There is no wrong time of year to visit Cape Cod but the summer season will always be our favorite. The weather is beautiful and you will find there to be plenty of exciting activities and events taking place in the area. Take a look at the Cape Cod summer happenings below:

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Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest

Come enjoy the celebration of Cape Cod’s signature blue, white, and pink flowers, Hydrangeas, with the annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest taking place every summer. This 10-day festival features a variety of exciting activities including daily tours of private gardens that showcase these beautiful flowers. The rest of the festival features exciting workshops and lectures, painting demonstrations, and promotions with local nurseries. The Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest is the perfect event for those with a green thumb. The festival will take place July 7th through the 16th 2023 at a variety of locales around Cape Cod.

Shop Commercial Street

There is no place better to spend a few hours shopping than Commercial Street. This local neighborhood is home to a variety of locally owned shops where you can find practically anything. The summer season is when Commercial Street is at its busiest so you can expect each shop to be open for most of the day. Pick up some souvenirs or find some hand-crafted items to bring back home.

Take a Walk on Race Point Beach

Cape Cod is home to many beautiful beaches but one of the most popular ones to visit is Race Point Beach. This gorgeous area is always pristine and makes for the perfect spot for a summer walk. Enjoy the warm summer air and wade your feet into the cool ocean water. Take a look out in the distance for local birds flying in the skies or ships traveling in the distance. Race Point Beach is always a relaxing time when you visit.

Visit Heritage Museums and Gardens

Another spot for a relaxing yet memorable time is Heritage Museums and Gardens. These are not your standard gardens and instead are an incredible display of beautiful flora and flowers. The outdoor discovery center is perfect for children and will teach them a thing or two about the area. You cannot pass up a time to visit this beautiful location.

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