At New England Vacation Rentals, our property management team understands that investing in a rental property is a significant decision for owners across the board. It’s a choice that comes with a lot of potential for both profitable results and satisfaction. Knowing you could increase your financial gain through creating amazing guest experiences can be endlessly exciting! That said, the vacation rental industry involves a dynamic market that requires industry savvy to navigate. It also requires a financial strategy in place when it comes to profit potential. Our team believes that there are huge benefits to performance-based revenue management as opposed to guaranteed revenue services. Why? Because in our many years of service and experience, we’ve seen the positive results time and again. It’s something we want to make sure all of our homeowners are aware of.

What Other Companies Might Tell You

When questions of profit potential arise specific to the vacation rental industry, it’s common for many management companies to guide homeowners towards a guaranteed revenue option. This is often a decision framed around the reasoning that the marketplace is far too volatile to take chances. However, this is very misleading in many ways. While guaranteed revenue management services may work in some circumstances, the vast majority of the time, it’s a choice that leaves much to be desired in the way of profit potential. Ultimately, picking guaranteed revenue management provides coverage without the option for growth. Yes, homeowners will receive a guaranteed payment, but revenue is capped. That means there’s a big chance homeowners will be in a good position to make more than their goal profit and unable to obtain those financial gains in the long run.

Performance Based vs Guaranteed Revenue

How Performance-Based Revenue Management Services are Beneficial

Performance-based revenue management is an avenue for great growth. Instead of capping profits, this path makes potential a priority. It’s not a shot in the dark, but instead, a systematic approach to profit earnings that puts every homeowner in the driver’s seat of their profit margin. When a revenue cap is removed from the equation and the property has an exceptionally good year, homeowners and property management professionals will both reap the rewards of that success. Ultimately, the better the property does, the more money is made—it’s as simple as that! When you’re working with the professionals who are experts in their field, chances are good that your property is bound to thrive in the marketplace year-round.

A Personalized Approach to Profit-Earnings

The New England Vacation Rentals property management team has years of experience to our name and a passion for the people and places we serve. This sets us apart from the competition, and when paired with our innovative approach to marketing and guest experience, homeowners stand to earn a significant amount year-over-year.

No homeowner who partners with us is ever a number. We see each homeowner we work with as a valued member of our professional family and count every success a shared win! We work closely with homeowners and value the opportunity to create not only strong but lasting relationships with our professional partners.

We also prioritize modern marketing standards that integrate social media, big platforms, and boutique platforms alike. In this way, we can reach a versatile audience year-round, decreasing vacancies and increasing rave reviews with every stay.

Additionally, we take time to personally inspect properties and make aesthetic and foundational changes that will work to appeal to a wider variety of potential guests. We keep up with meticulous safety, health, and home cleaning standards to ensure that every property we manage is an exceptional experience from the moment a guest arrives until the day they depart. From interior design elements to suggestions on features that will keep guests coming in droves, our homeowners have the support they need and deserve to enhance their vacation rental down to the very details that matter most.

Where We Manage!

These combined elements give us complete confidence in a performance-based revenue management approach. We believe in our tried and true methods, while always keeping an innovative eye on the future. We know how to successfully navigate a tricky marketplace and work hard on behalf of our homeowners to turn every rental into a profitable and meaningful success.

Beyond our efforts, the New England Vacation Rental difference often comes down to the fact that our homeowners are always in the loop. Unlike many other companies who put their focus on guaranteed revenue management, we see our homeowners as vital members of our team. We keep them up to date on what we’re doing with their property and welcome feedback and insight on their end as well. In this way, the success of a property is less of a transaction and much more of an ongoing conversation based on a trusting relationship built over time. The results? Our homeowners are consistently going above and beyond their earning goals. We’re building a reputation of trust that future homeowners will count on for years to come.

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