When we go on vacation, we need more then a place to sleep, more then a place to rest our weary legs or satisfy our rumbling stomachs. We need a place that feels truly like a home with all the warmth and care that goes along with that. If home away from home is what you are looking for, then make sure you read on to learn about our Moon Compass Escape property, this beautiful Cape Cod vacation rental is sure to cause that all too familiar warmth begins to bubble up deep within you!

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The First Floor…

As the door shuts behind you with a resounding click, you survey the surroundings of your new home. You feel a light smile cross your face as you take in the clean, white walls decorated simply, yet eloquently. The main sitting area reminds you of something you may have seen in your own childhood home, though you must admit you never had such a large flat screen TV before. You run your hand along the cool, cream-colored sofa as you walk into the dining room which hosts a beautiful bay window that casts the white, wood table in golden natural light. You can already imagine you and your family sitting around, laughing, and sharing memories of times past as the smell of roasted meat and vegies fill the home.

You continue into the kitchen and feel your grin widen even more as you survey the stainless steal appliances and granite counter tops. You glance at the center island with its chairs neatly placed and already know your kids will be sat upon them, asking question upon question and you bounce between counters, cooking a feast for everyone to flaunt over and enjoy. You then notice the second living area, surprised slightly as you have never had two before. However, your eyes widen as you walk in, your gaze transfixed upon the large wall mounted TV which you already can tell will have a variety of movies playing upon its screen as the family snuggles up upon the deep blue couch. You have an instant desire to light the large fireplace as you can already imagine the cozy, welcoming feeling the home will have with its hearth lit a light. You cast a glance at the laundry room at the end of the hall, enjoying the relief knowing you won’t be wasting any time at the laundromat.

The Second Floor…

You make your way back to the front entrance and begin climb up the stairs, and soon find yourself upon the second landing with all four-bedroom doors open and eager for you to explore their depth. You walk into the first and nod your head in satisfaction at the large queen bed and flat screen TV, silently making a wager on who will win the fight to be able to call this room their own. You make your way to the bathroom with its tub/shower combo and must admit that the flairs of blue work perfectly to bring the calmness of the sea into this beautiful home.

You continue on, glancing into the second bedroom with its twin bunk beds and dresser, already knowing that your kids will be fighting over the honor of getting the top bunk, and make your way to the master bedroom, which makes your eyes grow wide and heart pound as you survey the enormous king bed and vaulted ceiling. You glance at the flat screen TV and know that you’ll greatly appreciate it when the sun has gone down, and you finally find yourself in peace and quite as you relax to a show in bed. You make your way to the en suite bathroom and, upon seeing the large, tiled walk-in shower feel the near irresistible urge to leap inside it and relax bellow the pounding of warm water. You quickly glance in the final bedroom with it’s queen and twin bed, before making your way back outside to explore the yard that you get to call yours.

The Outside…

You gaze out over the large, pristine green lawn that stretches out over your property, like some sort of lush fuzzy carpet. You make your way to the back and feel excitement rise within you as you gaze upon the firepit outside, complete with a circle of chairs. You smile to yourself as you imagine you all sitting around the blaze, marshmallows roasting as someone tell a joke, or perhaps a story from a time long since forgotten by most. As you turn to look back at the tall, beautiful place that you get to call a home, you can’t help but smile as daydreams begin to play within your mind as to the memories waiting to be made.

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