Cape Cod is a unique peninsula jutting into the Atlantic from the Massachusetts coastline. The area acts as a haven for lovers of nature and wildlife in particular as there are countless opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the marvelous phenomenon of the natural world. Here you can experience Cape Cod wildlife encounters like nowhere else.

Audubon Preserves

Cape Cod has been home to massive booms in population and development over the last few decades. However, the community has done its part in preserving some of the most astounding and beautiful ecosystems in the world. This is what the Audubon Preserves represent. There are multiple areas that have become preserves, such as the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and the Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary. Wellfleet Bay is 937 acres of untouched natural beauty spanning hills and shorelines overlooking Wellfleet Bay. You can see picturesque landscapes and countless species of wildlife. Long Pasture offers more of an inland experience with beautiful, sprawling meadows and woodlands. These places serve as a place to explore, learn, or simply lose yourself in the majesty of the natural wildlife in Cape Cod.

Conservation blog 4Whale Watching

As the peninsula extends far out into the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Cod offers some of the best areas to whale watch in the country. Virtually any portion of the shoreline facing out into the ocean is a good place to hunker down and wait for the show of whales peacefully gliding through the water and breaching the surface. Specifically, the north end of the peninsula is a prime location for such endeavors. There are also countless services that will take you out into the ocean on a large boat to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures.

Bird Watching

To witness the carefree lives of countless sea birds, simply take a seat on the beach and watch as they dance around the tides and dive into the water in their endless pursuit of fish. To witness even more incredible variety, spend a day at one of the Audubon Preserves. The Ashumet Holly Wildlife Sanctuary located in Falmouth provides particularly diverse and spectacular bird watching.

Sea Life

The waters surrounding Cape Cod are rich with nutrients and as a result, attract numerous species of sea life. Anything from seals and whales to starfish and sharks. There are countless opportunities to sea how the creatures of the sea spend their days here.

Cape Cod is often hailed for its beautiful beaches and charming towns. But the real secret to the boundless beauty found here is in the natural landscapes and plentiful Cape Cod wildlife. Plan your next vacation here and immerse yourself in a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise!