Summers on Cape Cod are already the all-American experience of your dreams, so it only makes sense to celebrate that all-American holiday, 4th of July, right here with us at New England Vacation Rentals. Offering a place to stay where the days seem to stretch on forever and the nights are dark and romantic, the colorful fireworks shows associated with our nation’s birthday will add the perfect ending touch to yet another perfect day in paradise. Our guide to the 4th of July on Cape Cod will ensure you won’t miss out on a single moment of Independence Day fun. Isn’t it time to start making your plans today?

Everyone Loves a Parade for 4th of July on Cape Cod

After a patriotic breakfast of blueberry-topped pancakes with whipped cream (make your own in the kitchen of your NEVR holiday escape!), it’s time to head over to Main Street in Orleans for the annual Independence Day Parade! Featuring marching bands and fire trucks, colorful floats, and classic cars, the fun starts at 10 AM, but you’re going to want to get there early to stake your spot!

Because It’s Important to Have Choices

Orleans isn’t the only place in town offering a 4th of July on Cape Cod Parade; Chatham’s offers its own patriotic parade that also happens to be one of the oldest in the country! This year’s theme is all about honoring our courageous soldiers from today, yesterday, and of course tomorrow, so if you or someone in your family falls into one of those categories, Chatham is where you’ll want to be on July 4th from 9:30 until 11:30 AM. Those of us at New England Vacation Rentals even participate in this great parade every year!

Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, and Beer

American celebrations are 50% about the event, 50% about the people, and 100% about the food and drink. Hey, no one claimed we were mathematicians, but we certainly know our parties! Your 4th of July fun can be had right at home with food you purchased at one of the grocery stores found nearest your vacation getaway, or you can visit the Dog House at 189 Lower County Road in Dennis Port for your hot dog fix, followed up with a visit to Sundae School Ice Cream at 381 Lower County Road. And as for the beer? Try the Sand Dollar Bar & Grill, 244 Lower County Road, and celebrate the 4th in the way that makes you happiest!

But What About the Fireworks?

4th of July on Cape Cod would just be another day without a firework show, and while it can be fun to watch with the crowds, in many of our homes, all you need to do is step outside the door and look to the sky! As the sky lights up with colorful explosions, take a moment to be grateful. Choosing NEVR for your holiday escape was the best decision you’ve made all year! Learn more about us!