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The best surprises often come in smaller packages and our 2-bedroom, 2-bath vacation escape in Harwich Port is the perfect example. Designed to offer a more intimate experience, unit 203 still packs a punch when it comes to space, offering enough room for up to 5 guests to enjoy the best sleep of their lives! Located in the heart of downtown Harwich Port, adventures await the second you step out the door, inviting you to play, explore, and fall in love with the charm of one of our favorite seaside villages!

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Modern Charm, Vintage Style

Vintage style always transports us straight back to simpler times in our lives, but truly vintage accessories often leave something to be desired, and so we at New England Vacation Rentals have combined them both, creating a home you will love making your own during your stay on Cape Cod. Crisp white walls provide a neutral backdrop to seaside themed art and accessories, wide planked oak floors create soft and welcoming pathways that lead you to your vacation comforts, and two separate living areas allow two families to travel together or one family with louder children to enjoy their separate spaces! White slipcovered sofas will lull you into happy naps, state-of-the-art televisions give brains a chance to recover from the excitement of so many new activities, and a mini fridge in the upstairs seating area means you won’t have to stop the fun to go downstairs for refreshments!

The kitchen in Unit 203 is one that a professional chef would be proud to call her own, featuring Carrera marble countertops, professional appliances, and a country charm that gives the white cabinets, tile backsplash, and navy blue island that centers the space an inviting cheer. The dining room, open to both the kitchen and the downstairs living room, provides the heart of the home, as this is the space where meals will be held, stories will be told, and perhaps, board games will be played. And because less isn’t necessarily more, this special condo offers a happy surprise in the form of two outdoor patios—one located off the lower living area and featuring what you would normally expect from a small-town condo. To find the other, head up to the rooftop for views of the town, the sunset, and even catch glimpses of the sea that is located just a short walk from your Cape Cod getaway!


The Magic Is Here

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When you purchased that cute little cottage overlooking the water in Orleans, you probably suspected that this was going to be a popular rental unit, and possibly one that you could use to relax on Cape Cod every so often, but beyond that, you only had a vague idea of what to expect or how to go about the business of renting it out. However, it takes more than wishes and dreams to turn a cottage into a profitable business, and as such the first thing you should do after signing on the dotted line that makes the property yours is give us a call! New England Vacation Rentals has the experience and the desire to boost your retirement plans to their maximum earning potential. This guide will give you a little peek into how our Orleans property management can help you do it!

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From the Beginning

For your property to earn the highest money possible, it has to look like a high-end vacation rental, and we are there from the very beginning to ensure that it does! Offering design tips and furnishing ideas (Remember that more beds + more heads = more money, so furniture that does double duty is a great investment!), we even have cleaning crews that will clean from top to bottom at the beginning, in between guests, and any other times a deep cleaning is needed! Once your property is in tip-top condition, it is time to start thinking about money. How much is the right amount to charge to keep guests flocking in without losing money? Our research is never-ending, keeping up with the market so that you don’t charge too much, thereby losing potential guests, or too little. We have worked hard to turn your gem into a shiny diamond, and it deserves to bring in every penny it can!

Finally, once we have cleaned, styled, and determined costs and fees, it is time to turn our thoughts toward advertising, because everyone knows you won’t make a dime if your property can’t be seen! Our multi-level marketing platform puts your little money maker in front of EVERYBODY, utilizing a combination of SEO work, all the major vacation rental websites, and many of the minor ones too! Your Orleans property is now open, ready for business, and destined to reach its maximum earning potential as it outshines all other properties on the market!

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Beginnings are always so exciting. The start of a new relationship offering promises of a new life. The early days of a new career feel as if the whole world lies before you, filled with options. The beginning of investing for your retirement can be equally as exciting, knowing that you are making the first steps towards a secure and fun-filled lifestyle! There will always be fears and concerns, however, no matter what stage you may be in, but when it comes to preparing for the golden years of your life, purchasing that Brewster property on Cape Cod is going to be one of the best decisions you have made—followed closely by choosing New England Vacation Rentals to manage your investment! This guide to our top property management services will explain it more clearly and help waylay any fears you may have.

From the Beginning

Everyone has their strengths, and your strength may not run along the lines of décor and style, but that’s ok; NEVR property management steps in to pick up the slack practically from the moment you sign on that dotted line. We can guide you in the best décor set up that make your home most appealing to others, we can steer you in the direction of comfortable furnishings that serve multiple purposes, AND we will not just take the pictures that show your property in its best light, our multi-tiered marketing plan will ensure that those pictures will get out to EVERYONE, not just a select few!

The In-Between Stages

Cleanliness and sanitation are especially important these days, and our cleaning crews will keep the property clean before and after each guest checks in and out, and our maintenance team will keep everything in running order, ensuring a longevity that many vacation properties can not maintain! And because emergencies never happen during regular business hours, we take the 2 AM phone calls, assess the situation, and more than likely will have the problem resolved before your 7 AM alarm awakens you for your current employment situation. We give your guests hints and tips on how to best enjoy their stay on Cape Cod, and we maintain a relationship with them, inviting repeat business!

The Things No One Wants to Do

At the end of the day, taxes, financial statements, and knowing the local, state, and federal regulations is not glamorous or fun, but all are included in our list of property management services. Give us a call today for a more complete list of what we can do for you and your future!

As you begin to investigate further into the benefits of vacation property investments, you may have already begun to narrow down your choices. There are lots of things to consider when purchasing an investment property, with the most important being location! If you have found that Harwich has the perfect home and the perfect location, we at New England Vacation Rentals would like to sit down and have a talk about you making use of our Harwich property management services. This guide to what we can offer will hopefully take away some of the fears you may be having!

Your Success Is Our Proof We Are Doing Our Job Right!

Vacation property ownership can be a dream come true, or if not handled correctly, the biggest nightmare you have ever experienced, which is where we come into the picture. The short story is we do the hard work so you can sit back and watch your retirement coffers overflow, but you strike us as a detail person, so let’s talk! When you choose New England Vacation Rentals, you have someone who pays attention to the smaller details AND the bigger ones as well, starting with getting your Harwich property rented out as much as you need it to be done. We handle the marketing, the reservations, and the money, taking the payments, offering credit card acceptance, and even making sure that all taxes are included. We also take the emergency phone calls and prepare all the forms and reports required by the IRS. We screen your guests and provide online booking services that allow guests to rent their favorite property—even at 2 AM on a holiday! We research the Harwich rental market, ensuring that you aren’t charging too much or too little, and we do the check-in. Really, all you need to do is show up with the property and we take care of the rest!

But Wait, There’s More!

The location is a dream, the home has all the prerequisite bedrooms and bathrooms, and the views are worth a million dollars, but if the home isn’t clean, updated, and stylish, you will soon discover your beds are empty far more than they are filled! Our services included a rental refresh and renovation of the property to ensure that guest fall in love with your home. We also offer weekly house checks during the off-season, landscape services, housekeeping, and maintenance services; we aren’t doing our job if you aren’t a success! Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can make your Harwich property the most desired one on Cape Cod.

In recent years, the vacation rental market has grown substantially. As more travelers turn to rentals over traditional hotels, the market demand has grown for properties across the map. For vacation rental homeowners, this is great news, but it also means they have to do more in the way of incorporating marketable features to stand out from the competition. The following are six features that will help your property shine in a competitive vacation rental marketplace.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen

Whether guests are staying for a few nights or a month, there’s a good chance they won’t want to dine out at every meal. Having a fully-equipped kitchen waiting for them not only makes a property feel more inviting but provides for a budget-friendly alternative to local restaurants that guests appreciate.

Don’t Feel Like Cooking? Check Out Local Restaurants!

Furnishings that Reflect the Surroundings

Guest pick vacation rentals based on location and incorporating furnishings that reflect the surrounding they’re excited to explore through meticulous color palettes, patterns, or even wall art is a quick and simple way to upgrade the property. Highlighting the surrounding scenery indoors keeps the adventure alive for many guests and makes your property one of a kind on the market.

Access to Wi-Fi or High-Speed Internet

Yes, guests look at vacation rentals as an escape, but that doesn’t mean they’re hoping to be entirely disconnected from the world. Make sure to include access to Wi-Fi or high-speed internet into your property for those moments when guests are looking to reach out at the touch of a button. It’s a convenience factor that can make all the difference.

Check Out the Area Guide with that Wifi!

High-Quality Bedding

After a day out exploring, guests are inevitably looking for a place to land at night that brings quality, comfort, and style. Having high-quality bedding in place to make them feel at home is a simple, yet luxurious touch that can elevate the guest experience significantly and make your property more marketable too.

Pet-Friendly Access at Cape Cpd Vacation Rentals

A large percentage of travelers feel their trip wouldn’t be complete without the company of a canine companion or two. Marketing your property as pet-friendly is a sure way to cast a wider net when it comes to prospective bookings.

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A Deck, Balcony, or Patio Guests can Enjoy

The interior of your vacation rental is a big draw for guests but so is the exterior. Rentals that have a deck, balcony, or patio for guests to enjoy are generally more appealing on the market. These exterior spaces provide a perfect place to highlight the scenery for the many guests who appreciate fresh air and a view.

Vacation rental properties are definitely one of our hottest commodities on Cape Cod, but not everyone who tries is successful—unless of course they choose New England Vacation Rentals for their property management needs! Our staff understands this considerably basic concept; we don’t succeed unless you, the client, are 100% satisfied with the services we offer. Our guide to getting your investment in front of potential guests will show you how working as a team with us will not just make you happy, it will increase your ROI (return on investment) and have you smiling all the way to the bank each month!

Where We Manage in Cape Cod

Starting with the Property

In many cases, the location of the vacation property is as important as the rental cost and design, and you have already started smart by choosing Cape Cod for your investment location, so we can continue on to the style and comfort. In the beginning there may be some extra expenses as we help you update and modernize the décor with an eye to comfort as well, but we can ensure that you will see a return on whatever you spend! Offering potential guests a comfortable, stylish, and problem-free vacation rental also ensures return guests, so maintenance and upkeep is included in your property management fees.

Marketing the Right Way

The local Pennysaver in your hometown is the perfect place to list the sale of your old tools, but it will do nothing to increase viewership of your Cape Cod vacation rental property! Knowing the ins and outs of marketing is yet another tool we offer for our clients, and when you choose New England Vacation Rentals for your property management services, your investment will hit all the major rental sights, including VRBO and Airbnb. In addition, the pictures we take of your property are taken to pique the interest of potential guests, something not all companies can offer. Our pictures will capture the best angles, the coziest spots, and all the beauty your property has to offer, ensuring a minimum of empty beds and a maximum of incoming dollars in your bank account!

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Promises Kept with Our Property Management Services

2020 hasn’t quite turned out the way we had hoped it would, but we are envisioning that 2021 is guaranteed to be a banner year! Give us a call today and let’s discuss all the ways that New England Vacation Rentals’ property management services can make 2021 a year filled with financial success and promises kept.

A vacation to Cape Cod has become a worldwide tradition as people flock from all corners of the earth to our pristine landscape, and if you are one of the fortunate ones who own property here, you already know how lucky you are! Empty beds during the season are unheard of, and the income potential is virtually limitless—but what do you do when you are interested in purchasing an income property, but are not fortunate enough to live on the Cape to take care of it? You look into the property management services that we at New England Vacation Rentals are happy to offer, that’s what! Here’s a list of more reasons why property managers can help make your job as a property owner easy.

What We Have to Offer

We Know the Market

Pricing too low is just as bad as pricing too high; either one can cause you to lose revenue. We do the research to ensure your property is offering a maximum return on your investment! It’s a proven fact that investment properties make more money when a property manager is hired because we make it our business to know the market inside and out.

We Take the Emergency Phone Calls So You Can Sleep Peacefully

Anyone who has ever owned a home knows that most home emergencies happen in the wee hours of the morning. From storm damage to frozen pipes to something as simple as a hot water heater leaking, we take care of the emergency so you don’t have to! Sleep like a baby knowing your investment is safe with us and your long-term plans for retirement are coming into fruition.

Maintenance and Upkeep Doesn’t End When You Aren’t on Cape Cod

A well maintained property garners higher income, and although you may be perfectly capable of doing the hard work, why should you when we have the professionals who can keep your investment safe, clean, and ready to rent at all times!

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Watch Your Investment Grow

While we are preparing your property for rental, taking the pictures that are guaranteed to get the most hits, and doing all the heavy lifting needed to keep your investment working like a well oiled machine, you can sit back and reap the benefits. Watch your empty beds fill up with reliable paying guests and gain satisfaction in knowing that this purchase was the smartest one you could have made for your future. Give us a call today and let’s discuss even more ways we can make your property work harder for you!