When the skies are gray and cloudy, the snow has been falling for days and the temperatures are dropping, nothing brightens your mood more than your favorite comfort food. And while you may not really need cheering up during your Cape Cod vacation to Dennis Port, dining on your favorite winter dishes is still a good way to fill your stomach while warming your soul. We’ve compiled this list of Dennis Port restaurants and the surrounding areas that excel in making meals that make your heart sing.

The Sailing Cow Café, 170 Old Wharf Road

Mornings can be tough in the winter. You may find yourself poking your nose out from under your cozy cave of a bed, feeling the cold air hit and then deciding that maybe you don’t really want to get out of bed after all! Having a hearty breakfast from The Sailing Cow Café, however, gives you something to look forward to, making the transition from warm to cold a little bit easier. Featuring a mixture of sweet dishes that include a delicious Deep-Fried Corn Bread French Toast and savory benedicts prepared in a variety of ways, your winter mornings at this Dennis Port restaurants may turn out to be your favorite time of the day.

Wooden Shoe, 419 Lower County Road

Everyone falls in love with the comfort foods offered at the Wooden Shoe. Featuring the flavors of the Cape that make your palates smile, this roadside spot is famous for their rich and creamy clam chowders, lobster rolls and friendly service that will have you wanting to visit again and again. This is one of the best Dennis Port restaurants.

The Original Seafood Restaurant, 527 Main Street

Fresh and local seafood is always expertly prepared at The Original Seafood Restaurant. When your winter journey brings you to the Cape, a visit to this historic restaurant is guaranteed to bring you the comfort you need.

Enjoying these Dennis Port Restaurants is the Right Choice

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