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As you begin your explorations of Cape Cod, experiencing history, beach time, and as many lobster rolls as you can find, there will be a moment—a moment that happens to everyone—where you will suddenly decide you can’t go on another minute without pizza! Don’t be bothered by this absolutely understandable craving; pizza is that one meal that is universal to all! Everyone loves a good pizza (is there really such a thing as bad pizza?), and our guide to the top five pizza places on Cape Cod we love will ensure that you get the best during your stay on Cape Cod.

Pizza Places on Cape Cod – Harwich Port House of Pizza, 330 MA-28 Harwich Port

One of the best things about pizza is the feelings that surround the eating of said dish. No matter where you are staying in the world at the time, that first bite brings you home, and the pizzas served at Harwich Port House of Pizza do just that! Adding in a warm and casual ambiance that cements that sense of home, don’t be surprised if you run into one of our New England Vacation Rentals staff on a Friday night. This is one of the best pizza places on Cape Cod!

Brother’s Pizza, 608 Main Street, Dennis Port

Spacious and bright even on the darkest of days, Brother’s Pizza in Dennis Port is a local secret that we only share with our most treasured guests; if everyone discovered how good their pizzas taste, we’d never get a seat! Also, for those traveling on a budget or who just appreciate a good bargain, there’s a nearly four percent discount for paying cash.

Stone L’Oven Pizza, 280 Underpass Rd, Brewster

Tucked away in a charming New England-style cottage, it’s the aromas that first tantalize your senses and the pizza that will keep you entranced! Serving a full menu of Italian and Greek-inspired dishes in addition to the stone oven pizzas that taste like heaven, the full bar will ensure that you will be toasty and happy on a cold Cape Cod day! If you enjoy mediteranian style pizzas, this will be one of your favorite pizza places on Cape Cod.

Castaways, 986 MA-28, South Harwich

While actually considered a family restaurant serving pretty much every style of food and food type, it’s the pizza that makes us happy since this charming and cozy establishment opened its doors, and it’s the pizza that keeps us coming back time after time! Loaded with your favorite toppings and served hot enough to burn your tongue (remember to blow on it first!), Castaways is where the locals go!

Alecsie’s House of Pizza, 181 MA-137 #3, Harwich

Sightseeing can be tiring, and a night in may sound like the perfect way to relax and recuperate for the next day’s adventures. Because Alecsie’s delivers, you won’t have to worry about whipping something up yourself to feed your hungry hoard! Offering a large selection of Greek-style pizzas, calzones, salads, and appetizers, the servings are hearty and filling.

Enjoying the Comforts of Your New England Vacation Rentals Cape Cod Escape

Whether you are eating cold leftovers in the kitchen at midnight or you just received your piping hot pizza delivery, enjoying the meal in the comfort of our Cape Cod properties adds that something special to your entire getaway—reserve yours now or contact us today.

The best part of any vacation, in our humble opinion, is being able to eat the foods that make that region great: Mexican food in Arizona, barbecue in Texas, comfort foods in the south, and when on Cape Cod, ANYTHING seafood related! We’re surrounded by water; why would we want to try anything else? Fortunately, unlike those other region’s popular foods, seafood is a healthy treat, and if you’re trying to keep an eye on your waistline, you can still do so while on your unforgettable vacation in Chatham. Here’s some Chatham restaurants in the area that offer other healthy choices as well!

Chatham Bars Inn

If you’ve never heard of the Chatham Bars Inn, then chances are someone you know has! Located at 297 Shore Road, this is a Five Star Cuisine offering luxury beachfront and private dining. You will be awed over the breathtaking panoramic views of Chatham Harbor from a high point where the restaurant sits. CBI serves this amazing mouthwatering lobster roll that tastes so rich and delicious you’ll want to have another! This Inn is a landmark in Chatham and the Cape!

The Squire

Situated right in the heart of Main Street in Chatham (487 Main Street), The Squire is a local favorite for dining and entertainment. It’s pub-like atmosphere and casual flair make it cozy and comfortable. It’s open until 1:00am! A guaranteed good time will be had there!

Blue Fins Sushi & Sake Bar

When it comes to fresh Japanese cuisine and an authentic atmosphere, you will not be disappointed with Blue Fins! Located at 513 Main Street, you can stroll and shop all of the quaint and specialty stores and gift shops that line both sides of Main Street, work up an appetite and head over to Blue Fins for a unique lunch or dinner. The seafood doesn’t get any fresher than here on Cape Cod. So indulge!

The Corner Store, 1403 Old Queen Road

Fresh, healthy, and delicious, The Corner Store is mostly a take-out spot, allowing you to enjoy healthy treats in the comfort of your Chatham vacation rental. Famous for their burritos served in a bowl and made with all fresh ingredients, you never knew a dish that is good for you could taste this good!

Organic Market, 1218 Main Street

Offering locally sourced food and juices, Organic Market allows you to stock your NEVR vacation rental with the makings of healthy meals that taste good, or you can just buy their ready-made sandwiches and salads and take them for a picnic on the beach. Fresh food prepared daily will make your palate smile!

Bistro on Main/Chatham Raw Bar, 593 Main Street

You don’t always have to go to a restaurant that serves exclusively healthy or vegan meals, sometimes you can find the right choices at places like Bistro on Main. Let the family explore the fattier options while you stick to the leaner, yet equally delicious meals! The Seafood Papardelle Diablo is chock full of sweet treats from the sea, and the spicy sauce adds a delicious kick to every bite!

The Blue Coral, 483 Main Street

Presentation is as important as taste in this charming eatery located in the downtown area. Offering mostly seafood-based choices, patrons can enjoy a full spectrum of meals that are healthy and delicious. The seared scallop rolls are a local favorite, but you can keep your meal even lighter by choosing a spinach salad and topping it with chicken, shrimp, scallops, or salmon.

The Talkative Pig, 2642 Main Street

Our final Chatham treat is another one where you can choose to behave or choose to be bad. It’s your vacation, and we aren’t going to judge! The good choices found here include a fresh fish of the day meal, tasty salads, and a gluten free pizza—eating healthy doesn’t have to mean you kick pizza to the curb!

Just Down the Street

Our Chatham vacation rentals are located near everything that makes Chatham special, so you’re guaranteed to have the vacation of a lifetime in one of our classic New England cottages! Our fully equipped kitchens make cooking fun, allowing you the option of creating your own healthy dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Reserve yours today and enjoy a healthy and adventurous Cape Cod vacation!

Here on Cape Cod, we are fortunate for two things: fresh ingredients and establishments with history and tradition. When you combine these two things, something magical truly happens, and it means there are a number of wonderful local restaurants ready to serve you up some delicious quick bites to eat! The next time you’re visiting the Cape Cod area, here are a few places to eat in Cape Cod you should check out:

Chatham Squire

Standing as a true local landmark for five decades now, Chatham Squire has become legend in the Cape Cod area with its incredibly unique license plate lined walls and delicious seafood and pub style eats. Chatham Squire provides an atmosphere unlike anything else you’ll find in all of Chatham. From its vibrant bar to live entertainment and karaoke, there’s no better place to spend a Friday night! You can also enjoy their delicious menu with some of the freshest seafood available, including shrimp, lobster, swordfish, and more.

Captain Frosty’s

Winner of countless awards and arguably home to the best clams in all of Massachusetts, Captain Frosty’s is happy to welcome in customers to enjoy their delectable fried eats for over 40 years! The key to Captain Frosty’s success is their commitment to only providing you with the freshest ingredients, and you’ll be able to taste the difference that this commitment makes from your first bite until your last. From their award-winning lobster roll to fresh clam strips fished up locally in the Chatham area, you’ll be certain to find something for every taste on Captain Frosty’s menu!

Marion’s Pie Shop

Now surely, we could talk about the fresh seafood we’re fortunate to have all day long, but Cape Cod is much more than fish! Marion’s Pie Shop is a locally owned and operated establishment that has been proudly serving the Chatham area since 1947, and whether you’re looking for something sweet or something savory, they’ll have something for you. To get that kick start you need in the morning, you can visit them for one of their fresh baked blueberry crumb muffins, or for comfort food that’ll stick to you ribs, visit them later for an amazing shepherd’s pie and much more!

Cape Cod is home to a number of local establishments with a wide variety of options, but when it comes to picking the best place to stay on your next Cape Cod vacation, there’s only one option you can trust: New England Vacation Rentals. NEVR is the premier rental property company on all of Cape Cod, and our dedicated team is ready to find you the perfect home or condo to fit your exact needs today!

Compared to the sprawling metropolises of Chicago, Los Angeles, or Phoenix, the Cape Cod towns and villages like Harwich may seem tiny, but that doesn’t mean they’re not full of things to do! Challenge yourself to see how much you have access to from a quaint small town, the list below will show you some of the great Harwich attractions has to offer!

Hawksnest State Park

One of the biggest draws to Harwich is its many lovely nature trails and beaches. Hawksnest State Park is one of these secluded natural treasures. While it doesn’t receive as much love in the maintenance department as some parks, the views make up for it, with plenty of ponds and lakes to enjoy. Indeed, its lack of amenities is one reason people love it so much. Dirt roads and fallen branches accentuate the feeling of seclusion, despite being so close to all the other wonderful parts of Harwich.

Fantastic Restaurants

When it comes to Cape Cod, there are plenty of local restaurants that’ll vie for your attention, Harwich is lucky enough to boast some of the best in the area. For example, if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat George’s Pizza House on Main Street in Harwich Port. The 400 East is also a busy place thanks to its variety of options and cozy feel. On the other hand, if money’s no object, a romantic evening at Twenty-Eight Atlantic at Wequassett Resort can’t be beat. Open to the public, its gorgeous views of Pleasant Bay and top-quality service will make it a night to fondly remember!

Marconi Maritime Center

If you extend your search to neighboring towns, Chatham is home to the Marconi Maritime Center, an exciting place to visit for any history or technology buffs. The building started as a receiving station in 1914, but came into its own as secret Navy Post in World War II, when it was used to eavesdrop on German U-boat conversations. Many exhibits showcase the beginning and growth of wireless technology, a fantastic chance to show the kids just how far technology has come!

Always Say NEVR!

New England Vacation Rentals features an array of beautiful homes to stay in across the Cape. We’re perfect for romantic getaways for honeymooners and retirees alike, and with multiple-bedroom, pet-friendly options available, we also make the perfect family getaway option. If you’ve never experienced the beauty of a Cape Cod summer, make this the year! Call 508-432-0900 to set up your vacation today.

Most people are well-aware of the fact that some of the best cups of clam chowder in the world are eaten on Cape Cod. Wherever you go on the Cape, you can be quite sure that a delicious cup is not far away. It is a tremendous responsibility to identify the best places to get clam chowder on Cape Cod. It is comparable to identifying to the best musicians in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. At the end of the day, there are countless places to get amazing clam chowder, but the following are some of the most beloved on the Cape.

The Skipper Restaurant and Chowder House

This wonderful restaurant in Yarmouth has been the toast of the town since it opened in 1936. The chowder here is what we call “Triple Crown Award Winning.” It is not necessary to fully understand what this means in order to know that it sounds delicious. On top of this, you can enjoy amazing fried seafood, lobster rolls, and a catch of the day that is as fresh as you will find anywhere. On top of the amazing food, you are sure to enjoy the pleasant views of the Atlantic Ocean from the dining room or patio.

Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar

For nearly 40 years, Arnold’s has been delighting locals and visitors with its amazing New England cuisine. Everybody on the Cape knows that this award-winning spot is the place to go for the freshest clams and tastiest lobster rolls, but it is also an excellent place for all of the favorite seafood dishes, especially clam chowder. A trip to Eastham is never complete without visiting Arnold’s Lobster and Clam Bar.


Not only is the food delicious, but it is a great place to get a taste for the amazing culture of the Cape, as it has been serving up amazing food since its opening in 1938. What started as a little hamburger shack has become one of the best places for a wide variety of dishes, including clam chowder. Many things have changed at Wimpy’s, but the dedication to serving the very best food to the community they love has and always will be the fabric of what is going on at Wimpy’s.

These are three amazing places to get some of the best clam chowder you have ever had. But the list of delicious clam chowder spots on the Cape goes on and on. The greatest advice we can give regarding a Cape Cod vacation is to explore as much as you can and eat as much clam chowder as you can!

Cape Cod is the go-to New England vacation destination if you love to experience places from America’s early history, and also if you love exploring quaint towns with lots of local hidden gems. One of the biggest trends in dining across the country is local wine bars. These places are wonderful for grabbing a high-quality glass of wine, usually in a more low-key atmosphere than traditional bars. If you are a wine lover, be sure to check out our top Cape Cod winery during your next vacation!

Harvest Gallery Wine Bar

The “gallery” in Harvest Gallery Wine Bar is more than just a name; it’s a part of the heart and soul of this wine bar. Here is where food, wine, art, and entertainment all come together to create one of the best local places on all of Cape Cod! At Harvest Gallery Wine Bar you can order wine by the glass, carafe, or bottle. Can’t decide on which to order? They have wine flights available so that you can try a little bit of everything! Also, unlike most wine bars, Harvest Gallery offer a full dinner menu, from tapas and charcuterie, to entrees and desserts. While you dine, enjoy decor filled with works by local artists. Also, most nights offer live music. Harvest Gallery Wine Bar is a must visit!

Chatham Wine Bar and Restaurant at the Chatham Inn

Chatham Wine Bar prides itself on the fine dining experience they offer. Unlike many wine bars, the food plays a pivotal role. Not only do they offer an extensive wine menu, but their dining menu offers some of the best food you will find on Cape Cod. Located in the Chatham Inn at 359 Main, you have the option of dining in their elegant dining room or the more casual al fresco seating. Either way, you’ve got the opportunity to enjoy 32 wines by the glass, over 150 wines by the bottle, and also enjoying high quality food prepared with the best seasonal ingredients! Reservations are highly recommended and accepted up to 90 days in advance.

Etzy Wine Bar & Bistro

This wine bar and bistro in the heart of Dennisport is great for a night out with your friends. At Etzy, you can sit at the large central bar or grab a table indoors or on the front patio. Enjoy a menu filled creative cocktails, 20+ beers on tap, and of course an extensive variety of both domestic and foreign wines! They offer small plates and large portions for dinner or snacking in a casual atmosphere. Make a night of it as they often have live music!

Enjoy a delicious glass of wine at a Cape Cod winery!

In the small towns that dot the New England coast, you’ll find lots of smaller stores that break the monotony of endless restaurant chains. Local restaurants like these are a great way to get to know Cape Cod! That said, the chance to get the freshest seafood possible does come with a cost. If you’re looking for some more affordable options to balance out your food budget, look for these restaurants!

George’s Pizza House

A delicious meal for $10 or less? One’s hiding right on Harwich’s Main Street between Allen Harbor and Wychmere Harbor. George’s Pizza House was one of the nominees for best pizza on Cape Cod, but they go beyond that too, with a variety of pasta, sandwiches, and calzones. If you’re looking for a large pizza for about $14, but are still craving local flair, check out George’s!

The Corner Store

Some corners are more important than others—for example, the corner of Queen Anne Road and Meetinghouse Road in Harwich features The Corner Store, a popular spot for burritos and sandwiches! It’s always bustling here. For about $10 – $11, you’ll get a fresh-tasting meal that’s miles better than normal fast food. Their meals are also highly customizable, making it a good spot for diverse parties of eaters! They also have a store in Orleans as well, if you happen to be further north.

The Dog House

Looking for a cost-effective meal to complement a day at the beach? Check out The Dog House in Dennis! You can get a good meal here for $6, though some of their fancier options like the salmon burger and The Junkyard Dog are a buck or two more, and some of their simpler options cost less. As a small bonus—their sign is pretty cute. Look out for it on Lower Country Road, west of Shad Hole Road.

Mercantile Inc.

This is a sandwich place, more commonly called “The Merc.” If you happen to be over in Dennis, be on the lookout for it near Old Bass River on Old King Highway. Their sandwiches become outstanding thanks to their mastery of less common ingredients such as cranberry sauce, sauerkraut, sprouts, pineapple, brie, and Havarti (not all on the same sandwich of course… unless you really want to order that!). You must try this place if you’re in the area—for a fabulous $6.50 sandwich, what do you have to lose?

Discover More with New England Vacation Rentals

If your mouth is watering already, we’ve only scratched the surface of the delicacies of Cape Cod! If you’ve never been to Cape Cod, now’s a great time to book a vacation with New England Vacation Rentals and stay for a while! Call 508-432-0900 to set up your stay!

To enjoy a stay on Cape Cod, one has to experience the sheer delight of an excellent meal by the harbor. The following restaurants offer some of the most beautiful views and fresh seafood one can have on the Peninsula.

Brax Landing Waterfront Dining – 705 MA-28 in Harwich

A local and tourist favorite, Brax Landing Waterfront Dining, located in Harwich, offers some of the most beautiful views of Saquatucket Harbor and some of the best local seafood favorites. Enjoy lunch and dinner, as well as an infamous Sunday Brunch at this incredible location. Don’t miss out on their late-night services either. Brax continues serving customers well into wee hours of the morning. Enjoy this waterfront restaurant at all hours of the day!

Chatham Bars Inn – 297 Shore Road in Chatham

Chatham Bars Inn boasts one of the most beautiful views of the ocean on the peninsula. The restaurant, which shares its name with the renowned resort, overlooks a private a beach. Both a casual and fine dining experience, the restaurant offers fresh farm seafood for lunch and dinner. Enjoy the restaurant’s incredible menu inside for an elegant white-cloth dining experience or a cocktail and a lobster roll on the deck for a view of the ocean. Available to families, wedding parties, and tourists, Chatham Bars Inn delivers a truly unique dining experience.

Sesuit Harbor Cafe – 357 Sesuit Neck Road in Dennis

Located on the “Cape Cod Playhouse” in Dennis, Sesuit Harbor Cafe offers an outdoor dining experience overlooking the harbor. If you’re looking for a place with lots of heart, this 16-year-old family business is sure to deliver. A self-proclaimed clam shack, Sesuit offers fresh and local clams available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to their clams, Sesuit offers one of the best lobster rolls on the Peninsula. To enjoy this Cape Cod favorite, be sure to bring cash and a light sweater for this lovely outdoor meal.

Captain Kidd Restaurant – 77 Water Street in Woods Hole

A century old bar and restaurant, Captain Kidd, located in the Woods Hole Village, provides some of the freshest seafood in the area. The restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating with exclusive harbor views! In addition to serving delicious seafood, Captain Kidd boasts an extensive list of appetizers, steaks, pizzas, and more. Have a drink with dinner and choose from 12 beers on tap, hand-crafted cocktails, and several kinds of wine. Take advantage of the great service at this infamous Woods Hole Institution.

Memories Made on the Harbor

A vacation on Cape Cod is one of a kind. It’s views of the harbor and locally sourced seafood cannot be rivaled. Make your stay even better by staying in a New England Vacation Rentals home and contact us today!

There is nothing better than waking up to a foggy New England morning and enjoying a good cup of coffee. For many of us, coffee is a morning staple that we cannot live without. This is especially true on vacation when you need a good start to a full day of activities. If you are looking to enjoy a great cup of coffee during your Cape Cod vacation, look no further than our list of favorite Cape Cod coffee shops:

Buckies Biscotti

Buckies Biscotti is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and grab a bite to eat. This small café has two locations: one in Dennis Port and the other in Harwich Port, and offers great cups of craft coffee. Along with their coffee they offer a variety of different breakfast and lunch options that include paninis, soups, salads and treats like fresh biscotti, cakes, cookies, and pastries. Enjoy a great cup of joe and one of their craft baked goods on your cape cod vacation.

Coffee Obsession

If the name of this local coffee shop does not tell you their love for coffee I don’t know what will. The coffee pros at Coffee Obsession offer a laid back and comfortable environment to enjoy their craft coffee. They use a mixture of different brewing methods to get all the full flavors out of the blends of coffee that they offer. If you are looking for a more full coffee experience, Coffee Obsession is the place to go.

Hot Chocolate Sparrow

Located in their new shop in Orleans, Hot Chocolate Sparrow has been open for over 25 years. Hot Chocolate Sparrow specializes in coffee and hot chocolates that will satisfy your sweet tooth. They serve coffee from all over the world and offer tons of additional desserts like hand dipped chocolates. Along with coffee, Hot Chocolate Sparrow has confections and sweets that will satisfy your vacation dessert cravings.

Daily Paper

The Daily Paper is a quaint breakfast and lunch café that works perfectly for a quick bite before or between activities. Their food is amazing and features fresh roasted coffee made fresh in the mornings. Along with their amazing coffee they have a full menu of great specialties like burgers, salads, sandwiches, and much more. They have two locations, so make sure you plan ahead and fit this great spot into your plans.

When you’re visiting a picturesque location such as Cape Cod, any traveler would be remiss not to spend at least one meal eating against the stunning natural backdrop of either the cape itself or the Atlantic Ocean.

Few things are better than relaxing and enjoying a fresh, delicious meal by the ocean. But where to begin? Fortunately, we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best outdoor dining spots in all of Cape Cod! Read on to learn more about where to go for a delectable meal served with a side of gorgeous sightseeing!

Grab a Bite by the Ocean

Below, we’ve listed just a few of our favorite establishments for outdoor dining options with breathtaking scenery. We hope that you enjoy the food and fun at these places as much as we do!

Ocean House

The exquisite menu at Ocean House is only surpassed by the perfect view of the sea that the restaurant provides in its outdoor patio area. Serving the freshly caught seafood favorites on which Cape Cod built its culinary reputation, Ocean House showcases a New American style in its gourmet offerings, with twists like crushed avocado and tomato aioli on its fried Wellfleet oyster “spoons” and bruschetta with samplings of seafood on top.

Sesuit Harbor Café

Famous for its lobster rolls, visitors to Sesuit Harbor Café can enjoy New England classics in a picnic-style seaside atmosphere on the Northside Marina. This wonderful café, with its humble appearance, serves up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a raw bar daily. Try the lobster omelette with a blueberry scone for breakfast, the clam chowder for lunch, or the baked stuffed cod for dinner.

Mattakeese Wharf

Dine right on the water in Barnstable Harbor! Whether you’re craving brunch, lunch, or dinner, this local institution is sure to please. Mattakeese Wharf is also renowned for its brilliant sunset views, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner by the ocean. Before or after, you can go whale watching on the nearby Hyannis Whale Watcher boat!

New England Vacation Rentals – Where You Want to Be

Cape Cod is a beautiful destination for any New England vacation. Make it even better by staying in the luxurious comfort of a high-quality vacation property! Providing ample space and privacy, as well as lavish amenities, the vacation rentals offered by New England Vacation Rentals are the perfect complement to any Cape Cod trip. Contact our reservation specialists today to learn more about our wide selection of homes to suit your vacation needs!