacation home. Reserve your favorite healing and wellness escape today!

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