There are few pleasures in life that are as sweet as a cold drink on a hot day served to you by a kind and smiling bartender at your favorite corner hole in the wall. Offering a sympathetic ear and just the right kind of jokes to bring a smile to your face, daily life is made just a smidge more bearable by happy moments brought to you by your friendly neighborhood bar. And although you may not need the de-stress while on vacation, it’s always nice to find a place to let your hair down for a few hours as you sip the drinks found in the area you are visiting. Here’s our list of our favorite Martha’s Vineyard bars—be sure and let us know if you agree!

The Ritz, Martha’s Vineyard 4 Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs

Putting on the Ritz in Martha’s Vineyard isn’t as fancy as you might think it would be! Open since 1944, this local spot is one of the best bars on Martha’s Vineyard and offers the chance to play a few games of pool as you drink a cold brew and listen to some local music in a casual atmosphere.

The Wharf, 3 Main Street Edgartown

Wood paneled walls, low lighting, and a back bar with a stage—this is our idea of heaven on Earth, and when you visit, we think you will agree! The Wharf is a combination pub, bar, club, and meeting place for people who like cold drinks, good music, and busting a move on the dance floor! A class of Martha’s Vineyard Bars.

Brick Cellar Bar, 137 Main Street Edgartown

The best spots to chill are always the ones where the locals feel most comfortable, and Brick Cellar Bar is just such a place. Live music on hot summer nights, bumper pool at any time of the year, and smooth wines that go down fast and easy: This is what the good life and good bars Martha’s Vineyard is all about!

Lookout Tavern, 8 Seaview Avenue Oak Bluffs

Even when you live here year-round, you never tire of the views of the ocean, and the Lookout Tavern is an open-air bar with a full seafood menu. If you have never tried a lobster roll and icy cold beer, now is the time to step out of your comfortable food box and explore new worlds of cuisine; Lookout Tavern is the best place to start!

The Party Doesn’t Have to Stop at the Bars of Martha’s Vineyard’s Last Call

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