If you have opted to employ professional property management services, you are going to need to prepare your vacation home for their rental services before they can get your home out on the market. The best property management companies’ will take care of the majority of the marketing and home improvement services as well as all of the maintenance services; however, you should still ensure your vacation rental is fully functional and clean before handing it over to your vacation rental property management company. Their maintenance services are intended more for pre-market fine-tuning and extended-use maintenance than performing comprehensive initial repairs. So what other best property management practices you should perform before working with your vacation rental management company?

Strike a Balance

When you first hand over your rental property to a professional property management company you should assure your vacation home strikes a firm balance between providing your guests with a comfortable experience, and allowing for your own convenience. You want your guests to fully enjoy your home, without having to risk the damage or theft of any of your valued possessions.  Make sure any irreplaceable or highly valued possessions are removed and stored in a secure location of your choosing.  It is also advised that you de-clutter your house before any renters begin to enter.

The Kitchen

Travelers are looking for convenience on their vacations, so it’s important to keep your kitchen stocked with double the number of kitchen utensils, plates, and glasses necessary to satisfy the maximum guests of which your home sleeps. Quality kitchen appliances and cooking ware are always a must, especially a coffee pot. Non-stick cookware is also advised, as a convenient way to avoid accidental damage by guest use.

The Living Room

Your living room should include enough seating for the number of guests that you are claiming your house can sleep, and a T.V. large enough to be viewed throughout the entire room.  At the bare minimum, you should provide basic cable, a DVD player, board games, and a deck of cards.

Beds and Baths

Necessary Bedding

  • 2 sets of fine sheets for every bed
  • pillows equipped with protectors
  • mattress pads
  • extra blankets for cold nights
  • alarm clocks and lamps on each bedroom’s nightstand

Bathroom Necessities

  • 2 bath towels for each visitor
  • 2 hand towels for each visitor
  • 4 washcloths for each visitor
  • 1 hair dryer


Guests choose to stay in vacation rentals because they are looking for the range of amenities that they cannot receive from hotels. Basic amenities include:

  • high-speed Internet and wi-fi availability
  • first-aid kits for injuries
  • movies, books, and a variety of games for entertainment
  • a crib for young children

More luxury amenities include:

  • hot tubs
  • pool tables
  • pool with features
  • flat-screen T.V.s
  • surround-sound systems
  • an espresso machine
  • a video game system
  • beach or snow gear for outside activities

If you fulfill these guidelines to the bare minimum your vacation rental will be ready for professional property management; however if you are looking to increase bookings and rental revenues you may want to consider adding some of the more luxurious amenities, as these have a larger impact on guest satisfaction and repeat bookings.  At New England Vacation Rentals we guarantee attentive vacation rental property management services, so if you have any questions or want to know more of the best property management practices feel free to contact us!