The beginning of Memorial Day Weekend this year marked the fourth time that the CapeFLYER train will be open for weekend trips. The CapeFlyer is a popular train that runs across over 71 miles of pristine coastline from Boston to Hyannis. Hyannis is a Cape Cod destination that has attracted people for decades because of its natural beauty and charming development.

Benefits of Taking CapeFLYER

Choosing to take the CapeFLYER affords travelers many benefits, whether you are a Massachusetts native or just passing through the area. Firstly, it effectively eliminates the potential of getting stuck in that Massachusetts traffic. The smooth travel with the occasional stop is welcomed warmly by anybody that has tried to drive around Boston during the summer months. You also have the ability to relax and enjoy the amazing scenery rather than focus on driving. The line offers many people a lot of practical benefits as well as recreational benefits.

CapeFLYER Carrying More Than Ever

In its fourth year of service in 2016, the CapeFYLER is expected to have its biggest year yet. The train posted its biggest numbers in the first year with 16,236 riders. In year two, the line experienced a drop to 12,625 riders and then 13,278 in year three. This drop could be due to the fact that the train ran through Columbus Day in the first year before it was scaled back to run through Labor Day in the following years. This change in schedule is due to the fact that the ridership dropped enormously after the summer months. There has been talk and consideration among city officials about opening the rail up full-time, but the transit administration and its partners have resisted the prospect. It could change in the future, but these days, riding the train to Cape Cod is an affair for the weekends of summer.

How to Ride

You can hop on the train from South Station on Fridays at 5:50 pm for a one-way trip cost of $22 or $40 for both ways. You can also choose to get off the train at the base of Cape Cod in Bourne for a cost of $20 one-way or $35 for the round trip. The train also runs on Saturday and Sunday. You can find all the information you need regarding the train schedules and pricing at The Cape Cod Regional Transit Administration along with the MBTA are proud to offer everyone this fun and practical opportunity with the CapeFLYER.